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Mattie is possibility, while Zeena is reality. When Mattie and Ethan are in danger of being parted, Zeena is the main responsible get together. Both Mattie and Zeena view this kind of as a tragic end to their relationship, and their worry to find a remedy, they change the trap to become criminals of their own actions.

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The second a part of Chapter 9 describes the sleigh crash that led to the ultimate disaster at the end of the book. Zeena had finally had enough of Mattie; a decision concluding when the latter broke one among Zeena’s cherished dishes. When needed of the car accident, Mattie and Ethan meet up with in the snow to say their particular final goodbye, but are struggling to face the end of their connection. Mattie even now feels that she has no place to go and nothing that she could carry out there devoid of Ethan. Ethan on the other hand feels that, when he is captured by his wife, her health condition is not going to permit him to ditch her to her very own devices. Finally, they come to the conclusion the only feasible solution is to commit committing suicide together. It was to provide associated with the freedom being together with no Zeena’s frequent and judgmental presence. Ethan then talks Mattie to climb upon the sleigh with him and drive into a woods. This on the other hand ends in disaster, as neither dies, but both are severely injured. In the end, both Ethan and Mattie are forced to invest their leftover days with Zeena around the farm. Mattie, being immobilized from the the neck and throat down, is becoming an embittered old girl, just like Zeena, and Ethan is captured between the two.

The outcome in the accident is usually both tragic and ironic. What was to become ultimate liberty became the best trap. Their particular attempt to obtain ultimate liberty removed every possibilities of a much better life or perhaps freedom for either Mattie or Ethan. Ironically, there was little to tell apart the “older” Mattie from Zeena. Your woman had become embittered and disappointed because of her condition and her pitfall. Her physical disability and her closeness to Zeena had taken out all delight that the lady derived from Ethan’s presence. Consequently, Ethan has additionally lost every one of the joy this individual once experienced in Mattie’s presence. Equally Mattie and Zeena had become his capture; a more protected trap than he had have you been subject to during his younger life. The three are therefore securely trapped on the ominous farm by means of a decision to free every one of them. It became a lifelong bondage for all of all of them.

In this, the representation of Zeena as the trap for Ethan and Mattie’s freedom features altered. By the end of the novel, Zeena presents their home, since nothing else is definitely left. Ethan and Mattie are forced to conform to Zeena. Indeed, their particular decision has turned their particular bodies into traps, that they would under no circumstances be able to escape. Instead of Zeena, their capture is now represented by themselves and their own foolish decisions. Ironically, Zeena seems to refuse to perish, despite her continuous emphasis on her “complications. “

Through the entire novel, you is therefore led to believe Ethan’s freedom is symbolized by Mattie, while they are trapped within their farm existence by Zeena. At the end yet , the author shows that they are both equally trapped independently. Their incapability to fathom a existence apart, even though they publish regularly to each other, leads to a foolish and self-destructive decision. Their fortune at the end should indeed be worse than death, wherever all three the characters are trapped within a life of forced and unhappy closeness.

Ironically, while Mattie when represented the joy and light in an otherwise depressing household, she is representative of the Frome home’s living room greatest unhappiness. When they may more her to the shop in summer months, the author information that it is “better. ” When they are all compelled together intended for the fire in the kitchen, is launched worst.

Finally, one may possibly say that the decision to perish did result in a type of death. Physical success is combined with the death not only of love, but also of the dreams of freedom that this love assured. This lowered the two the majority of promising heroes in the book to Zeena’s level, and ultimately actually lower; existence was improved, but not in just about any

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