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Elderly Diabetics

Aged Hispanic Diabetics

Diabetes is a real problem that affects a significant amount of the population. The death level associated with diabetes continues to climb up yearly, as the death price of other diseases is constantly on the decrease (ADA, 2010). Diabetes is impairment in the body of a human that helps prevent the body coming from converting blood sugar to strength. According to the CDC nearly dua puluh enam million Us citizens have diabetes and seventy nine million adults have prediabetes (CDC, 2010). This is a serious problem and desires further exploration.

In the Asian community Diabetes is a main health disparity. “there is a prevalence and health responsibility of diabetes, which is greater in older Mexican-Americans than in old non-Hispanic Whites and African-Americans, particularly among elderly men” (Black, Ray, Markides, 1999). This problem should be analyzed and addressed. There is a definite need for educating this kind of population about the effects of diabetes. Educating this population regarding the disease, preventing diabetes and how to control the condition once it was already diagnosed is essential. A major barrier in this population which disease is they are not proficiently educated about the risks of this disease and this problem.

In the work environment you cannot find any support intended for diabetic workers. Diabetes is actually a growing issue in the United States. That affects huge numbers of people today and may continue to affect millions more in the future. It is important that as a culture we make better attempts to manage and get rid of this problem. A task plan should be developed to get conquering this problem. I have produced an action decide to address this issue, starting with the effort environment.

In every single type of work environment, health ought to be promoted by offering employees teaching about weight loss. The importance of health should be a priority. The first thing would be to motivate the employees for making routine doctor visits. The next step is to promote good nutritional values and the need for exercise. Businesses can hold a health and diet training working day, where companies can bring a professional to share information about the topic. A large number of organizations are suffering from walking golf clubs that fulfill during lunchtime hours to walk like a form of exercise. Other companies have health tips and some companies even have gyms that their employees could utilize. Changing the menus in cafeterias and introducing more healthy foods is usually important. Upgrading vending devices, offering better choices inside the vending machines would as well make a difference. Another ways to prevent diabetes is always to educate the individuals about Diabetes. I have developed brochure which can be below; it gives simple information regarding diabetes. This brochure must be available at almost all companies for all those employees.

Diabetes Brochure

1 . What is Diabetes?

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