Family Health Assessment Essay

Executing a family well being assessment utilizing a functional overall health patterns assessment is the first step in the breastfeeding process to develop health care plans intended for the individual or perhaps family. A comprehensive assessment lays the research to promote family members health. (Mandle, 2010, s. 175)The reason for this paper is to check out one people view with their health and develop two health and fitness nursing diagnoses. The author created several inquiries relating to each of Gordon’s eleven practical health patterns to use in the family interview. The family members chosen with this assignment consists of a grandma 55 years of age and her grandson grow older thirteen and granddaughter era fifteen.

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The family lives in a rural setting in Arizona. The grandmother has had guardianship of her grandchildren for a dozen years. Wellness perception and management is targeted on the individuals perceived into the well-being, and on health routine service practices. (Koshar, n. g. ) The family interprets their overall wellness to be great.

The grandma reports simply no chronic health problems and thinks herself to get in health for her age. The children will be healthy and also have not experienced any severe illness or accidents thus far. Most family members will be current on immunizations, obtain annual age group appropriate well being screens and dental tests and cleanings.

The grandma drinks alcohol socially on occasion but not to excess. She has been tobacco free for two years. The grandchildren equally state they have not tried drugs, alcohol or smoking cigarettes. They state they are aware about the dangers and health hazards of drug, liquor and smoking cigarettes abuse. The grandmother and children take an era appropriate vitamin supplement daily.

Over the counter remedies to get minor illness such as colds and influenza are used when needed. Nutrition and Metabolism focuses on how the family consumes foodstuff and smooth in relation to metabolic need. (Koshar, n. d. ) The grandmother tries to encourage healthful eating habits. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products and lean meats will be served regularly. Milk, water, juices and herbal iced tea happen to be beverages consumed in the home.

Soft drink is bought on occasion as a special deal with. Most night time meals will be eaten in the home. The family usually feeds on out once per week. The children are at a normal weight and are considered to be of average level and excess weight for their era. The grandmother is somewhat overweight.

All family members appear well nourished and hydrated. Elimination targets excretory patterns to include bowel, bladder and skin. (Koshar, n. deb. )The kids report simply no problems with eradication. The grandma states your woman occasionally features trouble with constipation and may drink prune juice to assist relieve congestion. She states she will not have problems with incontinence or bladder retention.

Activity and workout focuses on those activities of daily living including workout and enjoyment activities. (Koshar, n. g. )The relatives enjoys numerous physical activities. Work out is tolerated well. The family tours their horse several times each week.

The granny and granddaughter barrel race on a competitive level 2-3 times regular monthly. The children are active in 4-H and FFA. The grandson takes on football throughout the school season.

The grandmother would like to join a gym to workout on a more regular basis nevertheless does not experience she has you a chance to do so. Cognition and Notion focuses on one’s ability to have an understanding of and utilize information and on the physical functions. (Koshar, n. d. ) Both children flourish in school. They cannot have any kind of learning problems. Hearing and vision happen to be fine. The grandmother uses glasses intended for reading only and does not include any other physical deficits.

Sleeping and others focuses on a great individual’s sleeping, rest and relaxation patterns. The children normal eight to nine hours sleep nighttime. Both children state they will feel very well rested and are not exhausted during the day. The grandmother sleeps five to six hours a night throughout the work week. She declares she has difficulty occasionally drifting off to sleep at night.

The grandmother sometimes feels tired during the day. To unwind the grandmother likes to go through and spend some time outdoors. The children read watching TV to unwind.

Self-perception and self-concept is targeted on how an individual perceives their particular identity, body image and self-worth. (Koshar, and. d. ) The children equally expressed that they can saw themselves as normal teenagers. They stated they are really happy living with their grandma and feel loved and cared for. The granddaughter sees herself since an attractive person and is happy with the way she looks.

The lady sees himself as popular at college and says she has a large number of friends. She believes the lady could learn better in school, if perhaps she tried out harder although states she actually is too active with her horses and friends. The grandson views himself because average.

He states he’d like to work out even more, to build even more muscle. He said he gets along well in school, yet sometimes feels shy about people he does not know. He is extremely proud that he made large honor rotate all four sectors this past year in school. The grandmother perceives herself as a good qualified person.

The girl with happy with her life and feels blessed that she is able to care for her grandchildren. She is self-conscious about being obese but or else considers very little to be a good person. Tasks and Human relationships focuses on the individuals role in the world and exactly how one pertains with other folks. (Koshar, n. d. ) The grandma as the primary caregiver satisfies the position of father or mother in the family members. The children’s natural father and mother live out of state. The children visit them in the summer a few months and vacations are usually spent together in the grandmothers house.

Although there continues to be role change between the grandparent and parents the family interacts well collectively and provides a close supporting loving relationship. Libido and imitation focuses on the individuals fulfillment or dissatisfaction with libido and reproduction functions(Koshar, d. d. ) The grandmother is post-menopausal. She is not really sexually energetic at the present time.

The children are not sexually active. They are aware of secure sex practices to prevent pregnant state and sexually transmitted diseases. The grand son states he’s not really considering girls but.

He is simply beginning to have the developmental adjustments of puberty. The granddaughter is well developed for her age group and commenced menstruating at twelve years old. Coping and stress threshold focuses on the individuals look at of tension and coping strategies. The primary stressful a significant the home is trying to stability work, college and sociable activities in a single parent home.

The granny in addition to working fulltime as a RN is now going to school on-line full time. She feels over whelmed at times searching for the time and recourses to find the children to their various sociable activities. She gets started to rely more on friends to aid with transport needs. The youngsters have been supporting and have started helping out even more with home chores.

The family relies upon one another, friends and expanded family members to get support. Beliefs and opinion. The grandma has a solid work ethic and believes in the value of a good education. Your woman believes it is important to be a productive member of contemporary society. She encourages her grandchildren to think for themselves and be respectful and kind in front of large audiences.

The family does not attend church frequently, however they bear in mind that themselves Christian. The initially wellness medical diagnosis chosen for the family is Preparedness for enhanced activity-exercise pattern(Weber, 2005) because of the grandmother and grandson the two expressing a in elevating their physical exercise and looking for to me even more physical match. The second prognosis selected is Caregiver function strain(Weber) relevant to the grandma experiencing tension trying to stability work, college, and raising grandchildren in a single parent part.

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