History of the Event Industry Essay

Through the years the case industry provides gained a serious place in everyday life. From the first events of the 19th 100 years, such as the Great Exhibition, into a 2012 music festival. The wedding industry has created a huge help to our country’s overall economy. To the extent of which the “government is definitely supporting and promoting situations as part of their very own strategies for economic development” (Bowdin and Allen, 2006).

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There are many types of events. Currently, there is almost an event for anything you can possibly imagine. First, we will evaluate what exactly a meeting is and the different type of events, in that case we will be looking at the origins of years. Therefore , we will be able to estimate the future of incidents.

First, there are many definitions of event from different experts. Accepted Procedures Exchange Sector Glossary (2003) defines a celebration as “an organized occasion such as a conference, convention, event, special event, actuacion dinner, and so forth An event is normally composed of a number of different yet related functions”. Events enable visitors to meet up and exchange.

There is a large variety of occasions within several main types: leisure events, cultural situations, organizational occasions and personal occasions. Leisure situations are an important and growing part of the function industry. Indeed, sport situations can make a huge amount of money for a country because they don’t only appeal to the locals, they attract tourists. Therefore , advertisement comes in thanks to the multimedia coverage, producing extra money.

Sport events not simply bring benefits(to their number governments and sport organisations, but as well benefit members such as players, coaches and officials, and bring entertainment to vistors (Bowdin and Allen, 06\, p. 20). Cultural events can be etiqueta, sacred, historical past, artistic or musical (Shone and Parry, 2004). Occasions like these are quite linked with tourism, so that they generate income to get the event website hosts and for the city as the tourists will not usually just go to the event, they stay in hotels, go shopping, etc . The majority of towns happen to be known thanks to the festivals they will host, as an example, Reading is well know for the music festival given its name the town, the Reading Event.

Organisational occasions include revenue, conferences, charitable organizations, politic meetings, business meetings, and so forth If we take a look at conferences, Rogers defines conferences as “an out-of-office conference of by least 4 hours duration involving at least eight people” (Rogers, the year 2003 p. 19). For instance, the G20 conference reunites the leaders from the top 20 world economies to talk about the current situation and produce important decisions. These conferences have substantial importance so the planning with the event needs to be perfect. Finally, personal events are the previous type of function. It can include weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or perhaps funerals.

Personal events happen to be smaller than the other type of events. Marriages are very well-known in the event sector; people spend a lot of money on the weddings as a result expecting a great organisation. Personal events happen to be supposedly events where the sponsor has a personal link jointly guest and the event is usually put together for just one or two persons.

Having seen all of the different types of events, we could now examine the history from the event market. First of all, the wedding industry started out when events needed trained event managers. However , historically, the enterprise of tiny events would not require virtually any specific experience. For instance, a wedding would be managed by the bride’s mother. A lot of families still do it that way; however , many people prefer to pay a professional event manager to prevent having to the actual numerous jobs and to avoid the stress involved with organising this important celebration.

Therefore , celebration managers started to emerge. Moreover, when big events surfaced, an event manager was important. Such as, the truly great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in 1851 which was “conceived to symbolize this kind of industrial, military and monetary superiority of big Britain. ” (http://www.victorianstation.com/palace.html, 2001 [online]). It was an event known almost everywhere on the globe which hugely helped the British economy as it was a great way to promote all their industry. Relating to Dale (1995) the truly amazing Exhibition was a big achievement which managed over 6th million tourists.

The event produced a considerable income of more than £180 000 (Exhibition Panel, 1995). This was the initially big worldwide trade display and therefore various exhibition spots started appearing, for instance, the Royal Farming Hall in 1862 or Olympia a couple of years later (Bowdin and Allen, 2006, s. 6). So the 1850’s is definitely when the organisational events did start to emerge nevertheless the sport occasions started several years before that. Indeed, sport events, such as, the equestrian event referred to as the Ascot racing appeared in 1711 and the famous Oxford and Cambridge Boat Contest in 1829. The UK is well known for its sports and most of them are originally from the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Sporting events had been very popular during the time and still are, so they kept emerging throughout the years. For example , the FA Glass emerged in 1872 and Wimbledon came out in 1877 which is a huge success inside the tennis globe and it represented the larger class inside the British culture. These events attracted many visitors, therefore “providing major benefits for local economies” (English Tourism, 1999). Cultural incidents such as, music festivals started to come out in the event sector from the early on 1870’s together with the Workington Celebration. Later in this period, the past Night of the Proms made an appearance which is likely one of the biggest music events on the globe (Bowdin and Allen, 06\, p. 7).

The Last Nights the Proms was build to motivate people who would not normally deal with classical concert events but who does be captivated by the low ticket prices and a laid-back ambiance. Robert Newman, the founder of the event, (Nedal, 2010,[online]) announced his goals consequently: “I will run daily concerts and train the public by convenient stages. Well-liked at first, slowly but surely raising the normal until I possess created a open public for traditional and modern day music. ” After noticing the growth of events, Real wood (1982) came attention to the start of the event industry.

She accepted that organising popular activities required wealth for people to participate therefore bank holidays emerged, including, the Silver Jubilee as well as the Golden Jubilee. These financial institution holidays empowered the working category to be involved in the events as a result of their paid out days off. This is how the government begins paying more attention towards the event industry.

After the Second World War, events are recognised to be of high importance to the economy of the nation. Indeed, numerous festivals come about thanks to the standard increase of wealth as well as the free time availableness. Foreign cultural events elevated as well, for instance, the Western world Indian community founded the Notting Mountain Carnival in 1964 to signify and memorialize their ancestors’ freedom from slavery (Holder, 2001). Around the 1970’s, a large amount of popular music festivals appeared, for example , the Pilton Festival and the Region of Wight Festival. The Isle of Wight celebration was a big success on the popularity front but it had a few efficiency issues.

The entry fee became cost-free as they misplaced control of vestibule due to an overcrowded area. After that event, the Department of Wight festival stopped for a few years (Bowdin and Allen, 2006, p. 9). Moreover, from the 1970’s, the government and the local authorities loaned a range of recent multipurpose venues, including the Wembley Exhibition Centre.

From after that onwards, development of outdoor and indoor spots has not stopped increasing. With all the increase of events, event is changing into a professional sector. We have found how the celebration industry has developed, however , now we will look at the technical changes plus the transport advancements that have revolutionised events. Initial, the appearance of the tv screen had a big impact on situations.

It allowed people to observe any given function whilst soaking in a sofa; consequently , any event that was broadcasted on television had a considerably larger market. The Oregon Olympic Games was one of the first events to be broadcasted on television. It was a great accomplishment as the economic benefits were quite high (Bowdin and Allen, 2006, p. 10). We will analyse the relatively recent Olympic Games to demonstrate how the technological changes and the travel improvements built the events thus successful compared to the past Olympics. First, transport made the games more accessible.

The number of travel arrangements increased so the speed of travel was faster and even more regular. Additionally , huge box ships, extremely tankers, came out making it easier to get the hosting countries to import plenty of material goods for the establishment from the venues plus the sport features. So it manufactured the Olympics bigger in size which resulted in there was a bigger audience plus more sport athletes.

Furthermore, seen computers manufactured life much simpler for event managers because they could perform all their company plans on their particular PC and virtually design the whole function. When internet emerged that made interaction much easier and more efficient. Indeed, for someone to obtain an email it takes around 3 seconds the industry bonus for stressed function managers who need to have quick answers. Computing and function managing traveled to another level when Skype ip telefoni appeared. “The service permits users to communicate with colleagues by tone of voice using a microphone, video by using a webcam, and instant messaging on the internet. ” (Techspot, 2012 [online]). Skype permits organisers to obtain video conferences with each other where ever they might be.

For instance , if a appointment is taking place in London and one of the associates is in Japan they can still have a live conversation with him using the pc screen. This probably often happened along the way of organizing the London Olympics. An additional technologic advent is the touch screen phone. Indeed, this is a very the latest invention which can do a a large amount, on the move. The main advantage of smartphones is definitely the applications readily available.

Applications that can give you all of the latest reports about the Olympics live, or some can tell you the easiest method to get to the case. An application that is often used by smartphone owners is the QR barcode target audience which is a new advertisement for businesses. The idea is usually that the smartphone functions like a bar code reader due to camera therefore it can read any given QR code for the advert appearing on the smartphone’s screen.

For instance , when the Olympics had an advertisements for cheap entry pass to see the online games and it had a QR code, the smartphone owner could check the code which will send these to the website to find the cheap seats. All these applications made the Olympics a lot more accessible and just easier to gather information. Furthermore, for the opening service of the London, uk Olympics, the lighting technology was very impressive with all the current latest technology. The pixel animations were made to draw the group, in the area and viewing it for the television.

That consisted making animations together with the lights that where positioned on the edge of every spectator in the stadium. “A total of 27 cartoon sequences, long-term 75 minutes, were designed for the shutting ceremony, applying 634, 500 individual LED pixels that together made what is thought to be the largest online video screen” (Bond A., 2012 [online]). This all new technology used for the Olympics is one of the main reasons why it was popular. And it will, almost certainly, be used in future events.

Adding the Olympics aside, a technological characteristic that has been recently used in a music festivity is the hologram. “A hologram is a technique which enables three-dimensional images to be made” (Concert Growth, 2011, [online]). In a live show in the United States a well known rapper whom died in 1996, Tupac, appeared onstage in 3 DIMENSIONAL. “A life-size hologram of Tupac whom stunned the crowd of 75, 500 fans when he appeared onstage” (Fitzmaurice and Mcconnell, 2012, [online]). It shows as to what extent technology can go in the event world. Having seen how the celebration industry has changed, it raises problem of where the wedding industry is certainly going. For many years, technology has not ended emerging in events.

Therefore , event managers have to adapt to the constant modify of technology. Ecology is yet another factor that event managers have to be aware about. Indeed, the surroundings has become a big problem. Events, such as festival, are generally not usually green. Therefore , event managers must research other ways of steering clear of damaging the environment which will alter events.

Because of the environmental improvements, the price of transportation will get larger because of the gasoline shortage. Occasions will, consequently , be more expensive. Furthermore, health and protection regulations will likely get tighter so occasions might shed a bit of all their creative independence. The event sector will have to adapt to the future within society to hold the world interested in occasions.

Creativity with the use of technology, including the use of the hologram, helps keep the audience interested. Therefore the future of good big events will be right down to creativity, the utilization of technology and the environmental effects of the function. However , whether or not big incidents will regularly evolve, will not mean that traditional events, such as weddings, changes. Indeed, there may be only minimal technology a wedding needs to be successful. Consequently , unless the whole concept of being married changes, wedding ceremonies will, pretty much, stay the same.

It can be the same to get birthday get-togethers and wedding anniversaries. Throughout this kind of paper, we certainly have discovered that events have a considerable role in todays’ culture and that incidents have progressed a huge amount through the years. Searching at the improvements of occasions throughout the years, it should be feasible to have an idea of the future of occasions.

However , nearly anything can happen and that we do not know what new technology will see the light that will replace the whole event industry. But the common idea seems to be the technology and the environment will be the two primary factors that will change the big events, just like sport incidents, but the traditional events will not change. References Bond A. (2010) The very best disco that is known!

Pixel animation turn Olympic Stadium in psychedelic lumination show. In MailOnline.[online] obtainable from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2187468/The-greatest-disco-Earth-Pixe

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