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I had fashioned to listen to my own heart – and to hope hard – to make the proper decisions pertaining to myself, to find out that I may still be a dutiful child without driving myself to be a round peg in a square hole, to follow along with a career path that was not the right one personally.

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Every person should have a ethical compass, a true north stronger than the draws of close friends, society, and confusing noises that try to set us in the incorrect direction. Interpersonal pressure can be overwhelming as a result of desire to you should others, and even when a person is living amongst friends and family, the inner path to personal real truth can be a lonesome one. When ‘everyone else is doing it’ – consuming, smoking, or perhaps simply operating in an inconsiderate fashion, it is usually difficult to stand aside and become the one does anyone say ‘no – this is incorrect. ‘ The way to one’s true self is often not really the path to easy cultural popularity, but my authentic friends have always respected my own convictions and my values.

The frightening thing about an internal journey is that the final destination is usually not clear. There is absolutely no endpoint on the map, simply no guarantee that life decisions will work out well and every good life will have a happy finishing. Every angle and turn your life brings can be described as continual shock, and the just guiding continuous is each of our moral celebrity, high over our mind as we thrash through the forest of decision-making.

Life needs people to always be active and present-minded, and also to surrender to God. It really is God by itself who is aware the purpose of my life, as it was He who created me. Complete faith in God and surrender to His will, and placing high meaning standards to get myself so I can meet no matter what challenges your life brings to me personally, is essential. Dread is all-natural, but everybody must deal with their anxieties and arrive to emotionally trust in the goodness with the divine. Just like Abraham, like Isaac, I can only ribbon and bow my head’s to God’s will if he commands.

I see college as an excursion, as a journey to gain knowledge and to turn into my the case self. I understand that LMU is the proper place to start my personal adventure. It can test me personally intellectually, however also provide me with support and meaningful guidance through my tenure as a scholar. LMU can support me on my path of self-discovery, and provide myself with gentle nudges to keep me in that path to truth. It helps me study from my faults as well as bolster my talents. Graduation is definitely not my final destination is obviously, but LMU is an important place for me to look for shelter, durability, and assistance with the path to becoming who have I want to become.

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