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Zilla Data Nuker

Test: Zilla Data Nuker

Software Name

Files made or downloaded leave a trace even if deleted. These traces let skilled computer system forensic pros to get the data. Zillasoft, LLC, a fresh England-based software developing business provides Zilla Data Nuker that “Shreds sensitive files so they cannot be recovered or undeleted” according to the advertising and marketing for the program. (Zilla Info Nuker installment payments on your 0) Zilla Data Nuker is readily downloadable through the ZDNet site at or can be obtained directly from the Zillasoft site at

Software Features

Zilla Data Nuker uses what the company terms while “shredding algorithms” to destroy data. Evidently the software is made used to enhance the functionality of the home or office laptop by deleting unnecessary documents from the hard disk. Zillasoft likewise claims that the software can function to help guard the wearer’s privacy simply by completely eliminating information targeted by Zilla Data Nuker. This tool may be used by somebody who wants to erase personal files which contain sensitive details or by someone working for a company that is certainly attempting to “prevent employees from wasting business time in things such as pornography and music downloading. inches (Rothke, 2004) Many companies are beginning to even more closely take a look at the files on employee computers to make sure that wrong use is not really taking place. Zilla Data Nuker claims that this can take away such data files not just via visibility nevertheless from living on the hard disk drive. Since the Enron case where data was destroyed by the terabytes, “recovery and examination of data has come to form a central a part of internal brought on. ” (Marlin, 2004) But with every advance in detection software comes an enhance in obfuscation software.

Functionality Testing

By using a tool that operates using a GUI user interface within the House windows environment including Zilla Info Nuker has its own inherent drawbacks. Some supporters of control line forensic tools “argue that most users really do not really know what is going about when they ‘point and click’ their approach around a pc forensic examination. ” (Kuchta, 2001) This can be a true statement but is usually somewhat beyond the opportunity of this textual content since the screening information is not being published in a court case. Conditions in which the specifics about the process the fact that software uses to perform its function will usually require software program experts from the company that wrote the application to help harden the reliability of the program in question.

‘The Computer Forensics Tool Assessment project on the National Commence of Standards and Technology (NIST), a company of the United States Section of Commerce, was designed to provide a measure of peace of mind for the software tools employed by law enforcement in computer forensics investigations. inch (General Test Methodology, 2001)

The test method is a combination of the application used for testing and the types of procedures for completing the testing. (General Test Technique, 2001) Each of the applicable methods mentioned in the U. S. Commerce Department prescribed strategy has been included below.

Subject stating what product was tested: Zilla Data Nuker

Identification from the testing environment: Local corporate office.

The name and address in the vendor:

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