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However , in recent background, the NLRB has not always been a ‘friend’ to nursing staff. Precisely who constitutes a supervisor and an employee is of important importance in determining who have the right to participate in collective bargaining under the rules. In 2006, the National Labor Relations Table (NLRB) “dealt a extreme blow to nurses’ and other workers’ rights to join unions and bargain collectively. the board ruled that many demand nurses were supervisors, and thus excluded from your protections within the National Labor Relations Act” (NLRB, 2006, AFSCME). The relative simplicity of defining selected employees because supervisors have been used to limit the ability of nurses to strike. According to the current terms of the National Labor Relations Act, a manager is “any individual having the authority, with the intention to the employer, to hire, transfer, postpone, lay away, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward, or perhaps discipline additional employees, or perhaps responsibly to direct them, in order to adjust their very own grievances, or perhaps effectively to recommend this kind of action, in the event that in connection with the foregoing the work out of such authority is not of a merely schedule or paperwork nature, although requires the use of independent judgment” (NLRB, 06\, AFSCME). By simply holding that the supervisor only need perform One of those actions, a large number of ordinary staff nurses had been subsumed within the category of ‘supervisor, ‘ given that they direct various other employees as part of their nursing duties.

However , the NLRB has also highly supported nurse’s rights consist of instances. “The National Labor Relations Table (NLRB) has found that Va Mason Medical Center engaged in unfair labor practices by requiring nurses whom didn’t acquire flu shots to wear masks” (Ostrom 2006). While not every rulings with the NLRB had been favorable to nurses, and rulings can vary from judge to judge when ever interpreting important aspects of the law the Nationwide Labor Associations Board continue to provides an significant resource for nurses in need of an agency to counsel for their legal rights as employees. Given the stresses nursing staff labor below, it is vital that nurses combat to protect their rights and they are aware of current rulings by the NLRB and how its understanding of the regulation may influence their organizations and occupation.


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