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Los Angeles financial loan officer Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) has become withdrawn as his divorce from ex-wife Stephanie (Molly Sims). Often ignoring his friends Pete (Bradley Cooper) and Rooney (Danny Masterson), he posseses an increasingly unfavorable outlook in the life. 1 day, an old colleague suggests that this individual goes to a “Yes!  seminar with him, which will encourages the attendants to seize the opportunity to say “Yes! “. Carl considers the option, but therefore misses Pete’s engagement party. An irate Pete appears at his house and berates him, telling him that he can end up completely lonely if he does not change his life.

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Carl decides to attend the seminar and meets inspirational guru Terrence Bundley (Terence Stamp), who also publicly browbeats him in making a covenant with himself. Carl reluctantly claims to stop as being a “No Man and promises to answer “Yes!  to every opportunity, demand or invite that presents itself thereafter. After the seminar, declaring yes to a homeless man’s request just leaves Carl stranded in Elysian Park.

Disillusioned, he hikes to a gas station in which he meets Allison (Zooey Deschanel), an unorthodox young female.

She provides him a ride back in his car on her scooter and kisses him before leaving. After this positive experience, Carl definitely feels optimistic about saying yes. However , he refuses blow jobs from his elderly neighbor Tillie (Fionnula Flanagan), resulting in falling throughout the stairs many getting bombarded by a puppy. Seeing the repercussions of saying no, he goes back to Tillie. Whilst initially embarrassed with the believed, Carl is ultimately pleasured by Tillie and thoroughly enjoys his time put in with her.

Carl starts to seize just about every opportunity that comes his way. He renews his friendship with Pete and Rooney, builds up a relationship with his boss, Norman (Rhys Darby), helps Pete’s fiancee, Lucy (Sasha Alexander), attends Korean language classes, ties a Persian dating site, and much more. Stating yes frequently works to Carl’s benefits. He gets a corporate campaign at work and, making use of his guitar lessons, plays Third Eye Blind’s song “Jumper to persuade a man to never commit committing suicide.

Accepting live show tickets via a marketer, he recognizes an idiosyncratic band known as Munchausen simply by Proxy whose lead vocalist turns out to be Allison. He is thrilled by her quirkiness; she actually is charmed simply by his impulsiveness and the two begin going out with. As their marriage develops, Carl and Allison meet with the airport for the spontaneous weekend excursion. Having decided to take the first airplane out of town, regardless of its destination, they land in Lincoln, Nebraska, where that they bond more. As they have shelter coming from rain, Allison asks Carl to move together with her and he hesitantly agrees.

Although checking set for the go back flight, Carl and Allison are held by FBI agents who have profiled him as potential terrorist because he has used flying lessons, studied Korean, approved that loan to a fertilizer company, met an Iranian, and bought plane tickets in the last minute. Pete, his lawyer, travels to Nebraska to explain Carl’s strange habits, lessons, and decisions. As the lady finds out about Carl’s motivational covenant, Allison begins to uncertainty whether his commitment to her was ever sincere. Choosing that your woman can no longer trust him, Allison leaves Carl and will not return his phone calls.

Carl’s life requires a turn intended for the more serious, and this individual almost forgets about Lucy’s shower. This individual manages to arrange a major shock shower, set his friend Norm program Soo-Mi (Vivian Bang), a Korean girl, and Rooney with Tillie. After the party, Carl obtains a dramatic phone call by Stephanie, whose new boyfriend has walked out on her. When Carl goes to Stephanie’s apartment to comfort her, she kisses him and asks whether or not they can get back together. After Carl emphatically says no, his luck requires a turn for the a whole lot worse and he decides to get rid of his commitment to the agreement.

Carl would go to the conference center and hides in the backseat of Terrence’s descapotable so that he can beg to be released from the agreement. Carl comes forth as Terrence drives off, and the startled Terrence collides with an oncoming car. The two will be taken to a hospital. After Carl recovers consciousness, Terrence tells Carl that there was no agreement. The kick off point was only to open Carl’s mind to other opportunities, not to permanently take away his ability to claim no in the event he necessary to.

Freed from this restraint, Carl finds Allison and confesses that he can not willing to move in with her just yet, but that he truly loves her. The few are reunited. At the end with the movie, Carl and Allison are seen donating a truckload of clothes to a local desolate shelter. Trimming to the field of the “Yes!  workshop, Terrence is observed walking onstage to several hundred naked audience members. It truly is implied the fact that participants have said yes to donating their very own clothes to charity.


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