Theories of counseling and psychotherapy Essay

1 . 1 Determining the Primary Constructs of Adlerian Therapy.

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What fundamental life jobs does Gina describe from this footage? Gina describes the life span tasks of occupation, love and cultural interests. Joy, eventually a committed romance and that her boys grow up to end up being happy and make smart choices. Gina is definitely demonstrating achievements of HIs intent is always to scaffold the sessions asking yourself to determine additional information and to showcase client self awareness. He can also planning to activating the goal setting nature she inside is predicting.

He is showing a lifestyle assessment as well as the ability for one to control in which they want or see themselves. The use of open ended queries allow Gina to sophisticated to gather additional information., competence and mastery. These are three of the lifestyle components Livets aften speaks about in his theory. Dr . Carlson suggests that Gina is almost selfish to a problem.

What part does selfishness enjoy in health and fitness and pathology, according to Adler? According to Livets aften, being selfish in regards to health and fitness and pathology, is all-natural. We are to become a contributing element of a larger sociable system.

Gina is establishing to basically meet her needs plus the needs the lady thinks will be qualities of a good parent. Her feeling that is her responsibility to make her kids and a home is on her and never letting her husband help is not really an excellent but a coping system she has designed to handle scenarios. 1 . several Assessment and Treatment in Adlerian Theory What components of the treatment process can you recognize in this video? I can recognize phase two, lifestyle evaluation as a child, knowledge of the person and the problem.

Family members constellation, labor and birth order and earliest remembrances priorities and ways of acting are symptoms of this period. 1 . some Adlerian Beneficial Techniques (Written case study) References Seligman, L., & Reichenberg, M. W. (2014). Theories of counseling and psychotherapy: Devices, strategies, and skills / Linda Seligman, late teacher emeritus, George Mason University, Lourie Watts.

Reichenberg, licensed professional counselor, Falls Chapel, Virginia.

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