Cold war issue and answers essay

  1. The “iron curtain” was a dividing line because it was dividing Eastern and Western European countries. Western European countries had more of a democratic form of government where as Eastern European countries was dominated by the Soviet Union.
  2. The policy Leader Truman is suggesting in his speech to Congress is the Truman Doctrine. The Truman Doctrine is a policy that stated that the Usa would support Greece and Turkey with economic and military help to prevent all of them from slipping into the Soviet Sphere.

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    This kind of policy offered $400 , 000, 000 in aid to Greece and Chicken.

  3. The Secretary of State Marshall suggested this kind of plan(the Marshall Plan) to get European restoration so if Europe might come into monetary, social, and political damage it would also affect the United states of america very adversely also. The Secretary of State wanted to avoid those adverse affects on the United States. He wanted to avoid the negative impact the Euro situation could have on the Us economy.
  4. The purpose of NATO is to protect North American countries and five Western European countries from attack by the USSR.

    The North Ocean Treaty mentioned that any and all attacks produced against any kind of member of NATO would be considered an attack against them all. Their basic goal waste increase the stability and defense of its member countries.

  5. The “satellites” help present a buffer for the Soviet Union since they can trail which invader is coming toward their border or see if any bombs happen to be heading towards the Soviet Union. The “satellites” also take action as a buffer but protecting the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union refuses to care about the other countries that may get caught up in war and sociable and financial upheaval.
  6. Khrushchev’s view of U. S. activities are that moves produced by the United states of america such as the “anti-communism” activity was used to cover up statements of one power pertaining to world domination. The U. S. desired to have a secure, dominant world power in the capitalist world. In document semblable Khrushchev says that the guard capitalism will lead to another world battle.
  7. The impact the “arms race” had on the world was countries racing for indivisible weapons/WMD which in turn led to a “balance of terror. ” A lot feared use of these weapons and saw this kind of as a deterrent to war.
  8. The basis pertaining to President Kennedy’s demand that the missiles be removed from Cuba was that it threatened the peacefulness and protection of the United States, Kennedy wished to stop any chance the missiles may be used against America for virtually any reason. He saw it as a threat to world peace.
  9. Krushchev explains that the missiles had been placed in Cuba for protective reasons and to stop any kind of aggression against Cuba. He now explains the missiles could now be removed because there is no chance that Tanque will be attacked by any nation in the American Hemisphere

Essay: How did the Cold Battle begin and what “weapons” were utilized to fight this war?

The way the Cold War Began

The Cold Conflict began at the end of World War II. The Chilly War was your conflict between Communist Nations led by the Soviet Union and the Democratic Nations led by the Usa. The entire purpose behind the Cold Conflict was to stop the propagate of communism that the United States was against. The reds was thought to corrupt and cripple the whole world. They fought by propaganda, economical war, and constant armed service clashes. The Cold Conflict started Sept 3rd 1945 and ended in 1989.

When the “Iron Curtain” came down in Eastern The european countries, as Winston Churchill stated in his speech on March 5th, 1946 as shown in document one, that was if the Cold War began. The Soviet Union made various countries into “Soviet satellites”. A satellite region is a nation that is effectively focused by another. The Soviet dish nations were: Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Soviet Union, East Philippines, and Czech. The Untied States needed for all the Europe to have the liberty to pick their own governments. The war involving the two countries escalated quickly when the Soviet Union efficiently developed their particular atomic blast. It became a ” conflict of words”, the text was “weapons”. No active capturing was performed and no actual weapons were used. It was basically Democratic nations against Communist Nations, a war of words on who got atomic bombs to use against other nations around the world.

Role of President Truman in Chilly War

As stated in document two President Truman believed it was the Untied States duty to support individuals who are resisting tried domination. He believed if communism was forced on Turkey or Greece by the Soviet Union, it will include effects which might be far reaching to the West. The policy Director Truman is suggesting in his presentation to Congress on March 12th, 1947 is the Truman Doctrine. The Truman Cort�ge is a policy that stated the United States would support Portugal and Poultry with economical and military aid to prevent them by falling in the Soviet World. This coverage gave $400 million in aid to Greece and Turkey.

Admin of State Marshall gave a speech on June sixth, 1947 outlining his cover European recovery as expressed in document three. The plan he was indicating was the Marshall Plan. The Secretary of State Marshall recommended this plan(the Marshall Plan) for Euro recovery so if Europe would enter economic, interpersonal, and political damage it would also impact the United States extremely negatively too. The Admin of State needed to avoid these negative effects on the United States. He wanted to avoid the negative effect the Western european situation might have on the Usa economy. It can presented in both documents two and three that Chief executive Truman and Secretary of State Marshall acquired the best interest of the United states of america and other nations against communism at heart with their plans.

As presented on document four CONNATURAL is the North Atlantic Treaty. It was authorized by the Us, Canada, and ten additional nations of Western Europe in 1948. The purpose of NATO was to protect North American countries and those five Western European countries from assault by the USSR. The North Atlantic Treaty stated that any and all episodes made against any member of NATO might be considered an attack against them all. Its simple goal was to increase the soundness and defense of its affiliate countries. CONNATURAL was basically an intergovernmental armed forces alliance up against the Soviet Union and what they stood which is why was communism. NATO comprises a system of collective defense whereby its associates state to agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any exterior party(any communism nation).


In conclusion, the Cold War began since fear of the spread of communism that the Usa and Western Europe had hated. This prevented chances of negotiations and friendly way in diplomacy and foreign plan. Another reason on how the Cold War started out was collection of world nations in rival units such as NATO and the Warsaw Pact users. The Warsaw Pact members were The german language Democratic Republic, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Soviet Union as shown in document five. The piling up of atomic weapons and picking either the democratic side or the communist aspect generated mistrust in one an additional.


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