Carson manor composition

Three asking groups got responded to a RFP

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Has to advise a consultant by mid-December

Carson Manor

Was opened about 30 years ago intended for persons necessitating nursing care. It has a bed capacity of 470 and staff totaled 235 with non-management personnel unionized.

The report structure:

Purchasing and supply division (PSD)

The PSD and its director experienced purchasing and disposal authority for the city’s architectural, fire, interpersonal services and so on. The main aim of the PSD was to reply to the needs of additional departments and divisions to get goods and services by minimum cost, consistent with wanted quality, delivery timing and reliability.

The Carson Manor analyze

The Carson Manor a new history of challenges related to budgeting and cost control Metropolis council felt the cost per bed above privately work institutions. The report intended for submission towards the Carson Manor Committee of Man- agement in early June: Carson Manor costs had been approximately 14% higher than express averages on a per-bed basis. It is difficult to measure and control costs in the absence of a patient category system.

It suggested an detailed review simply by an outside firm and defined some general guidelines and objectives. Authorities accepted the report’s suggestions and initiates an independent consultant’s study of Carson Manor.

Three proposals:

Patientcare Limited. large workers of nursing facilities $35000

Clarke-Hamilton Ltd. management talking to firm located 100 miles away. $47000 Standardcare Ltd. large providers of nursing facilities $77000


Want Criteria in the Value Idea

Types of Needs

Repetitive or Non-repetitive Requirements

Methods of Description

Standardization & Simplification

Risk management


What does Elaine do?

Questions to get discussion:

How does a supply professional know that a specific requirement is usually strategic?




Happy the main need of Carson Manor

Support quality

Avoid source interruption

Reduce the cost

Take care of the reputation

Best Bottom line

I recommend picking the Standardcare’s proposal mainly because its 3 characters, control Henford Lodge 150-bed restorative care program, operational review of Martin Breastfeeding Home and owns or manages a couple of, 400 breastfeeding home bed and devices in this state and Florida, satisfied the core require of Carson Manor. And $1. you million could be saved by opting for the Standardcare’s proposal. And Standardcare is a large owner of nursing facilities but not past an acceptable limit away from Carson Manor.


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