Comparing feudal system to caste system

Both the Se?orial and the Body System pressured rankings in society and so they each a new hierarchy. This however , was one of the many similarities and differences the two devices had. Inside the Caste system, people in each varna(social class) were born into his/her school and hitched within their own group. You can not progress the cultural ladder and one could only be one varna. In Feudalism, one could be considered a lord and a vassal at the same time one person could promise allegiance to more than one head of the family at a time.

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As well, in the Body system of India, the most important varna were the priests although in Feudalism, the full was at the most notable of the hierarchy. In feudalism, the lords and the knights made up the nobility that was similar in India’s program, where the priests and players made up the nobility. In both, your class right under the emperor or king as well as the military would be the most powerful and noble.

In the caste program, women had hardly any rights and could certainly not be priests or a warrior, therefore they could hardly ever be in the upper class. In the feudal system, although women had couple of rights, girls could be inside the nobility. The noblewomen mainly sewed and raised the youngsters. Likewise, the ladies in India were limited to household duties as well. In both systems, there was zero central government, in feudalism, each god had his own guidelines on his manor and in India, the Kshatriyas, led the government, which was a council of elders for every village. There were no such thing together government, instead there were many that were self-employed from one another. But as opposed to the se?orial hierarchy where king is definitely on the top, in the caste system, the class following your first class is the structure heads the federal government.

Also, inside the feudal as well as the caste system, most people were the slaves. In the peuple system, more than half the population consisted of the Pariahs(slaves) and in the feudal system, most people had been serfs that have been bound to the land. The serfs, the lords, the vassals and everybody a new certain duty to fulfill. The king approved the lords land, the lords as a swap had to raise armies of knights, the knights were required to fight regardless of what and the serfs worked intended for the lord their very own whole lives and had been granted foodstuff and protection in return. Inside the caste system, every person had their own dharma to fulfill, based on their list socially. The social systems of old Europe and India have sufficient similarities and differences, although they are throughout the world from the other person.


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