Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory In The 21st Century Essay

Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory is often regarded as the most comprehensive character theory as well as the first in its area of examine to theorise human actions but through the ages Freud has increased numerous arguments on if his theory of man behaviour have been more debatable or powerfulk. In this dissertation, I will argue that the Psychoanalytical Theory made a significant contribution to the field of psychology by vitally evaluating how Freudian suggestions influenced future theorists. Furthermore I will go over its relevance in the 21st century whilst not neglecting to focus on the reasons why Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory is rebuked as a character theory.

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In the Psychoanalytic Theory, Freud organised the individuality into three levels of mind, namely the conscious, preconscious and the subconscious. Amongst these three Freud is commonly known for “discovering” the unconscious and it became the core aspect to Freud’s theory. Freud further identified the structural elements of the psyche (the id, the ego and the superego) (Meyer, Moore & Viljoen, 08: 52). These components of Freud’s theory remain important because they are still to some extent used to clarify how the human psyche capabilities. It is evident that Freudian ideas of the unconscious put the foundation to get future character theorists such as Carl Jung who’s Deductive Theory also focused on the unconscious mind (Meyer, ain al., 2008: 95).

Another personality theorist Freud motivated is Erik Erikson who was an Ego Psychologist. Specialists in this area of study developed on the ego which was formerly theorised by simply Freud. Erikson’s theory is regarded as one of the most useful psychological theories and several principles formulated simply by him including psychosocial advancement, ego power and identity crisis are part of our everyday terminology today (Meyer, et ing., 2008: 95). It is clear in my previously mentioned examples that Freud do influence succeeding theorists whose theories remain relevant in the field of psychology today. Certain ideas of Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory are still relevant in the 21st century just like dream analysis, free affiliation and protection mechanisms.

These psychotherapy tactics are being used and expanded after in modern-day clinical mindset. According to Hurd (n. d. ), Freud is considered the most popular dream theorist regarded today, wonderful ideas are even now drawing drinking water a century following he composed his magnum opus: The Interpretation of Dreams. Freud stated that dreams really are a result of the repressed desires and that they have an overabundance meaning to all of them than we all acknowledge. This individual believed that dreams had been the portal to our subconscious and that through analysing a person’s dreams a specialist could effectively treat the patient’s disease.

With Freudian thoughts on dreams in mind, a lot of current neuroscientists are unveiling the possibility that dreams play a role in childhood learning (Hurd, n. d. ). Furthermore, Freud’s relevance nowadays is that his concept of defence mechanisms remains seen in various other theories of psychology today. This is supported by Cramer (2000) which declares that developmental, personality and social individuals have all found evidence intended for defence components. Freud noticed defence systems as a technique with which a person may deal with their anxiety and unfulfilled desires.

Some of the most common defence mechanisms which have bundled themselves in to every day talk are terms such as regression, sublimation, refusal and projection. Through the age range we have assimilated more of Freudian idea than we thought, but it is usually impossible to prevent Freud’s disadvantages. The most questionable aspect of his theory will be based upon the fact that he positioned emphasise for the sex drive being the primary motivating source for human behaviour. Freud concentrated too entirely on sexuality and not enough on social and interpersonal conditions. Having been also rebuked for his view on female development with regard to the Electra complex inside the phallic stage.

Furthermore the Psychoanalytic Theory was criticised since it was seen as vaguely defined and lacked virtually any empirical exploration. In conclusion, despite his shortcomings Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory made an important contribution to the field of psychology through becoming a catalyst towards the thoughts of subsequent advocates. Freud’s most effective contribution to society is definitely his theory of the unconscious mind which is still being expanded on today. Furthermore his contribution to modern day medical psychology psychiatric therapy approaches can not be ignored. A testament to the validity of Freud’s theory is that it is even today getting debated years after his death and the debate can be not near being determined.

Therefore he could be relevant in the 21st century since his ideas have got percolated through generations and subsequent individuality theories.

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