Execute a byte level computer system audit

1 . What is the main purpose of a software instrument like WinAudit in computer system forensics?

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Solution: WinAudit is a superb free tool that will give you a comprehensive perspective of the pieces that make up your system, including hardware, software and BIOS.

installment payments on your Which items within WinAudit’s initial survey would you consider to be of critical importance in a computer system forensic research?

Answer: Computer Name, OPERATING SYSTEM, Security Adjustments for House windows Firewall, Hard drives, Running Courses, and Set up Programs and Versions.

three or more. Could you run WinAudit coming from a adobe flash drive or any type of other external media? If so , how come this significant during a pc forensic investigation?

Answer: Certainly, WinAudit is actually a portable Software.

Because if you’re conducting audits on several computers, having the app over a Flash Drive can make the task much easier and more time effective.

4. So why would you use a tool like DevManView although performing a pc forensic investigation?

Answer: DevManView is a substitute for the standard Unit Manager of Windows, which usually displays almost all devices and their properties in flat stand, instead of shrub viewer.

In addition to displaying the devices of your local computer system, DevManView also allows you see the devices list of another computer on your network, as long as you have got administrator gain access to rights for this computer.

a few. Which item or things within DevManView’s list do you consider being of critical importance in a computer forensic investigation?

Solution: Most likely the Hdrives and USB storage devices and/or any other computer hardware on the network.

6. What tool similar to DevMan Look at is already present in Microsoft Windows systems? Solution: WinHEX is just like DevMan.

7. Why would someone make use of a HEX publisher during a forensic investigation? Solution: To see if the files and data retrieved from the harddrive are unique and genuine.

8. Precisely what is the purpose of an application tool like WinHEX in computer forensics? Answer: 2 weeks . tool that may recovery significant and sensitive data which has been deleted. This tool is also used for editing or whipping the details from the drive.

9. What was the proper extendable of the document you examined using WinHEX? How performed you find it? Answer:?

twelve. Why should you keep data untampered? In order to guarantee legal inclusiveness? Answer: For legal reasons. So , evidence can be used in Court. In case the evidence can be not authentic, it can be thrown out of the courtroom.

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