Childhood memory Essay

The child years Memories When recalling my childhood memories, there are numerous stories. A few of them making me happy, however, many of them are bad memories.

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I grew up in Tehran, capital of Usa, and result from small relatives, my mom, my father and me. Anytime I think about my childhood a few memories come to my thoughts such as battle between Usa and Korea, spending weekends at my grandma’s house, playing with my friends, and my father’s sickness. I recall I was inadequate when the battle between Iran and War began.

Bad feelings and terrible thoughts of those times are not a thing easy to become vanished from your mind, though I was not enough to experience fear, nevertheless I could find fear inside my parents confront; when I was eight years old we visited the north of Iran in order to continue my second class, while all of the schools in Tehran were shut down because of the battle; I found incredibly good friends because school and we still will be in contact with one another through Facebook or myspace. Spending trips at my grandma’s house is among the best recollections that I possess; smelling the meals that the lady was food preparation is something unforgettable, sitting on her clapboard and hearing her historical stories allowed me to a lot to find out history of my personal country.

At times she was telling me personally the story of her life, and I really was enjoying hearing her. The worst part of my life which i can remember is a day we all found out my father got MS. In this disease some viruses attack nerve’s system and disrupt transferring nerve’s impulses function; after that my father’s situation got worse and worse and after this he is soaking in wheelchair. Summers were best season for me, while my local freinds and I had been playing variety of games jointly such as: hopscotch, volleyball, football; in those days i was free of true to life responsibilities together no issues at all. To sum all this up child years is very precious time in every body’s life plus the fundamental of human’s substance shapes nowadays.

For instance I learnt my first lesson of being strong in individuals hard time, becoming helpful to other people when I saw my own dad’s weak spot and his need to be helped, and enjoying my entire life, while life is too short.

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