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Incartade MRI is usually BCMC company for MRI since Feb .. Quite continues to be chosen to exchange the existing service provider as BCMC wanted to raise the number of days available for MRI from two. BCMC were aware of Incartade impressive capacities, such as twenty-four hrs daily and several days/week, and Haider’s sincerity and personal attentiveness. MRI center operations in-may and now can be June and there are some problems. There is a backlog for the equipment, the technician is functioning lots of works overtime, the doctors are receiving their results late therefore they began to refer patients to competitorsMRI.

The recognized root cause for all of these issues is usually that the process is usually not given properly essential the capacity is usually low. Simply by feeding the procedure we indicate in this case the scheduling of the patients. The alternative proposed is usually to change the approach the schedule of the people is done at this point and some changes in the process.

We might expect some resistance from the doctors as they will need to make sure that that they don’t send for MRI patients that do not effectively fit. Also a scan one hour will be ordered. After monitoring and control in 8 weeks will be determined if a part time technologist will probably be hired.


Immediate concerns

Walk-ins people. The predicted lead moment for referred sufferers is 48hrs but some individuals called walk-ins requested check out that day time. It is a significant number of walk-ins patients annually, 600, as the number of referred patients annually is 1600. If we consider these numbers: two hundred fifity operating days and nights per year and 600 walk-ins, this means normal 2 . some walk-ins every day. Patients unfit for MRI. If a technologist determined the patient would not fit to MRI the patient is delivered home as well as the machine is usually idle. This implies an average 1 ) 2 patients/day, it is a lot. nonmetal apparel. The patient is requested to decorate non material clothing for the scan to get performed. In the event that not you will have to change in hospital outfit. 25% of the patients happen to be in this category, this is a whole lot. Loss of individuals referrals

Since the holding out list for MRI tests is fourteen days old the doctors refers patients for MRI to competition treatment centers Complains by hospital facilitators about: MISTER machine low productivity, the load resulting from MR technologist’s hefty overtime schedule, loss of patient referrals Overdue transcriptions record Doctors expected to receive transcriptions reports within two days of their request which usually didn’t happen so they started to pertain the sufferers to some various other MRI BCMC was dissatisfied because of the lack of referrals simply by Quinte MRI MR technologist and machine low efficiency The machine was scheduled for starters scan each hour but was not meeting this level. MR technologist not willing to work a lot of overtime when he does today.

Systemic problems

Process and capacity problems. There is a problem with the existing procedure which causes a concern for the capability. These create the backlog which then createa bullwhip impact.


SWOT Examination

Strengths: can be described as growing business; it maintained a variety of exclusive or partnership business arrangements; its gear and pieces were coming from many leading; manufacturers; amazing capabilities; Haider’s integrity and personal attentiveness; availableness for 24hrs/day, 7days/week; the device was new, only 6 weeks old Disadvantages: 1 one particular machine provided by the capacity of two patients/hr; for 25 of the tests the scanning is 45min so lower than two scans/hr; the hospital might pay the radilologist and schedule the clinic; only 1 technician which works too much overtime and he is happy to work less in the future Opportunities: MRI had become increasingly popular with all the medical career; the number of types of procedures grows a whole lot every ear canal; the number of scans grows a whole lot as well; the number of hospitals and non-hospitals scanning sites got risen as well a lot; BCMC has been positioned in a very good position with doctors, hospital mattresses, over 20 expertise,; there is room for competition; the forecast anticipates that MRI verification will expand with 15% yearly

Threads: MRI gear represents a significant investment; the facility requires space and the equipment requires shielding via magnetic domains; there is a shortage of good MISTER technologists, particularly in rural areas, not easy to discover a person willing to work part time Root cause ” looking at the problems and considering the environment, the identified root cause is that the process is not fed correctly that’s why the capacity is low. By feeding the process we mean in this instance the booking of the patients.


There is suggested the following alternative.

Alternative. Through this alternative you will discover proposed some changes in the existing system since: the organizing system to be computerized since this will eliminate the misreading brought on by different palm writings; pertaining to eight hour shift to acquire scheduled 8-10 patients while this will allow place for the technologist to send on time for the radiologist the scans quicker so the radiologist will not make a complaint and he can also mail faster the results to the doctors. Scheduling only ten patients each day might lead to a lot of extratime which can be used for walk-in patients as well; the doctor should never refer pertaining to MRI deciphering a patient which is not physical able. In this way all of us will eliminate the idle times during the the machine. If the doctor associate contact for appointment they should have this in writing-the patient is able for MRI; you will have to include 30 min before the scheduled appointment to complete the forms and change in hospital dress. In this way we will eliminate the delay when the technologist discovers that the patient is certainly not prepared and he must wait till he changes his clothes. In two months in the event that there are certainly not the anticipated changes, we will try to use a part time technologist pay overtime to the existing one particular until we discover one.

With part time change we covers 12 hours per day. In this way we will increase the number of scans in the future. The difficulties that we will have with this alternative could be: convincing the BCMC to implement the computerized slated and comply with our schedule suggestions or let our receptionist to do the plan; the amount of resistance from doctors as they won’t have to refer the patients that happen to be not fit intended for MRI; 8-10 patients/day means 2000/year without overtime or walk-ins which can be less than all of us do today 1600 refered+600walkins. We might not be able to scan average 10/day which means less than we carry out now but still these will probably be happy sufferers, not ready, not incorrect schedule, radiologists and doctors happy; we still may need a part period person for the future so we are able to expand and have holiday coverage.


The choice above it is recommended to be implemented. This will require changes in booking system and in addition in the scanning process.


What Who When

Doctors to refer fit patients just BCMC procedure manager Immediate for long term New scheduling system Incartade MRI Procedure Manager In two weeks People to arrive 30min early Quinte MRI Operation Manager Quick Sending the patients to modify room to place gown on and waiting generally there for the technolog. Receptionist immediate


The Quinte MRI operation supervisor will evaluate weekly the number of scans (referral scans and walk-in scans), the number of the patients which usually aresent home without check out and the explanation, the number of incorrect recordings inside the schedule (scan A and B rather than and D), how much idle time, how often the tests are delivered to the technologists. At every fourteen days a cross-functional team with the following users will analyze the every week numbers that Quinte OPS manager provides, the radiologist number of reads received, how often the doctors get their effects and the number of days in backlog. Cross-functional associates: Quinte MRI ops manager, BCMC operations manager, BCMC information technology, David and Kevin buss advancement coordinators. Meeting after 8 weeks and choosing whether or not to use a part period MRI technologist.


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