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As a political innovator, we can label Napoleon Bonaparte and his activities as First Consul and Emperor with the French. The shared goal with his followers was to enhance the French Innovation ideals in Europe through continental dominance, superiority and, at the same time, to bring wonder to the nation and its army. Napoleon’s soldiers, the ‘followers’, believed in the ideals of French superiority and glory in The european union and fought against for two decades to achieve this, from Spain to Russian federation.

As a community leader, Martin Luther California king is a good example of how the interests of a community (in this situatio of a minority) could be promoted and defended through immediate action. Once again, the cultural component is vital in characterizing this command example, in addition to the common targets that the fans and leader strived to attain.

As a religious leader, Mohammed is the best sort of the sociable interaction among leader and followers to obtain common goals. The common desired goals were the propagation of Islam as the most important faith in the world. Right now, following Heiliges buch des islam verses, woman will try to impose his religion also to convert non-Muslims. He is also an excellent example of how a highly effective leader was able to increase his number of fans through the goals he had define for them and, especially, through the common vision with which we were holding able to identify.

As a organization leader, Bill Gates can be an example of head that fits well at the definition of leadership previously presented. Ms is presently an incredible sociable organism that strives to achieve common desired goals such as a constant development of fresh it methods and the capacity to promote these types of for every individual consumer. Even through the forming years, during the eighties, Bill Gates’s goals had been to create a item that would be attainable to all utilizing a personal computer.

Contributing to this incredibly encompassing classification that has been presented here, We would also point out characteristics that leaders and followers have to have. As such, a leader will need to be charming, visionary and with good social expertise, while the enthusiasts will need to be highly motivated and to believe in the common objectives, besides being associates of an prepared group.

On the other hand, the idea of project could be as part of the definition and it could be contested whether both leader as well as the follower or just the leader have to have initiative inside their

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