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In this period of information-driven world, info has become an essential part of our daily lives. Together with the combination of cloud computing, internet, and mobile phones which have become greater portions of our lives and businesses, huge data are produced every day (Hima Bindu ou al, 2016). For example , enormous data is usually generated daily through social media applications just like YouTube, Facebook, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp, just to talk about few. How much data which is generated keeps growing exponentially and estimates claim that at least 2 . five quintillion bytes (thats installment payments on your 5 then staggering 18 zeros! ) of data is produced daily (Harish Kumar and Menakadevi, 2017). Every second even more data are stored at the moment than there have been on the entire Internet 20 years ago (McAfee and Brynjolfsson, 2012). These collections of datasets that happen to be large and complex and turn difficult to deal with by the classic relational database software systems has had about the term Big Info (Shirudkar and Motwani, 2015).

This term is currently used everywhere on our daily lives. Big Data (BD) is usually increasingly becoming well-known since the quantity of devices coupled to the so-called Internet of Issues (IoT) remains to be increasing to unforeseen amounts, producing significant volumes of information which should be transformed into useful information (Moura and SerrДЈo, 2015). In addition , the creation of BD has had about new challenges when it comes to data reliability (Toshniwal ainsi que al, 2015). According to Toshniwal et al (2015), there is an increasing need to exploration in technologies that can handle these models of large info and help to make it protected efficiently. They go on to further reiterate which the Current Technology for acquiring data are slow when ever applied to vast amounts of15506 data (Toshniwal et ing, 2015, p. 17). What this means is security features much concern when it comes to BD collection, finalizing, and examining, the systems employed ought to be faster though secure. Ultimately the purpose of BD security features no different from the fundamental CIA triad, that may be, Confidentiality, Sincerity, and Availability of data made needed to be conserved. According to Tahboub and Saleh (2014), the need to shield information a valuable advantage of the firm cannot be more than emphasized. Data Leakage Elimination (DLP) have been found to be one of the methods of avoiding Data Drip. DLP alternatives detect and stop unauthorized endeavors to copy or perhaps send very sensitive data, equally intentionally or/and unintentionally, devoid of authorization, simply by people who are approved to access the sensitive details. DLP is built to detect potential data break incidents in timely fashion and this takes place by monitoring data whilst in-use (endpoint actions) or in-motion (network traffic) or at-rest (data storage) (Tahboub and Saleh, 2014).

Securing the BD process encompasses securing the resources, the pre-processing and the know-how outcomes. In respect to ISACA (2010), DLP aims at halting the loss of hypersensitive information that develops in businesses globally. By focusing on the location, classification and monitoring info at rest, used and in motion, DLP provides the task to helping enterprises get a handle on what information it has, and in preventing the numerous leaking of information that occur every day (ISACA, 2010). This research is set out to style a method to support organizations stop data seapage in big data. DLP is sometimes termed as Data Loss Reduction in most literatures, however , through this research DLP would mean Info Leakage Reduction.

The scope with this thesis is restricted to the make use of encryption while the preventive approach in preventing data leakage in BD with emphasis on semi-structured (textual) info. This means that other types of preventive methods such as access control, devastating functions, and awareness are not addressed. Also, the private investigator approach of handling info leakage in a DLPS has not been considered. As well, the security of other types of BD will never be considered though the method is able to handle certain papers which are certainly not in TXT formats just like DOCX, PDF FORMAT, PPT, and much more. The encryption algorithms are limited to only RSA and AES. The proposed technique is not automatic since data are by hand fed in data exploration tool to do classification. The quantity of check data used in the tests are too small since the whole idea is always to prevent seapage in BD. This situation offers arisen because the organization involved has not executed BD systems such as Hadoop to accommodate many data resources.

One of the important assets to many corporations is data, and for that matter the protection of the data need to take the initial priority (Tahboub and Saleh, 2014). Even though many companies have set up certain security mechanisms and technical systems such as firewalls, virtual exclusive networks (VPNs), and intrusion detection systems/intrusion prevention systems (IDSs/IPSs) nonetheless data leakage does happen (Tahboub and Saleh, 2014). Tahboub and Saleh (2014) reiterated the fact that data leakage occurs the moment sensitive info is revealed to unauthorized users or functions either purposely or not. The data leakage can cause serious implications or threats to numerous organizations. For example , the loss of the confidential or perhaps sensitive info can possess severe or adverse impact on a companys reputation and credibility, buyers, employee self confidence, competitive benefits, and in some cases, this may lead to the closure with the organization (Tahboub and Saleh, 2014). Additionally , data seapage is an important concern for the organization organizations from this increasingly networked world today and for that matter any unauthorized disclosure of delicate or confidential data may have critical consequences intended for an organization in both long and brief terms (Soumya and Smitha, 2014).

In addition , in accordance to Alneyadi et ing (2016) the issue of data leakage is a growing concern between organizations and individuals. Alneyadi et ‘s (2016) indicated that more leaking occurred in the business sectors than they were in the government sector. According to a report in 2014, the statistics stands by 50% in the business sector and 20% in the government sector. They further stated that although in some instances the data leakages were not detrimental to organizations, however , others possess caused many millions of dollars really worth damage. More so, the believability of several businesses or organizations are comprised once sensitive info such as transact secrets, task documents, and customer single profiles are leaked out to their rivals (Alneyadi ain al, 2016). Alneyadi ou al (2016) take that further that government very sensitive information including political decisions, law enforcement, and national reliability can also be released. A typical sort of government hypersensitive information that was leaked was the Us diplomatic cords by WikiLeaks. The drip consisted of about 250, 000 United States diplomatic cables and 400, 500 military reviews referred to as conflict logs. This revelation was carried out by an indoor entity applying an external hard disk drive and about 100, 000 diplomatic cables had been labelled conпЃdential and 12-15, 000 cables were classiпЃed as secret (Alneyadi ainsi que al, 2016, p. 137). According to Alneyadi ou al (2016), this occurrence received substantial public criticisms from amongst civil legal rights organizations across the world. In another creation hackers took 160 mil credit and debit card numbers which usually targeted 800, 000 bank details in US, which were considered as one of the most significant hacking episode that has happened (Vadsola et al, 2014).

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