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Compared: Piaget and Vygotsky

Piaget vs . Vygotsky: The role of language in cognitive development

Jean Piaget’s theory of human creation is essentially a biological one: Piaget believed that human beings move through a series of developing stages, and the ability to figure out certain concepts such as quantity and mass is determined by the biological and developmental level of the human brain, more so than culture. In the event the child is not yet all set to learn selected spatial principles, he simply cannot do so, even with the best of teachers. The child interacts with environmental surroundings and is shaped by their contents to some extent, but you will find natural limitations based upon the child’s attitude.

In contrast, “unlike Piaget’s idea that children’s development need to necessarily precede their learning, ” Lev Vygotsky asserted, “learning is known as a necessary and universal part of the process of producing culturally organized, specifically human psychological functions” (McLeod 2007). Piaget looked at learning, such as the learning of language as a kind of ‘seed’ that was innately planted in a children’s brain. Granted, the ‘seed’ needed to be supported by a positive learning environment, and certain environments were even more salutary for learning than others. Yet Vygotsky looked at language purchase instead being a fundamentally socially-constructed process. “According to Vygotsky, all primary cognitive activities take shape in a matrix of interpersonal historycognitive abilities and patterns of considering are not mainly determined by natural factors, but are the products of the activities used in the cultural institutions with the culture where the individual grows up” (Schutz 2004). This also meant that the flight of language development may vary a good deal between nationalities, and had not been a universal construct. “Whereas Piaget presumed that all children’s cognitive process follows the same pattern of stages, Vygotsky saw mental abilities as being much more certain to the traditions in which the kid was reared” (Kristinsdotti 2001). For Piaget, language was a physical method in which the kid interacted while using physical universe as his / her brain physiology changed; to get Vygotsky, the task was a interpersonal one.

Dialect itself is actually a process of nationalization in Vygotsky’s eyes, not mere natural ‘development’ like growing higher. Moreover, chinese one receives determines the speaker’s capability to articulate certain concepts within his or her cultural context. Vygotsky stated that: “language can be not merely an expression of the knowledge the child offers acquired. We have a fundamental messages between thought and speech in terms of 1 providing source to the other; language turning out to be essential in forming thought and identifying personality features” (Schutz 2004). For Vygotsky, the thought are unable to come prior to words to articulate the notion. Piaget assumed the exact opposite: the child is aware of the concept of ‘more than’ then uses what to state this concept (Narra n. m.: 29).

Piaget believed that well before language, infants demonstrated evidence of thinking, which demonstrated that thought existed

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