Danish and chinese family s traditions


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For my own final task, I have made a decision to write a brief story comparing the Danish family lifestyle with the China family lifestyle. My idea was inspired by a book called East Meets West, it is a publication written by a graphic designer Yang Liu. At the age of 13, she moved from Beijing to Bremen. After specifically 13 years there, the girl started to illustrated project to document her dual experience in China and Australia. Originally made as 47 simple blue and reddish colored posters, Yang Liu’s non-judgmental series playfully captures the difference between civilizations: from workplace hierarchy to restaurant social grace. It has as been shown with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Germany and was published in 2007 by simply art publication authority Taschen with the name East fulfills west. “This project demonstrates very much my own way of viewing things, ” Liu said. She stated that moving as a child gave her the habit of contrasting situations and interactions. “Many situations happen to be better to understood if they might be seen in regards. ” (Merelli, 2015)

The key theme of the storyline would be the cultural differences among China and Denmark in terms of parenting style and family members life. As I have occupied China intended for 20 years, I actually am familiar with Chinese lifestyle and the China traditional notion of family lifestyle. So it was definitely an interesting thing to observe the several idea of family life once i study overseas in theU. S. and now in Denmark. As a result, I possess decided to set a story in regards to a Danish girl and a Chinese boy. In the tale, they are penfriends since the regarding ten. Through presenting their particular conversations through the years, I would like to display a culture big difference between Denmark and Cina. I attempted to describe the several situations in Denmark and China regarding parenting, education, and also friends and family life in general. When Chinese language parents stressed supervision and control over kids, Danish father and mother, on the contrary, get them outside whenever you can to the sociology of the friends and family 3play in nature. That they find secure areas where mother and father are not frightened to let the children be cost-free and check out the environment (Alexander, 2016). From my perspective, the one thing that is difficult for Chinese father and mother to do should be to let go, “Let your kids do something by themselves. As you feel the need to ‘save them’, step back and take a breath. Do not forget that they are learning some of the most important skills to take them through life. ” (Alexander, 2016, pg. 42)

When I was young, my parents always told me that I has not been independent enough. They did not let go until I traveled to college, My spouse and i consider this period of time to be a very good experience to both me and my parents because it is a time when I learn to be independent and so they learn to let go. Regarding education, Chinese father and mother always inquire their children to attend extensive after school classes after school, inhabitants in Customer relatively significant, as a result, college students inChina would have to compete with limited resources. Not all people are guaranteed in term of your college education. When I interviewed L pertaining to my interview assignment, she described to me how much trust her parents had on her when your woman grew up, “I played outdoors all day and my parents simply trusted i would be secure and as long as that they knew what friends I was with- if I was around the playgroup or perhaps in the forest, they just knew i would be safe. ” I consider this to be an reverse situation in comparison to a China parenting design. To conclude with, my final project aims to analyze the several parenting style and relatives life among Denmark and China. Consequently, I realize the fact that two actually stand almost a completely reverse position in term of parenting design, Danish parents offer considerably more independence and trust for their children as compared with the Chinese parents, while the idea of family is good and highlighted in both equally cultures.

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