Database analysis of ‘my schools swimming club Essay

History to the firm For my GCSE project I have based upon my school’s swimming golf club. The problems that individuals are facing in my membership are the numbers of people are increasing by annually. It is located Wolverhampton, and about 80 associates are in it. Price 10 pounds a a few months.

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We have the regular training twice a week, from 4pm to 5pm. Most of our club associates are girl and their a long time are coming from 15 to 40. Competitions are organised during the Xmas. For every triumph in the contests, disco party will be organised, which will be free of charge for team members.

Information on the current system At the moment information is maintained paper, and a lot of files have already been used shop those data. Most of it was written by palm and the spaces in one sheet are limited. Information like name, time of labor and birth and the address, gender, price for each month, etc . Anytime someone new brings together, leaves and alter in talk about, we will re- upgrade the data of your computer system once again.

The data will probably be all trapped in a COMPACT DISK and also preserve it outside of the club’s compound in case there is also a fire. Problems with the current program Most of the info were recently been stored by simply paper and any thing may possibly happen to this. Problems that you can expect to face: can’t read handwriting, hard to find people record, dropped, mislaid, damaged, stolen, messy to modify, time consuming to publish new greeting card, what does your woman do with old records?, only one index, letters need to be written independently.

Analysis What data needs to be entered by the user? We held our current info in newspaper, which placed date like name, age group, sex etc . What finalizing is required? The data will be needed to store in the hard drive in the computer.

Searches, quires, email merge and also and items of data as a way. What are the outcome requirements? Screen and computer printers will be required The data will be updated when a new member gets into or there is also a change in this member’s talk about. They will maintain about 100 or two hundred records. The key people who will go on this info will mostly become the receptionist or the team manager.

We are going to use the stand alone system as a result of amount of members we certainly have got in our club. The information should be access straight away when there is someone waiting. What are the advantages or disadvantages of improving the existing system, or perhaps introducing new paper foundation system? The benefits will be the new system can make our your life much more better and more rapidly access to info.

This allows all of us to save the number of spaces and time. And the disadvantages will probably be when you forgot to save a few data, when there is a electric power cut in that case all the info will be absent and will should be retyped. Precisely what are the advantages or perhaps disadvantages of introducing your computer based program?

I have chose to introduce your computer based program because…………. Specification Things that will be achieve: 2. The customer wouldn’t have to watch for long, about 5 secs. * Producing our your life easier. 2. Update info quicker and easily. * Allow people to research for information only if they have username and password. * Even more free space when you place all your data onto the computer.

If I can perform all of the previously mentioned my job will be a achievement. Flowchart Initial the application varieties are published out. The club’s associates are asked to fill up them up.

The information can then be transferred to the pc simply by typing in. After typing in the info, check if it can be reasonable. If perhaps no, a blunder message can look and you have to type in the information again in to the pc. If yes, check that against the info with the contact form.

If mistakes appear again then you need to type up again. Type till there are no errors and conserve the data. Go to mail combine and produce off letters to the users. Software and hardware With this section I’m going to suggest the software and hardware to my own end user in a swimming team.

Examples: Hard drive, Ram, Monitor, Processor, Computer printer, etc . Elements Justification Processor-Mid Allows the pc to operate plenty of files without a long delay or launching Hard drive- Small Info base and spreadsheet won’t take out very much space, and so i will not need lots of memory space in my hard drive. Ram- 256mb Only a bit more00 is needed because most function will not have up a lot of places. Monitor- Mid flat display screen So that is looks professional and simpler to work via. CD- RW So that I will store even more data and back ups for emergency, i. e. Fire, dropped, wet.

Pieces Reason for deciding on them Intel Pentium Meters processor 740 (1. 73GHz, 2Mb L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB) Info can be functions quicker. Hitachi 60GB- Hard drive So data can be placed without any concerns for places. Ram- 512MB DDR SYNCHRONOUS DYNAMIC RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY Bigger storage for holding data. Monitor- 17.

0 Ultra Sharpened Wide Display XGA (1440* 900) THIN FILM TRANSISTOR Sharp Investment decision you won’t strain the eyes easily.

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