If the australian banner be altered essay

The Australian flag was chosen in 1901, when a competition was held to develop our country’s flag. The rules of this competition included the Union Plug and The southern part of Cross should appear on the flag. Yet , I believe that in the year 2001, the Aussie flag should be changed. Throughout this article, I will present that the Aussie flag will not represent most Australians, particularly, Aboriginal Australians and that the emblems on the flag are no longer relevant and are not unique to Down under.

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I will as well show the fact that present flag is not really instantly renowned and is also similar to flags of different countries.

The latest Australian flag does not represent all Australians, in particular, Aborigines. As a nation, Australia is usually heading toward Aboriginal getting back together and by changing our flag to include Original elements, we would take getting back together a major step further. By acknowledging openly that Aborigines are a a part of our country, not only happen to be we which makes it clear to Aborigines that we want to reconcile, but we are also sending out a message to other countries that we happen to be proud to become a multi-cultural region.

The current banner suggests that as being a country, all of us value Great Britain more highly than our native people.

Yet when the AGB conducted a nation-wide survey this discovered that 66% of those polled supported components of the Primitive flag showing up on a fresh Australian flag. This is an additional example of the current banner not symbolizing Australians. The Union Plug featured around the Australian banner may once have been relevant, but today contains no special significance pertaining to Australia. The Union Plug, a visible aspect of each of our flag, symbolises the centralizing of Great britain, Scotland and Ireland, to create Great Britain. It was an historical event although even so this is not important to Sydney.

Some people consider the Union Jack is essential for the flag to symbolise our ties with Britain. On the other hand these people typically over appearance the fact that Australia, which can be often referred to as the? Land of Migrants, ‘ is made up of a population of which almost forty percent of the individuals are not given birth to here. Most of our human population has migrated form other parts of The european union, Asia, South usa and The african continent. Therefore the ties with Britain are much less important and meaningful. If we remove the Union Jack from our flag, this does not mean that Great Britain will not help us if we find ourself in need of their very own aid.

Canada changed its flag with no changing its relationship with Great Britain. A country’s banner needs to be easily recognisable, which is another necessity our current flag fails to meet. A flag is used so persons can instantly recognise the region it presents. Yet, if the Australian flag is flown, foreigners will not easily associate it with Australia and are also often confused. This is because each of our flag is too similar to Fresh Zealand’s banner, as it also features the Southern Combination and the Union Jack. The sole difference between your Australian banner and the New Zealand flag is Australia’s federation celebrity.

This is just like the issue of Australia’s countrywide anthem. Our former national anthem was God Conserve the California king. A countrywide anthem must also be immediately recognisable also because this anthem was also used by the UK the in order to another anthem was made. This is mainly because it absolutely was too puzzling at intercontinental events, including the Olympics. Our present banner also features symbols that are not unique to Australia , nor set all of us apart from additional countries. The Southern Mix, for example , is associated with various other countries in the southern hemisphere, not just Quotes.

The The southern part of Cross looks on the national flags of Papua New Guinea, Western Samoa, Solomon Islands, Fresh Zealand and Brazil. The Australian flag should consist of truly Australian elements, to create a unique and original flag. Canada, an ex British colony did not actually have a definite flag which set all of them apart kind other countries, as their banner was extracted form Great Britain’s flag. To set themselves apart kind Great Britain they adopted a flag with a unique Canadian symbol, the maple leaf. The Aussie flag is definitely well overdue for a change.

The latest flag is usually outdated plus the Southern Mix and the Union Jack are no longer relevant or unique to Australia. The modern day Australian banner also fails to be quickly recognisable, complicated foreigners, as it is too just like many other countries. Yet, personally, the most important purpose the banner needs changing is to signify Aboriginal Sydney and to motivate Aboriginal Getting back together, by making a flag that incorporates Original elements and our local history. As a result we would be representing most Australians. Plainly, the Australian flag must be changed.


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