Food Inc Essay

How may be the text you have studied in the lecture constructed to portray specific ideas? Documentaries are usually constructed to show one point of view, whether it is a poor or great point of view.

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Meals Inc aimed by Robert Kenner, shows a many ideas about how precisely the take out industry is affecting the ways by which Americans take in. They do this simply by showing one perspective instead of both. Meals Inc doesn’t explore into detail the positive aspects of junk food; they are only focusing on the negative. They will construct the documentary using techniques including expert opinions, Interviews and statistics to provide certain ideas throughout the documented.

The main thought explored throughout the documentary was the animal cruelty caused by humans due to changing the development of family pets. They ways that they present this ideas is mainly through footage with the animals enduring and the juxtaposition of the family pets before we were holding modified and exactly how the pets are now. The footage of the crowded cows helpless and unable to push creates a establishing which shows a negative feel and creatively making us experience sympathetic towards animals.

The shots from the chickens not being able to walk due to the genetic modifications in the animal, makes the idea of humans purposely invoking animal rudeness. They are changing the ways through which an animal develops for their individual needs and generally to make additional money. This is clearly shown through the juxtaposition in the old chicken breast and the new chicken.

This kind of Juxtaposition makes us problem how it is also possible to develop a poultry in half the time yet be double the size? It therefore makes the documentary more engaging even as are starting to question the farmers ourselves and therefore are dragged into thinking what the documentary is trying to portray. One more idea looked into in the documented Food Incorporation is the continuous conflict from the prices of healthy foods when compared to prices in fast food restaurants. The ways by which Robert Connaisseur has created the documentary to understand the fast food outlets becoming cheaper is definitely through an interview with the Gonzalez family.

They are an average sized American family who eat take out due to their economic status. Connaisseur used the juxtaposition with the price of a meal in McDonalds to purchasing a meal in the supermarkets. By McDonalds the Gonzalez family members can buy a burger and drink every for 11$, they then teach you the Gonzalez family within a grocery store battling to buy a lettuce for less than 2$ which usually worked out as the cost of their particular whole meals at McDonalds. This makes believe that what Kenner is trying to portray and are drawn in believing that fast food is actually cheaper compared to the groceries.

On the other hand we are not given any cheap healthy and balanced displays inside the supermarket, instead given with cheap unhealthy items including 99 nickle cokes. Connaisseur has purposely portrayed the unhealthy products in a negative way to develop an opinion that we are becoming forced directly into fast food rather than having the choice of fast food.

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