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Since story can be used so pervasively to make arguments about how we have to perceive the earth around all of us and the place in it, we should learn to examine what disagreement is being manufactured in narrative, how it is being made, and most importantly, to assert our response and counterargument regarding the issues on the line in a history. This term, we will learn to analyze the proper execution and content material of story not only in conditions of reading the debate the author developments through the firm of narrative components, but also in terms of how the channel a story is told through influences the shaping, message, and our reception of that story.

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In Narrative Across Media, you are going to acquire tools for studying narrative in multiple mass media and in multiple modalities. You will additionally look at critiques of each particular form of mass media and choose a own disagreement about how story is molded by medium, modality, as well as its narrative form. Finally, you will investigate whether translating story from one moderate to another really do change the communication of the history itself. Beginning with classical rhetorical ideas, you can analyze story in press, in the short story, and hybrid varieties such as the image novel before moving into appear music arrangement, looking at just how narrative is usually communicated throughout the lyrics, video, and record art of any pop tune.

You will have the choice of either writing a traditional study paper on the web about story across media or crafting your personal work of media translation, and then will be taught about the affordances and constraints with the power stage frame ahead of finishing having a group film analysis job. COURSE EXPLANATION: College Producing 11011 This course focuses on themes and concerns specifically highly relevant to the function and jobs of story, the medium and the modalities it is presented through in society. Throughout the exploration of this program theme, learners will develop critical reading, considering, and publishing skills.

College or university Writing 11011 develops students’ reading, publishing, and critical thinking expertise by focusing multimodal reading and writing as crucial and recursive processes. Writing is approached being a recursive procedure that includes prewriting strategies, creating, revising, and editing. The course helps students understand and examine important topics articulated in multiple strategies within person texts and between divergent texts, emphasizing that model itself is known as a process equally recursive and contestable, using the multiplicity of valid interpretations and a knowledge of the allowances of multiple modalities to throw into relief the student’s very own processes of interpretation and the assumptions these are generally based on.

This program uses works of continual complexity which usually, when read together or perhaps against the other person, bring into focus their various interpretive frameworks and their transactions, sometimes uniting, sometimes further complicating the issues being investigated. Learners will give attention to a particular physique of talk in several brief formal arrangement, learning to include research to their own contribution to the ongoing discourse, concluding in an prolonged piece of writing which in turn ties with each other many of the essential themes and issues researched in the course. COLLEGE STUDENT LEARNING ACTIONS: Class- This really is a working producing lab-a space within which you will learn to hone your writing and critical thinking skills.

It will have brief classes or presentations on concerns of common interest nearly all day, but work period will mainly be put in in actions that involve writing/ composing, responding to writing/ composing, and revising. All of us will also commit work time daily to meetings one-on-one with the trainer, in categories of fellow learners, or as a class in order to learn how to vitally read, in addition to learning to construct quarrels in multiple modalities, and to give excellent feedback to your fellow writers on their operate. In-Class Discussions Nearly every class calls for an complex discussion of the assigned psychic readings of the day and their relevance for the journal’s central theme of Narrative Across Mass media.

Students whom read the materials, annotate it, and come to category with the daily reader-response finished as well as with questions about the concepts presented inside the text not simply enrich your class, they find out more and obtain higher degrees. Become an active learner! Assigned Readings For each class, you will have a reading/reference selection designated from the principal texts. These types of assignments will be designed to help you prepare the latest assignment and also to identify the positioning of particular references that you can convert when you need aid in any composing task. Apply the guidance and data in these to your coursework; students who have do so almost always receive higher grades.

The texts gives you many of the useful techniques and far of the history knowledge you will have to know to write well in Kent Point out and in your later career. Develop the habit now of looking at them to get answers to questions of research and writing, and plan to bear them as long lasting references on your own Writer’s Bookshelf. Freewrites Freewriting is definitely an in-class activity that provides a chance for you to exercise the writing skills. The rules will be there are none! The only thing you can do wrong is end writing.

The purpose is to get you into a publishing mindset, to encourage fluency in getting terms to conventional paper. Freewrites lasts about a few minutes and may end up being prompted’ at my discretion. Get pleasure from freewriting! You can find your most creative, insightful topic tips during these freewriting sessions.

Log Entries/ Innovative Writing Because we meet simply two times per week, you will be required to bring 1 1-page log entry to class per week on loose-leaf paper. These kinds of entries may be on the psychic readings for school, montages of poetry and fiction, word-sketches of people you observe on the globe around you, musings on how your life is at the moment, and so on. The purpose of every week independent articles are to have entertaining with writing and have a conversation!

If you want to work every semester on a longer print out, visual, aural, or various other project equal to the 14 pages of journaling, request me whether it would accomplish this requirement. Reader-Response Documents For some of the designated readings, you need to not only do the reading, but to respond to given questions or perhaps topics regarding the text. These types of will involve evaluating and contrasting how different authors deal with similar styles in their operate, applying certain rhetorical synthetic tools for the texts to gain a deeper insight into their workings, and using quotations from the text messaging to efficiently prove points you make about that work as well as its discussion of the themes linked to the study course.

New York Moments Article Examination and Demonstration You’ll be required to join analyze and lead a discussion on a New york city Times tale relating to the course theme once through the semester. This involves sending me personally the link on your chosen content or news element your class period Prior to being scheduled to provide, and then on the day of the presentation, turning in your discussion questions and your in-depth one-page examination of the article. Guidelines just for this presentation can be found on WINDOWS VISTA. Extra Credit rating It will be easy to make Extra Credit for the course in a number of ways.

Bring in a News story, newspaper article for DiscussionFor extra credit rating, volunteer your close examining of an document from any kind of section of the NYT, taking a look at the central idea of the piece, what the main argument about that idea is, and exactly how the word decision and composition of the piece contribute to communicating that debate (see handout guidelines for preparing your news presentation). Argue with the Readings- you can choose to set a response with citations to a single of the program readings or maybe a reading linked to the main topics of the course that you have discovered through your own research.

This can help you to gain practice in responding to particular points, expression choices, and techniques in the readings. (Example of response with details: In his dissertation Fire inside the Belly, Lasn says that traditions has become harmful to the mental environment (84). However , I do believe that he can a little filled with it. This individual offers small actual proof to show his details for instance , he claims A (30), and seems to feel that stating B is proof! ) Convert a Story from One Medium to Another, or from One Setting to a Mixture you can create a class-appropriate narrative coming from any moderate or modality and convert it in another channel or technique. This involves taking central topics and suggestions and addressing them in another way.

Include a one site rationale describing how changing the channel changed what could be explained / how it could be explained, as well as how come you made a decision to change the operate from its first form for the form of the translation. Supplemental Research on Course Subject do supplementary exploration on a matter to present informally to the school on the day which the related browsing is being mentioned. Learn a Formula Program teach yourself a composition program you didn’t know how to work with before, keeping a composer’s/learner’s log when doing so to record the ups and downs of the learning procedure.

We will be applying PowerPoint as being a class for a few compositions, but you can learn about the image aspects of MS Word, Porcelain PageMaker, Audation (a appear composing tool), or Moviemaker/ related movie making structure tool. Several of these programs can be very expensive to buy, but can be downloaded over a trial basis for free. COURSE GRADES: The course level will be determined at the end of semester based upon your results on each from the four key projects (and any changes you turn in), your in-class engagement, and your RQAs. I. Article 1: A Day Without Mediation (3-5 pg. ) 15 pts. 2. Essay two: Pop Music Analysis (5-7 pg. ) 15 pts.

III. Article 3: Exploration Paper and Power-Point (5-8pg., 5+ slide) 20 pts. IV. Essay 4: Film Project Display and Post ( 4-7 pg. )10 pts. Versus. RQAs: Study Question Assignments 10 pts. VI. In-Class Participation (NYT Article Evaluation, Freewriting, Log Entries, Workshop Participation, and Group Talks of Assigned Readings &Responses. ) 30 pts. Total Points Possible: 100 pts. Your Term Grade depends on the pursuing percentage scale: A 100-90% B 89-80% C 79-70% D 69-60% F 59% and reduce Attendance: Attend classes EVERY MWF, not really whenever you go through the urge. Presence is vital to get group workshops. Should you miss class because of illness or other urgent, provide myself with documentation explaining the absence. Unexcused absences is going to lower your study course grade.

Should you miss five or more classes without a valid excuse, all of us will need to schedule a conference to ascertain whether you must continue or perhaps withdraw/drop. Participation: Come to class willing to discuss the reading and writing during the day and to engage in workshops. Poor participation (unwillingness to discuss readings & unwillingness to participate fully in workshopping expert papers) will lower your final grade. Learning is doing, so become an ACTIVE student. Late papers: You’re going to be docked five per cent of the items possible on an assignment for every single class getting together with it is overdue.

Plagiarism: Stealing subjects may take many forms, some of which we will certainly discuss in the lecture. Protect yourself by turning into aware of Kent State University’s policy in academic integrity, and by carefully documenting your papers as you quote, sum up, or paraphrase other sources. Basically find you may have plagiarized a few of a newspaper, you will acquire no credit for that daily news and no option to revise, plus your course class will be lowered. If I locate you have flagrantly plagiarized, you can fail the course as well as the incident will probably be reported. Nachrichten: I will answer e-mails in 24 hours generally, but not quick usually do not e-mail planning on immediate responses.

This is why it can be key to request homework concerns in class, and enjoying the contact information for a few other people in the class to call for logic or the project, if you’ve missed it. E-Mail Ettiquette: Use Subject matter Headings! Don’t be SPAM-Blocked!

Use a subject matter heading for your e-mail evidently explaining the things you are writing about. Use Appropriate Titles and Spell Brands Correctly In the e-mails to me or your other instructors, employ Netiquette address me personally as Professor Wagoner I do not go by Ms, Mrs., or perhaps Miss. Set Up a Missed Class Lifeline: Will not e-mail the instructor for the assignment.

Rather, call or perhaps e-mail a trusted fellow scholar from school to get the groundwork. -Also verify VISTA’s Daily Assignments folder and the study course schedule inside the syllabus pertaining to paper deadlines. Check both places to get current in what is thanks in class. Where’s the Stapler? Papers should be stapled or paperclipped at the time you turn all of them in.

We don’t offer staples or paperclips, so that you need to be in charge of collating your own papers so that they don’t get mixed up in turn in piles. INCLEMENT WEATHER: You know, that Ohio point with the greyish sky and sleet. If the weather is definitely nasty outside, listen to a public a radio station station, or perhaps watch a nearby news funnel to find out if class of waking time has been canceled.

If the information station have not reported course cancellation by simply 8: 35 a. m., class is not terminated and you should show up at. If you travel from out of town and sleet or snowstorms are making travel around dangerous, phone and ask me if you should try to drive in! Should school be as a result canceled, continue preparing tasks as scheduled, and we will condense classroom actions as necessary to catch up with the syllabus.

DISABILITY POLICY: In accordance with University Insurance plan 33242-3-01. three or more, if you have a documented impairment and need accommodations to obtain equal access to this course, please contact me at the beginning of the session or the moment given a great assignment which is why the hotel is required. College students with problems must confirm their membership through Scholar Accessibility Services (330-672-3391 or www. kent. edu/sas). ACADEMIC SUPPORT AREA: As your teacher, I ask you to talk about any worries about any writing assignment with me.

I also ask you to visit the Kent Express University Composing Center, found on the fourth flooring of the KSU Library. It can be a valuable source of your composing development, and definitely will facilitate writing at all levels of the publishing process. You can seek help from me or the KSU Writing Center for: Choosing an IdeaDocumentation of Sources (MLA & APA) Developing an IdeaContent Revision Composing an EssayG. U. Meters. (Grammar-Usage-Mechanics) Instructions To make an appointment, call the Writing Middle at 330-672-1787.

Help is usually available online on the Online Publishing Lab (OWL). Call to schedule a web appointment, and visit the website at http://dept. kent. edu/english/WritingCent. Drop-in training is also offered at the Information Commons, First Flooring of the KSU Library ask librarian for times and times!

Statement upon Enrollment/Official Enrollment: The official sign up deadline in this course is September 8, 2013. University policy requires all students to be officially registered in each school they are going to by the specified deadline (check with your advisors). Students whom are not officially registered for the course simply by published deadlines should not be participating in and will not receive credit rating or a quality.

Each pupil must verify enrollment on his/her school schedule (Student Tools in Flashline). Errors must be fixed prior to the deadline. Withdrawal from Course: The course revulsion deadline is definitely November several, 2013. This is actually the last time for pulling out from any or all courses before a W is given. Students with low marks should strategize with their advisors about falling the training course without a T (Withdrawal) on transcripts, using a W (by November 3), or with no W (afterNovember 3).

These types of designations make reference to different policies about combining the training course grades into your cumulative GRADE POINT AVERAGE and should become treated very seriously. Seek advice from your advisor to confirm drawback dates. Scholar Accessibility Policy University Insurance plan 3342-3-01. 3 requires that students with disabilities end up being provided sensible accommodations to make certain their equivalent access to training course content. When you have a written about disability and require places to stay, please contact the instructor at the outset of the session to make arrangements for important classroom changes.

Please note, you first have to verify the eligibility for the through Pupil Accessibility Solutions (contact 330-672-3391 or check out www.kent. edu/sas for more information upon registration procedures). STUDENT CHEATING AND STEALING SUBJECTS: Condensed Version [For the complete policy and process, go to www. kent. edu/policyregister and look for policy 3342-3-01. 8, or see http://www. kent. edu/policyreg/chap3/3-01-8. cfm or perhaps http://www. kent. edu/policyreg/chap3/upload/3342. 3. 01.

8. pdf ] Cheating and plagiarism constitute bogus misrepresentation that no credit can be given and for which usually appropriate calamite are warranted and will be used. The university or college affirms that acts of cheating and plagiarism by simply students make up a sabotage, agitation, destabilization of the desired goals of the organization, have no put in place the university and are significant offenses to academic goals and objectives, as well as to the rights of fellow college students. Cheat methods to intentionally misrepresent the source, nature, or additional conditions of educational work in order to accrue unreasonable credit, as well as to cooperate with someone else in such deceit.

Cheating comes with, but is not restricted to 1 . Obtaining or holding onto partial or whole clones of assessments, tests or perhaps quizzes just before these are given away for pupil use; 2 . Using records, textbooks or perhaps other information in examinations, testing and quizzes, except since expressly acceptable; 3. Obtaining confidential details about examinations, checks or quizzes other than that produced by the teacher; 4. Obtaining, giving or exchanging information during examinations; 5. Presenting data or other materials gathered by another person or perhaps group since one’s own; 6. Falsifying experimental data or information; 7. Having another person consider one’s place for any academics performance with no specific knowledge and agreement of the instructor; 8. Working together with an additional to do more than one of the above; 9. Using a substantial area of a piece of operate previously submitted for another training course or program to meet the requirements of the present course or perhaps program devoid of notifying the instructor to whom the work is shown; and twelve. Presenting falsified information to be able to postpone or perhaps avoid assessments, tests, quizzes, or additional academic function.

Plagiarize way to take and present since one’s own a material portion of the ideas or words and phrases of an additional or to present as one’s own a thought or operate derived from a current source devoid of full and proper credit to the source of the suggestions, words, or works. As defined, plagiarize includes, although not limited to a. The replicating of words and phrases, sentences and paragraphs straight from the work of another without proper credit; b. The burning of drawings, figures, photos, drawings, versions, or other visual and non-verbal elements, including songs of an additional without proper credit; and c. The business presentation of work made by another in final or draft form as one’s own devoid of citing the origin, such as the usage of purchased research papers.

Academic Sanctions, By Section M The following academic sanctions are offered by this regulation for offenses of cheating or plagiarism. Kent grounds instructors shall notify the department chairperson and the scholar conduct workplace each time a calamite is imposed. Regional grounds instructors shall notify the regional grounds dean as well as the student carry out officer every time a sanction is definitely imposed. Local campus college student conduct official shall alert the Kent student execute office each time a sanction is definitely imposed with a regional grounds Instructor. The subsequent academic sanctions are provided by this rule intended for offenses of cheating or plagiarism.

In those circumstances the instructor may well 1 . Do not accept the job for credit; or 2. Give a quality of F or no for the project, evaluation, paper, exam or different work in that the cheating or plagiarism took place; or 3. Assign a grade of F for the study course in which the cheating or stealing subjects took place; and; 4. Recommend to the department chair or perhaps regional campus dean that further action specified in the rule be used. The section chairperson or perhaps regional campus dean shall determine regardless of whether to toward the academic dean or to the vice president for the prolonged university a recommendation for further sanction below this guideline.

Procedures to get invoking calamite. (From Section E) (1) Academic management procedures related to paragraph (D)(1)(a) of this regulation. In the event that a trainer determines that it is more possible than not that a student in a study course or system below the instructor’s supervision features presented work for university credit which involves an act of cheating, stealing subjects or co-operation in possibly, then the instructor shall: (a) Inform trainees as soon as is practical, in person or by email, of the opinion that an take action of cheating or plagiarism has happened.

If the college student cannot be reached in a reasonable period of time, the trainer may proceed with calamite, notifying trainees in writing as promptly as possible of the idea and the procedural steps the trainer has used. (b) Give the student a chance to explain orally, in writing, or perhaps both, why the student feels the analysis of the details is wrong. (c) If the explanation is deemed by instructor to get inadequate or perhaps if not any explanation is offered, the instructor may possibly impose one of many academic calamite listed in passage (D)(1)(a) with this rule. In which appropriate, the trainer may recommend the imp?t of academic calamite listed in section (D)(1)(b) of this rule.

In addition , the instructor may well refer the situation to the dean of the college, campus, or perhaps school in which the student is definitely enrolled pertaining to imposition of educational sanctions classified by paragraph (D)(1)(b) of this regulation. (d) The instructor shall notify the office of judicial affairs of the circumstances and action taken. These kinds of notification will be used as history in the event that formal conduct charges are started against the student. (e) The trainer shall notify the student on paper of the directly to appeal, and the procedure to adhere to. (f) The trainer shall keep your evidence of cheating or plagiarism in a safeguarded place and offer it after request to any appeals officer or the perform officer.

The instructor shall present copies on request to the pupil at the student’s expense. (g) The instructor shall cooperate with academic and student conduct personnel in any appeal of your decision, and/or in adjudication of any disciplinary proceedings. Academics Appeals. The general principle that applies to this procedures is the fact an charm is given to the administrative level immediately above the unit from which the appeal reflects. Appeals are limited to the subsequent reasons: a. The decision is definitely arbitrary or unreasonable, n. The decision lead from a procedural problem, c. The decision is certainly not in accordance with the important points presented, d. New data is available which can suggest customization of the decision.

Statement of ACADEMIC INTEGRITY, Via Mary Ann Haley College or university policy 3342-3-01. 8 works with the problem of educational dishonesty, cheating, and stealing articles. None of these will be tolerated in this category. The sanctions provided through this policy will be used to deal with any violations.

If you have any inquiries, please read the policy in http://www. kent. edu/policyreg/chap3/3-01-8. cfm and/or inquire. Learning Final results Statements intended for ENG 10000-40000 Courses ENG 11011 COLLEGE PUBLISHING I Rhetorical KnowledgeBy the end with their Tier My spouse and i writing program, students must be able to recognize the elements that inform rhetorical situations.

This kind of understanding ought to enable them to produce texts that o Include a clear purpose o React to the requires of meant audiences u Assume an appropriate stance o Adopt an appropriate voice, strengthen, style, and level of formality o Make use of appropriate exhibitions of formatting and structure Critical Thinking, Studying, and WritingBy the end of their Tier We writing training course, students must be able to o Use writing and reading for inquiry, learning, thinking, and communicating o Evaluate relationships amongst writer, text message, and viewers in various kinds of texts. o Use various critical considering strategies to analyze texts Knowledge of Composing ProcessesBy the conclusion of their Tier I composing course, pupils should be able to o Understand writing as a series of recursive and interrelated steps that features generating suggestions and text, drafting, revising, and editing o Recognize that writing is a versatile, recursive method o Apply this understanding and reputation to produce successive drafts of increasing quality CollaborationBy the conclusion of their Tier I publishing course, learners should understand that the writing process is normally collaborative and social. To demonstrate that understanding, students will be able to um Work with other folks to improve their own and others’ texts o Balance the huge benefits of relying on others with taking responsibility for their very own work Knowledge of ConventionsBy the end with their Tier We writing study course, students are able to o Employ appropriate conventions pertaining to structure, paragraphing, mechanics, and format to Acknowledge the effort of others when ever appropriate um Use a normal documentation structure as required. o Control syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling Composing in Digital EnvironmentsDevelopments in technology are increasing our knowledge of writing.

To the extent that technology is available and appropriate, right at the end of their Rate I publishing course pupils should be able to o Understand the possibilities of digital media/technologies for composing and publishing text messaging o Work with digital environments to support writing tasks just like drafting, reviewing, revising, croping and editing, and sharing texts Kent State University. Proposed Assertion of Scholar Academic Objective: Our Pupil Commitment to establishing patterns of Quality, Honesty, Honesty and Specialist Accountability in classes about all campuses at Kent State School.

In order to uphold the standards of academic intent in addition to accordance while using university’s founded rules with regards to academic dishonesty, I hereby agree that 1 . I will not plagiarize, 2 . I will not be unfaithful, 3. Let me not devote forgery or fraud, in a of my personal academic programs and university-related involvements. My spouse and i recognize that I possess the right to notify professors/authorities basically witness a violation with this statement of Student Academics Intent, just like others have got a right to do this with me.

Since members of an academic community, in the nature of personal -motivated and self-disciplined learning, we must take greater personal responsibility to get our actions and are not able to shelter specific or ordinaire inappropriate procedures. I understand that students and teachers come with an ethical responsibility to ensure that the preparation of work that is unique, thoughtful and honest, can be upheld throughout Kent Point out University. My spouse and i am also aware that the sanctions for failure to uphold this Statement of Student Academic Intent can cause either failing of the particular course exam/project, failure with the course, and/or possible expulsion from the university or college.

In affixing your signature to this file, I agree to compliment the university’s commitment to Excellence, Honesty, Integrity, and Professional Liability in the classes on every campuses in Kent Point out University. Printed Full Name: _______________________ Signature: ______________________________ Date: _______________ Initiated by the Members of the 2009 Student Advisory Council of the. University of Arts & Savoir. Awaiting University- wide acceptance.

COLLEGE COMPOSING BIO SHEET TERM MAJOR____________________________ COURSE YEARMINOR STAGE of ORIGINCAMPUS HOME E-PORTFOLIO, BLOG, or WEBSITE E-MAIL ADDRESS What professional desired goals do you wish to work toward during your amount of time in this course? What have the lifelong activities with publishing & examining been just like? Do you get pleasure from writing? Why/why not? Do you enjoy studying?

Why/why not? (Continue upon back of linen if needed) What are your make up strengths? Notice: these talents can be in different medium in addition to any aspect of researching, creating, or creating texts: What do you anticipate as being the biggest stumbling block as a writer? What else are you choosing this term? What method do you browse most of your stories in, and what are your favorite varieties of stories? So what do you like about these stories what makes all of them so interesting? (Examples: Television shows, Video Games, Music, Books, etc . ) What was the last text you go through for fun? (Can be book, magazine, back side of your food box, and so forth ) That which was the last book you go through?

Was it fun? What are your favorite activities? What is a number of your favorite music? What is your favourite stress foodstuff?

When a little media stays in your mind pertaining to an annoyingly long time, exactly what does it usually be? Provide a current case. (Can be an image, piece of pop tune, ad ring, movie show, video clip, area of a game you’re working on resolving, etc . ). COLLEGE PRODUCING 11011 FALL 2011 TASKS and PSYCHIC READINGS SCHEDULE I. A Day With out Mediation Week 1-Week 3 WK 1 COURSE GUIDE AUG 27- AUG 29PAPER I PREWRITING T- COURSE INTRODUCTION. For A, Turn in BIO-SHEET and ACADEMIC HONESTY BED SHEET (In the syllabus). EXAMINE and COMPOSE RESPONSE to LASN Culture Jam PDF FILE (BL), DAVIS Television (C ) to get TH. A ZERO MAPS FOR PEOPLE TERRITORIES and Discussion.

Conventional paper I is usually assigned complete the experiment over the weekend and take notes employing paper recommendations. FOR TUE, READ and RR to TURKLE and VONNEGUT. WK 2 Sept 3-5PAPER I DRAFTING T- For A, READ and RR Steven Manley Watching TELEVISION SET Makes You Smarter(BL). TH- COMPOSE Draft We of A Day Without Mediation pertaining to TUE Sept 10.

WK 3 Sept 10-12PAPER I REVISING & EDITING T- DRAFT I actually of CONVENTIONAL PAPER I WORKSHOP. For TH, read O. Henry Gift of the Magi and Maupassant The Necklace around your neck. (C ) TH- For TUE, Revise and Complete FINAL DRAFT of DAILY NEWS I to turn in with almost all prewriting and notes. DAILY NEWS II GIVEN. ANSELL SMYTHE RESPONSE ASSIGNED. -Also, search for three feasible songs complicated enough intended for analysis, and write about how come each one particular might be good for a much deeper analysis.

In the event that they leave you with unanswered questions, that’s a good song for evaluation. II. Well-liked Music Daily news Week 4- Week 6 WK 4 Sept 17-19PAPER II PREWRITING T- FINAL DRAFT of CONVENTIONAL PAPER I BECAUSE OF. ANSELL SMYTHE RESPONSE THANKS. For TH, read Cheever The Swimmer (C ), and complete your analysis of lyrics to get the track you will basic your paper on pertaining to TH.

Music Workshop #1. TH- LYRICS ANALYSIS BECAUSE OF. WK a few September 24-26PAPER II COMPOSING T- Music Workshop #2 TH- DRAFT I of PAPER 2 DUE to get In-Class Workshop. For TUE, READ and RR -Anderson Hands, and Anderson Form, certainly not Plot (C ). Music Workshop #3. WK 6th Oct 1-3PAPER II REVISING T- Atwood Happy Endings, & Cortazar A Continuity of Parks (C ) For A, prepare Draft II of Paper II for Workshop.

TH- DRAFT II of PAPER 2 DUE to get In-Clas Workshop. Discuss Atwood, Cortazar. To get Tue, finish and change Paper II. III. Analysis Paper Week several Week 10 WK 7 Oct 8-10 PREWRITING DAILY NEWS III PAPER III PREWRITING T- FINAL DRAFT of DAILY NEWS II DUE.

PAPER III Exploration Paper Assigned. -For TH, Brainstorm Topics and Bring Top rated 3 Analysis Paper Subject areas to Category Meeting in Library! Deliver Library Greeting card. -We will probably be working on completing your RQAs for CONVENTIONAL PAPER III, that is due TUE Oct 15. -For TH, READ and RR about Gilman The Yellow Wallpaper (C ). TH- SELECTION DAY APPOINTMENT Satisfy on Initially Floor Computer Lab of Library. -Prepare RQA Record for Thursday using study gathered today. -Will discuss and acquire The Yellowish Wallpaper RRs Monday as well. WK almost 8 April 15-17 DAILY NEWS III DRAFTING T- RQA Report.

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