Citizenship and diversity essay

A citizen can be described as native or naturalized person in a city, region, or country who is in debt for allegiance to its govt and is entitled to its protection also citizenship is the state of being vested with the rights and tasks of a citizen and is also the character of an specific viewed as a part of society.

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Citizens who have help the local community like operating clubs for youths and getting them linked to productive products helps keep all of them off the road and also assist to decrease the criminal offenses rate.

The general public service watch citizenship while very helpful as the people who support tackle criminal offenses by being witnesses, reporting criminal offenses, and definitely doing anything helps law enforcement convict and get rights for criminal offenses done.

A legal view on citizenship is a person with rights of property; views of citizenship by simply different organisations in culture, e. g. public solutions, religious groups, pressure groupings including “Amnesty International and “Greenpeace. Attributes of a great Citizen



-A positive attitude towards other folks

-Participation in community activities

-Awareness with the needs more

Responsible -A very good citizen requires personal responsibility to improve the city in which they live.

They do not make a complaint about obtaining litter they do not complain that it must be the council’s job, they may get up and pick up the litter themselves. A good citizen see themselves as responsible for improving the neighbourhood and do not wait for others to do it. Dedicated -Good residents do not give up tasks; that they persevere until change can be achieved. They may be dedicated to look out of until the end a task that they have collection themselves. Positive Attitude -Good citizens happen to be positive to any or all people.

They may be non-judgemental. They are really not racist or homophobic; they welcome diversity as enriching a society and do not judge people on the colour of their pores and skin, age faith or lovemaking orientation. Participation in the community -Getting involved in area watch, community fund bringing up and environmental campaigns Understanding of the requires of other people in the area -Good people have awareness that we aren’t all the same and that some people need more support because of poverty, incapacity or terminology issues. A good citizen understands and sensitive to these issues and help to provide a supportive specially community which values all of its users.


The definition of diversity is to allow other folks to be who they are, i. e. black light Muslim Indio etc . with out expecting these to conform to your ideas of possibly working or morally, for example , if your functioning partner can be described as strict catholic, then certainly not making obscene comments about women would respect his diversity, if you want to be arresting a Muslim girl, then finding a female officer to do it would be respecting her diversity, a similar would be if you were to value someone’s variety in your community, you could not one someone out or treat someone dissimilar to other due to their race, religious beliefs or cultural status etc.


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