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Information Technology

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Industry Overview


ICT (information and communications technology or technologies) can be described as broad term that includes virtually any simple or sophisticated communication device or application just like radio, television, cellular phones, laptop and network hardware and software, satellite tv systems and so forth used in generating distribution, digesting and transforming information (Marcelle, 2000)

ICT market is the service focused market and largely is determined by customer satisfactions and recommendations. 21st century continues to be witnessed the top growth in ICT industry all over the world. Country like UNITED STATES, Japan, and China have already been investing large money in ICT research and Development. Today use of ICT in other domains is necessary to produce grater outcome. There are gigantic benefit for the countries if each uses ICT in sensible manner. USA, Asia, Russia and so forth are measured as a Effective country which usually would not have already been successful if perhaps they did not really explore ICT in other areas.

There are large scopes in the ICT market. Persons can check out themselves as per their aficion. Some of the prevalent area just like networking, encoding, Mobile applications, Database programmer, Quality expert, Telecommunication, Business analyst etc .

We can see numerous output/products of ICT in the market. Now even small companies are using software’s to make their particular task even more transparent and timely. Produts like core banking system, financial app like tally, human resource info system, files management systems, mobile cash etc . are a few of the common applications that people are applying. Besides that other providers like robotics, interactive telemedicine applications, ethical hacking, and stock exchange examination etc . as well up-warding and creating very good opportunities for folks. Many federal government e-Gov jobs are now prepared to be executed and are being piloted. The digital driving license, digital vehicle registration card, Public services recruitment manage-ment system and Land record information administration systems are some of the big tasks coming in incredibly near future. The National IDENTITY project that was long awaited by many government agencies is also in the process of making and definitely will start it is implementation from the early 2017

Market Review:

Information Technology (ICT) development rate of Nepal is about rise at present. Nepal have been able to come up a considerably way by 1971 if the first computer was released in Nepal (Render, 1983).

Nepali IT specialist are doing latest THIS fields like artificial intelligent, big data, Data mining, BI etc . Approximately 6000 students are graduate in a single calendar year in Nepal. They are now expanding their particular reach and working for big multinational corporations. Some are operating as someone consultant and a few IT people even embark on the article writing.

Big companies are broadening their braches in other countries too. Most of the enhance technologies have been used by corporations. Furthermore, outsourcing techniques helping Nepal in big way to generate good earnings.

As a whole development of ICT in Nepal is gradual but applying available assets, Nepal could possibly get big benefits and stand for themselves in global market.

Stages of advancement ICT in Nepal:

  • 1971 Introduction of pc in the country to get census (IBM1401)
  • 1974 Organization of the Electronic Data Digesting Center
  • 1982 First Non-public Overseas Expenditure in application development simply by establishing company for foreign trade, Data Systems International (p) LTD.
  • 1985 Division of Personal Pcs in Nepal
  • 1990 Liberalization on imports of equipment
  • 1992 Establishment of Computer Affiliation of Nepal
  • 1996 Establishment of the Ministry of Research Technology
  • 98 Telecommunications Act 1997 and Regulation
  • 98 Establishment of Nepal Telecoms Authority (NTA)
  • 2000 Story of the initially IT plan, “IT Coverage 2000”
  • 2001Establishment of the Countrywide Information Technology Center(NITC) as ICT Implementation Body system
  • 2003 Institution of the Advanced Commission for Information Technology
  • 2005 Telecommunication Policy 2004
  • 2004 Electronic Purchase ordinance 2004
  • 2006 Electronic Transaction Work Oct, 2006
  • 2010 Story of IT Plan 2067

Industry Risks:

There are some risks associated with THAT market in Nepal. Main risks are listed below:

Experienced workers: The primary constraint was found being lack of encounter and practical knowhow. ICT firms have to deliver significant training (typically between two and six months) to new Employs in order to provide practical knowledge and experience, a crucial element for employees Perceived to be missing from the skill baskets of IT graduates in the area.

Migrating graduates: IT graduates, employed and trained by IT companies, tend to improve only 2 or 3 years within a firm just before leaving, primarily to study overseas, although occasionally also to work for worldwide companies. Inter-firm movement inside the domestic ICT market has not been seen as a contributing aspect to excessive turnover prices.

National infrastructure: Seen as a standard constraint to growth, key infrastructure concerns identified included limited online connectivity, bandwidth and redundancy measures for net. Common to each of the respondents was your fact that energy was, although is now no more perceived to get, a binding constraint to operations. Yet , respondents took a ‘wait and see’ approach to the latest situation, while the energy source constraint provides only been recently resolved. Businesses in the ICT sector continue to be wary of the supply scenario in the longer term.

Forex trading controls: Capability to pay in foreign currency is viewed to be extremely limited. This has a number of impacts ” which includes limiting the power of ICT firms to import essential hardware, avoiding the use of international online payment systems (i. e. PayPal) and also stopping potential FDI into firms, though this kind of constraint was more relevant for organizations with jewelry to businesses outside of Nepal.

Scale domestic market: The small size of the Nepali domestic market for ICT services means

Firms have to rely on international contracts, which in turn opens them up to foreign competitors

(Competition varied intended for firms, with main opponents cited as Indian, US, Chinese and Eastern European). This means ICT firms are not able to build up a sustainable amount of operations based on National demand.

Top Market Opportunities:

  • THIS developer costs are, in general, lower in Nepal than in additional South Parts of asia.
  • Nepal has been in a position to propel alone into the foreign market to be an alternate offshore outsourcing area to India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries.
  • The Nepali time zone is usually favourable pertaining to companies planning to outsource by America and Europe.
  • Growing expense of services in Indian market may cause the re-routing of opportunities toward Nepal. India can be a significant market intended for Nepalese sector
  • Virgin market for e-commerce-based application advancement
  • Establishment of disaster recovery centre to get the industrial sectors of neighbouring countries
  • Growing free and open-source computer software movement in Nepal

Key Market Trends

Market Drivers:


IT outsourcing techniques is the utilization of outer companies to successfully deliver IT-enabled business procedure, application support and system solutions for business outcomes. Beacause of low wages and availability of staff members, outsourcing pattern has been up-warding in Nepal.

Foreign investment

Created countries have demostrated keen desire for Nepal marketplace so many international companies have expanded their branch in Nepal, this really is indeed a fantastic news to get Nepali ICT market.


ICT Institutions and colleges had been producing needed IT professional so accessibility to the key manpower is available.

Market Vices:

There are some elements which are creating obstacle in markets. A number of the key vices are given beneath

Government Insurance plan

Political Lack of stability

International Business Policy

Not enough infrastructure

Cross-border disease

Damaging travel advisories

Global economic downturn

Climate change

Sector Challenges:

Labour Issues

Policy and law

Bigger bandwidth cost and irregular electricity source

Lack of corporate and business practices Skills in job management

Difficulty in acquiring worldwide standards

Technology Trends:

Web commerce

Internet Internet connection

Digital Finances

Online Drive Sharing

Electronic Gadgets


Online Business

Electric Automobiles


Artificial Intelligence

Pricing Trends:

There are lots of pricing tactics and Tendencies for IT services which are illustrate below:

Competitor value monitoring

Calculate best money saving deals in real-time and stay ahead of your competition. By putting into action a price monitoring software you are able to record historic data of your own shop and compare that with data of your opponents. Competitor price monitoring simply enables you to collection right rates for your merchandise by using active pricing. Apply what works and steer clear of the mistakes of the competitors. You can even implement automated daily price monitoring and repricing technology and adapt your rates automatically if you are over or under pricing some of the SKUs.

Analytics, at the. g. Yahoo Analytics

The beauty of applying Google Analytics or different visitor analytics data inside your pricing approaches is that you dont have to guess developments anymore. You can create decisions depending on clear amounts and outcomes. Google stats is a cost-free tool by Google and it gives you a precise perspective on merchandise conversions and price firmness. Monitor amounts of users, site sessions or bounce price regularly. Arranged conversion desired goals, integrate a price monitoring application into your work and keep an eye on how specific products can sell. You can then focus on optimizing your pricing ways to include picked repricing guidelines.

Do you have a popular item that provides in hundreds of units and brings some cash in your sales? Dont forget to monitor the conversions and continuously monitor competitor rates. You might want to boost the price following monitoring price changes of your competitors and get much more from your currently booming product sales.

Machine learning

Make use of machine learning how to set prices automatically to further improve profit margins. Enhance pricing techniques for products that sell in large quantities and continually choose the best savings. Short duration marketing promotions or display sales can be easily executed by permitting the algorithms pick optimum discounts.

Repeated price adjustments

Flight companies, hotels and in many cases Amazon modify their rates several times each day. One of the leading product costs trends in 2017 is definitely making repeated price improvements. Raw data and user interactions via different sources and databases are becoming collected. Natural data can be used for data mining by a later on stage. A high level00 large shop with advanced technology infrastructure, you can gain competitive edge through recurrent price changes, as you gain more alteration and habit data to draw better business observations.

Geo targeted pricing

E-commerce has a broad reach and any person can visit your website. However , customers visiting via different places might have different perceptions, thoughts and anticipations about product pricing. Local prices do matter. Compete with a geographically targeted optimized selling price, beat community retailers and win more customers. Monitor local rivals and discover the countries or perhaps cities where you stand not remaining ahead of your competitors.

Regulating Trends


Although the commitment is expressed in the WTO negotiations, powerful implementation is known as a concern. Laws is certainly not expedited swiftly to put into action policies. For instance , the Nepal Telecommunications Specialist has not completely opened the licensing device in the absence of legislation. In the same way, there is a supply for a great IT cortège to settle arguments and criminal offenses, but no such human body yet continues to be formed. School of Control has been set up but it is taking too much time to implement the public crucial infrastructure. This is jeopardizing expenditure in one of the main domains from it, e-commerce. Devoid of data security and specialized courts, it is quite difficult to attract investors in electronic transaction-based IT/ITES sectors. Similarly, payment gateways and bank transactions are also damaged for this incredibly reason.

Import/Export Regulations

Owing to the liberalization measures adopted by Government of Nepal, software exports are becoming a very encouraging export avenue. At present, businesses such as Data Analysis and Software Solutions (DASS), D2HawkEye Providers, NepaSoft, [emailprotected] and The best commercial valley iNet are among the few prominent software transferring companies. Due to availability of English-speaking IT graduates, these companies are able to bag significant opportunities by reputed overseas-based clients. The domain of expertise of these export-oriented companies includes Web-enabled software development, business solutions (management information systems), financial plans, commodity software, process software and consumer relationship management and embedded systems. For example , DASS performs for well-known companies just like Panasonic and Ti-Tech Japan and also for CRM- centered companies of the United States such as Salesforce. com and CarThink. com.

Intellectual house right

Intellectual real estate rights and piracy are located to be considerably less crucial in the when the sector is within a fledgling state. After some time, this laxness starts influencing the nationwide and foreign packaged software program vendor. Nepal has yet to begin exporting packaged computer software but as well it needs to Companies. Customers have the impression of having an file format of their companies at overseas locations. This model ensures that just offshore centres should receive assignments on a regular basis and at the same time, that they can anticipate expansion and maintain the resource pool in line with that anticipation.

Prospective client of control agreements and cooperation

Since operate is a global business and most countries have got agreed to take care of the maximum degree of liberalization in WTO transactions, no IT/ITES-related bilateral or multilateral contracts are getting sought in the near future. Nevertheless, market access appears to be restricted due to supply constraints, quality procedures and branding. Ironically, Nepal cannot encourage itself since an independent nation with packed with IT/ITES export opportunities. “Brand Nepal” is usually an essential plan that needs to be released urgently. Trade-related bodies such as the Federation the field of IT/ITES organizations. Giants such as LG and Samsung have started opting for Nepalese THAT markets, this sort of activity can be stepped up by facilitating proper national agreements. The Government of Nepal has already determined an agreement while using Republic of Korea to send skilled personnel there. Similar bilateral agreements can be drafted to invite Korean IT/ITES industries to ascertain branches in Nepal and exchange competent IT professionals.

ICT market of Nepal is growing rapidly and future pattern will be up-warding as well by making use of effective regulations and plan along with foreign investment and away sourcing. Total market potential in 2018 will be around 25 billion dollars us Dollor by analysing the raising pattern and other circumstances.

Marketplace Outlook:

Despite its many problems and problems, Nepal offers plenty opportunities for local and export-oriented IT and computer services industries. By taking on WTO commitments, Nepal has opened up the market to get the education and telecommunication sectors. As a result, Indian education giants have already began investing in advanced schooling. The competition inside the education sector clearly brings about the production of more qualified graduates. Similarly, an effective business degree plan will help create skilled staff members for ITES industries. Liberalization in telecoms has created a level playing discipline among service providers and competition has helped consumers get pleasure from technology by a cheaper price. The creation of wireless Internet companies by Nepal Telecom and United Telecommunications Limited features further facturing systems, or security systems.

Technology in

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