Idiographic versus nomothetic approaches to psychology Essay

The approach of investigating large groups of people in order to find standard laws of behaviour that apply to everybody Nomos= regulations in ancient Greek; this approach presumes that an individual is a complex combination of a large number of universal laws and regulations; it is best to examine people over a large scale. Quantitative Experimental methods are best to identify the widespread laws regulating behaviour. The person will be grouped with other folks and tested as a credit score upon a dimension, or perhaps be a statistic supporting a general principle (averaging’). The nomothetic approach is an essential approach inside scientifically oriented psychology.

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Behaviourism: experiments with family pets (rats, cats and kittens and pigeons) _establish laws of learning (B. Farrenheit. Skinner at the. g. ). Cultural psychology: Milgram e. g. used the nomothetic way and made standard conclusions based on his research.

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