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Enjoy ultra-clean water inside your bath through these straightforward cleaning tips.

  • For the whole spa: Make use of a soft, nonabrasive, non-foaming cleanser with a gentle cloth or nylon scrubbing pad to eliminate dirt build up
  • For minor surface cleaning: Use ordinary baking soda pop to clean small areas around the surface
  • To get Brilliant Overall look: Apply Fresh water Polish Glow for Hot tub to your clean, dry day spa shell
  • Pertaining to spa headrests: Follow the recommendations in your Owner’s Manual to get removing and cleaning the headrests of your spa
  • To get the vinyl fabric cover: Initial, remove the top and damp it gently with a hose to release dust or debris. In that case, using a gentle soapy solution (5 tsps of dishwashing liquid included with 8 lt of water) or preparing soda, rub with a huge sponge the vinyl area in a round motion and rinse using a hose. Sprinkling. Rinse the bottom level of the screen, without using cleaning soap and clean with a dry cloth. To shield and maintain protection in ideal condition following cleansing, apply a thin film product HotSpring cover Protection. Cleaning the filter carts and catomizers in your day spa. Since vitamin particles or perhaps calcification of hard normal water can clog up any water filtration system, all of us recommend that you follow these kinds of cleaning suggestions each month to take care of the proper circulation of drinking water from the normal water. Your hot tub.
  • Brush your cartridges: Using a garden hose, clean each rounded while spinning the round, carefully getting rid of the debris between the filter folds
  • Utilize the Filter Cleanser: Use the FreshWater Instant Filtration system Cleaner or other FreshWater Filter Cleaner to keep your filtration system clean and doing work correctly.
  • Replace Filtration: Cleaning the filters can help maintain a good flow of water, but you should substitute your filtration systems every 36 months with authentic Watkins replacement filters. Changing the water in your spa. Even though following spa water treatment tips help keep the clean water for a longer time, soaps and detergents can build up over time in your hotel and keep the residue. Learn how to change your water by following actions
  • Emptying and Refilling the Spa: Pursuing the instructions in the User’s Manual, empty and refill the water in your hot tub to remove detergent and cleansing soap residue that may have accumulated over time
  • Make use of a pre-filter: To get clean water from the beginning, use the CleanScreen pre-filter the moment filling your spa
  • Add the pre-filter: When using the CleanScreen pre-filter, add it into a regular hose to remove organic and natural contaminants, alloys such as birdwatcher and straightener, and tannins from your fresh water. How to prepare your hot tub for winter months Your HotSpring spa is designed to be used month in month out, regardless of the climate. Ensure optimum energy productivity in your holiday resort at any time with the year by using these steps.
  • Buy a Winter Blanket: Keep your day spa hot throughout the year, even in areas where temperatures drop under freezing by buying a winter blanket through your local HotSpring dealer.
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