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Clean Edge Razor Case Study

Extremely important Health founded itself as a consumer large with global sales of over $13 billion. As 2009, it had been the unit-volume market head for non-disposable razor products. However , that category is usually entering a new phase based upon technological innovations, specifically in the super-premium categories. This resulted in the necessity to continually pioneer and improve razor technology. Paramount right now must encounter issues and decisions with regards to positioning of recent products, positioning with previous products, and future costs.

Changes in the category? Competition, Tactical life pattern? Technology is a largest drivers in the becomes the non-disposable razor product. This has ended in a sub-category, the super-premium segment, growing faster than expected, and increased competition from other companies with a more innovative scientific push creating a true guard market share. The market is large, over $1 billion in potential sales inside the U. S i9000. alone per annum and 34% of that in the super-premium specialized niche. The category, in fact , has changed coming from being based on utility and cost (value and premium), to appearance, innovation, and consumer notion of quality. Additionally , difficult for Extremely important is that every market share stage is worth many million dollars, and even tiny delays in new product commences have the potential to result in millions in product sales losses. This, though, also presents a challenge to the R and d departments. Paramount must re-evaluate their costs and capability to stay well ahead of the contour in terms of market development. Evidently, the market responds to a even more aggressive way for innovation, design, and uniqueness. To be market head, Paramount need to continue to innovate and outpace its competition.

Part a couple of – Segmentation of the industry and consumer behaviour – The non-disposable market features three main components starting from low to high in both price and expectation: value, moderate and super-premium. The worth segment opts for value and electricity, has almost no interest in technology or design and style, and expects the item to work effectively for the price. The average and super-premium market includes both men and women who also are split up into numerous sub-groups that have different views on design, aesthetics, experience, color, price, and technology.

For decades, customers saw the razor being a tool to complete a task – with basic design, color and utility capabilities remaining precisely the same. In the 21st century, nevertheless , greater attention has been put not only about personal health, but around the experience and comfort of shaving. Men’s facial care segments have raised wildly, and the razor market responded with features like heat, carbamide peroxide gel, vibration, recharging, double, three-way and multiply by 4 blades, and a more high end feel and design and style than ever before. This kind of, of course

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