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I love picnics. A picnic is usually something particular. It has a number of unique features. For one it is about very hardly ever. It involves participation in and enjoyment with a number of people. It allows the pleasure and thrill of your short voyage in the company of close friends. It takes palace in the open without the restraining wall space or roof structure. It allows scope for any sort of activity. It gives a single pleasure of eating food that tastes different simply because it has been cooked within a different fashion.

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The success of a picnic depends on the spot, the next thunderstorm, the company and the food.

Each year we have a school picnic. It is an occasion which will we all look forward to. The professors too apparently enjoy it greatly. Last year it had been decided that people would go to Bajra Barahi for our picnic. It had been a place that most of us had not been to and were therefore curious. We were to go on a Thursday in the second week of Oct.

The day dawned glowing and obvious. I was up and off the bed earlier than usual. The first thing that I did when I got up out of bed was to go and look from the window. I was to leave school at ten o’clock.

The voyage would consider about 1 hour. That day time we did not have to wear our school uniforms. This kind of made the big event even more fascinating. By 1 / 2 past seven all of us had gathered in the school mixture. The educators had brought out all the things that we would need. The pots and pans, fire wood and meals were in a pile. Instantly everybody started to cheer. I looked around to see what had occurred. The two busses that were to take us to the picnic spot had came. We were built to line up and then we got to the buses. Once everything have been put in all of us set off.

The buses were in good condition and that we had a clean journey. Along the way we sang songs till our throats were dry. Some even attemptedto dance. For a little prior to ten we reached Bajra Barahi. We have off the chartering and attended the refreshments spot. After everything had been settled we were given a plate of rice pudding each. The plates were, of course , leaves. Some of the teachers then set about making the preparations to cook the foodstuff. Two of our teachers had taken charge of us. They had established several video games for us to play. The video games were incredibly enjoyable.

There were so many games that we were still playing them when ever lunch was announced. Right now we were quite hungry. We washed the hands at a near by spring and sat upon the turf with our plates of leaves in front of us. The professors served all of us. Even though the rice had not been properly cooked We enjoyed the foodstuff very much. I do believe the uniqueness of the scenario more than made up for anything that the meals lacked. When we had eaten we were allowed to play on our own. This was to allow the teachers to obtain their own lunchtime. My friends and i also decided to explore and we took a walk up the slope.

We reached a deserted temple. It was so quiet and lonesome that we started to be a little frightened. We quickly rejoined our other friends. Then most of us got together and sang and danced. Each of our teachers too joined us after they had finished their lunch. In five o’clock we had our tea after which we got willing to return. All of us help to fill the pans and pots on the busses relatively silent. Everybody was tired and our couple of feeble efforts at vocal singing lacked enthusiasm. By the time all of us reached college most of us had been asleep. It was a delightful eat outside and a wonderfully enjoyable working day.

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