Normal Flora Essay

Normal flora are found in specific areas of the body and often depends on environmental factors such as pH, o2 concentration, amount of dampness present, etc . Some sites in which indigenous microbial is a skin in which you often locate staphylococci, streptococci, diptheriod bacilli, yeast and fungi. You often locate staphylococci, streptococci, diotheriod, spirochetes, and members of the overal Branhamella, Neisseria, and Haemophilus in the neck or the upper respiratory tract.

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With this exercise, we identified organisms that normally reside in the throat and skin and compared all of them using streak plate transmission. There are several various sorts on plates used to identify native botanica of the epidermis and throat. Blood agar agar contains mammalian blood (usually sheep or horse) and it is used to isolate fastidious organisms and detect a-gemolytic acitivity and b-hemolytic activity and is also specifically utilized to determine the presence of staphylococci and streptococci on the skin and throat.

A mannitol sodium agar dish is used intended for identifying native skin botanica and is inoculated to observe the presence of staphylococci, specifically the pathogenic versus the nonpathogenic. The pathogenic causes yellow pigmentation of the channel surrounding the growth. A Sabouraud agar platter is also utilized for identifying indigenous skin bacteria and picks up years and molds. Yeast cells will develop colonies which might be elevated, wet and sparkling and mildew colonies will be as fuzzy, powdery clumps.

Materials: CultureThroat SpecimenSkin Example of beauty Blood agarclear circles, a large number of coloniesWhite, smooth colonies, various Mannitol sodium No groupe, medium was red (+) small rounded colonies, handful of SabouraudNo colonies(-), few colonies, few Nutrient broth Round/globular, handful of Small rounded, smooth When looking at the other plates, we all observed even more colonies present when examining the skin example of beauty in comparison to the neck specimen. All of the colonies within the sabouraud, mannitol and nutrient agar were small , white colonies.

The key reason why we may possess observed even more colonies within the skin specimen in comparison to the throat specimen could be due to the fact that anybody that swabbed their throat (me) would not do it for any long enough period of time and therefore, would not observe bacterias growing within the cultures. It could possibly also be for the reason that agars were not the specific environment necessary for those microorganisms to outlive. It would be interesting to make 35mm slides of these microorganisms to get a nearer look at the actual look like and be able to differentiate between them on a minute level.

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