Effect of Eating Fast Food Essay

In the past, people in the Jakarta town always got healthy and fresh food. Currently, many people like to consume fast food just like pizza, hamburgers, and toast chicken. Many and varied reasons why people prefer to take in fast food. This kind of essay will certainly explain a few negative effects of fast food.

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There are many reasons why junk food grows quickly in Jakarta. The first reason can be changing lifestyles in culture. In Jakarta, many people are employed in offices or companies. The employees do not have enough time to search for foodstuff because the functioning hours are incredibly solid.

Advertising is another explanation. Jakarta is actually a big town that through advertising always informs new products to contemporary society. For example , net and television set report each day about advancement different types of junk food. All of these advertising influence individuals to buy take out. Moreover, value of take out is very low-cost.

Therefore , daily many use Hamburger, Pizza and other junk food. However , take out has negative effects on the people of Jakarta. The greatest impact is the impact on health. It might be seen from many persons in Jakarta became excess fat because of these foods. As a result, these folks will become significantly less productive and still have a condition just like heart disease and diabetes.

One other consequence in the fast food is losing tradition of consuming together with family at home. Now, adults and children rarely eat together at your home. As a result, parents and kids seldom communicate each other. The next effect is on the economic climate. Fast food is definitely not too expensive, higher priced when food preparation at home; yet , all fast food comes from foreign-owned franchise firm, so the benefits associated with these foods pertaining to foreigners.

In generally, I do think that a lot of people consume junk food in Jakarta because of the life-style, the influence of advertising and marketing, and low prices. However , I think that these foods have serious consequences in the community such as health conditions, loss of traditional family dishes, and economical problems. Consequently , people in Jakarta will need to leave take out for a better life.

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