Cliptomania web store article

It is the American Dream: very own your own business, and make lots of money. Well, that’s the dream part, then simply reality sets in: business permits, put-up funds, taxes, and so forth In the case research of the Cliptomania Web Store, in 1999, John and Candy Onomástica discovered a marketing niche that they can could make use of; selling clip-on earrings, online, throughout the United states of america, Canada, Ireland in europe, Australia, and New Zealand (Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, Matn, & Kendrick, 2012). This sort of marketing is named Business to Commerce or (B2C) ecommerce, which is technique of purchasing, or selling goods and services over the internet.

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Just like any new business venture, that started out of the home with a low-level of expense.

In 1999, Steve and Christy Santo started an online online store, Cliptomania. com, out with their home, using $10, 500 of their personal savings as start up capital. At the moment, selling only clip-on diamond earrings was a marketplace that not various had tapped into, since most people who also wear earrings have punctured ears.

Cliptomania. com sells only clip-on ear-rings, and offered its customers hundreds of different styles. With study done by David Santo, he decided to agreement with the seller Yahoo! Store in 1999. The Yahoo! Shop uses a evaluations system for customers to level their services, and by the year 2003, due to their score by consumers, they started to be one of the top 5 selling charms stores about Yahoo!, in gross sales because of having a top quality product and excellent customer service.

One of the difficulties the Santo’s faced was the technology part of the business, or maybe the how to start in the web store. Nobody in the friends and family was familiar with web design plus they did not have the funds to shell out a service company for the site design. Getting into their own analysis They located that simply by hiring a merchant to number their website, the computer resources, plus the software and templates, for any price, will allow a company to tailor the net pages to fit their needs.

The second challenge was management with their web store. In 2006, for whatever reason, buyers started having issues with the Google! Store website. Customers were having trouble putting orders, plus the Santo’s ended uphad been charged for some transactions that weren’t valid. So , after they triedto repair the issue, and could not, they will decided to alter web machines, and gone from a. com to a. net site. They ran both sites, but it puzzled the search engines. The real reason for the confusion, could have been because of the issue from the difference between domain names extension cables. The difference with the domain name extensions could be thought as: “. COM is for business websites, and. NET was hosting systems. (Gil, in. d. ) The Santo’s tried to work out the pests, but at some point had to push back to a. com domain address.

The third strategic concern was marketing on the web. Promoting on the web can be primarily obtaining customers to visit your web store. The simplest way to be found was by being found by one of the main search engines, Bing! Search, Google, or Microsoft’s Bing. At that time Cliptomania¢ was using the search engines on the internet were even now listing sites by significance or how close what being used coordinated in the search box. If you are not listed on the first page with the search results, you probably would not be found by buyers. So , it absolutely was important for these to learn about how search engines identify their ranks, so a business can be found to begin with. (Martin, 2010)

Using the SWOT Analysis to investigate the future of John and Candies Santo’s online store, a durability is their offering of the quality item and exceptional customer service. They are going to have a loyalty basic of customers who have appreciate dealing with a company that treats these people well, and may obtain start up business from word-of-mouth recommendations. A weakness is definitely the ever-changing technology and the economic system. As long as the Santo’s keep abreast of, keep up on, be in the know, keep up to date, be well-informed with fresh developments in web selling, and adapt to a recession in the economy, they may stay afloat. An opportunity for the net store should be to ever turn the relevance rankings on the web search engines. Striving techniques, just like having other companies advertise on the site, and perhaps advertise about social media websites and sites, can help boost exposure of the web store. A threat may be competition coming from others advertising on other sites such as Craigs list, that sell their personal items or perhaps store products, and Etsy which markets homemade things; keeping an eye on your competition and looking on the trends showing how customers happen to be purchasing can assist them stay in business for the long-haul.

The Cliptomania web store, all in all, is in good shape to stay effective. When David and Chocolate Santo started out their business, it was out of their residence, with a low startup expense, and not much competition inside the clip-on chaplet market. They may have had all their trials and tribulations with all the boom and bust of the dot-com market, how to discover their marketplace, and their competitors, and how selling on the internet is carried out. Although there is nothing certain in the current economy, the Santo’s should be able to weather the storm simply by still offering top-notch goods, and extraordinary customer service. After all, customers keep going back to who they get a good deal and good services.


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