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– Design an online site for a business enterprise, meeting end user requirements I have designed my very own website and my purpose was to meet the requirements that my users need and desire via a into the beauty organization. The specific goal for my site is usually to promote my own ethical built produce when keeping persons happy and giving them what they wish and anticipate. Furthermore, the idea for my site is always to give my customers a feeling of my brands personality and to hopefully preserve them my users and continue to develop though ecommerce.

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Its purpose is to notify people of “who We am” and “what we all do” and provide my clients with performance while conserving time on my part and increasing my customer base. My spouse and i am defining my website to 13 – 35 year olds who have a in keeping healthy and searching nice although still being ethical and beneficial to the environment. My products range from locks, skin, toenails, make-up, music, candles and many other, so whoever is thinking about these, We are defining my own website to them. On my website I use six webpages (with links to others) and such as a homepage, transaction site, enquiry/chat help page, review/customer feedback web page, our tale page, the products webpage and one more “find us” page and “our philosophy” page.

I’ve thought about the way i am going regarding retaining customer and encouraging do it again visits by inserting certain aspects, for instance , a product on sale. I have thought about how I will certainly build trust from my own site and i also have added a chat help page so customers can ask questions and present enquiries. I also have thought about superstar promotion and exactly how someone who persons trust, trusting a brand may help users to generate trust and confidence. P5 – Illustrate how the style meets customer needs My own website design is made simplistic although interesting to check out while rendering users with the appropriate information to guide them and also keep them safe and feeling protected.

Design is designed to be easy to read with all the current appropriate internet pages aligned thus they are easy to pinpoint. Generally there isn’t a lot on each site itself meaning that customers avoid getting baffled and can get around around my site without stress. Among the functions of my web page is to motivate interaction with particular sites that reveals my organization in a very good light such as “sure2amaze. com” which I possess copied and paste the link so users can view professional/customer responses compared to other health and beauty products. I also have connected my Facebook site and Facebook which enables off-site conversation, allowing users to create a group of friends of interaction that expands from on-site conversations to off-site conversations.

In regards to my personal market segmentation, my end user needs shall be efficient, up to date and engaging. With regards to the website generally speaking, my web page needs to be quick, accessibility, great navigation and offer information. My personal website can be modern yet has a classic twist via the product wine bottles being the first brown pipet glass wine bottles that people may have used some time back. I engage my customer with marketing strategies such as celebrity offers, and my website machine is quick meaning you experience doesn’t experience any turbulence.

Furthermore, all my websites are in-line at the top of the page which in turn never disappears. In addition to all or any this, I use pages such as “our philosophy” or “our story” which will presents users with suitable information to ascertain personal connections with the consumer to engage all of them. I feel these features are appropriate because not just in the participate the user and encourage them to stick to my website, information about each of our story and celebrity acknowledgement can allow the user to build trust and confidence when navigating surrounding the site or making a purchase.

Feeling protected also can build trust with the consumer and my own security padlock image gives the user reassurance that when they may be on the site they are safe rendering it appropriate because the user will not likely continue to store with you if perhaps they encounter any challenges and experience they are taking a risk. My own domain name is usually “” which briefly means, a unique identity that determines an “internet resource” including my internet site. The hosting option I selected is “wix. com” exactly where I pay monthly fees to keep my own website participating in the internet. Hosting options fundamentally means in which a website reside in order to be ready to be viewed by on the net visitors.

The safety settings I chose is “comoo authentic padlock” which defends my users from virtually any dangerous web page additions and informs all of them that their personal information will be safe. Security setting quite simply protects the user’s info by safely and securely storing this in the site’s system and reassuring them that it will not be used intended for unapproved functions. M2 – Assess how a website design meets user requirements My industry segmentation is usually 14 – 35 year olds with an interest in keeping healthy and looking nice.

The attributes my target market features is being cautious about their photo, being on trend which include all different nationalities, backgrounds and sexual naturel. Other attributes of the younger generation may well include staying active on the internet and more aware of what corporations should deliver via getting ethical and providing to safeguard users. I think my concentrate on group want something joining so therefore colourful and interesting to look at whilst being individual and one of a kind. The type of typography that my own market segmentation will be fascinated too are writing techniques which has forceful words of colour when still staying professional and easily readable.

The typography of young adults/teens are to have got “friendly round corners” and the mojority of teenagers prefered either the font “bambo” or “comic sans” accourding the this website; “”. The data was readily available and I found this on a website which displayed an easy to read booklet on the “typography design to get young people”. My internet site portrays the complete organisational aims for my site by simply adopting a great easy-to-use line of pages in the header which means users can easily find their way around the web page.

Another reason for what reason my website portrays organisation is the features included for instance a chat hyperlink, safety configurations, customer feedback, info all come together to determine an prepared website considering the relevant features to meet user needs. Without these features, my website would seem to be disorganised and lacking in relation to client satisfaction standards. D2 – Assess the extent to which the website design and style meets consumer requirements, producing recommendations for improvements In my opinion, I really believe my internet site to have been designed well, but as a result of lack of performance through Wix, I feel my design layout could have been increased if I used a more useful hosting option.

I feel the photographs and shade screen are engaging and simplistic. On the other hand because of the insufficient features by means of Wix, I really believe my website look crowded and I understand that some of the info designed to improve my users experience might be looked over and missed out in relation to the positioning and font size (chosen in the lack of space). Some advancements I could make would be choosing a different hosting option aside from Wix.

The reason for this is because there may be room for improvement in the user friendly aspect in relation to this kind of hosting choice.

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