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Imogene Nobleman Theory of Goal Attainement This page was last current on 22/07/2010 Introduction •Imogene King came to be in 1923. •Completed her Bachelor in science of nursing coming from St . John University in 1948 •Completed her Expert of research in medical from St . Louis School in 1957 •Completed her Doctorate coming from Teacher’s college or university, Columbia College or university King’s Conceptual Framework It provides: •Several fundamental assumptions •Three interacting systems •Several concepts relevant for every single system Simple assumptions Medical focus may be the care of man •Nursing aim is the healthcare of individuals organizations •Human beings: are open up systems communicating constantly with the environment •Interacting systems: opersonal system oInterpersonal system oSocial system •Concepts are given for each and every system Ideas for Personal System •Perception •Self •Growth development •Body image •Space •Time Concepts pertaining to Interpersonal Program •Interaction •Communication •Transaction •Role •Stress Concepts for Social System •Organization •Authority •Power Status •Decision making Major Theses of King’s conceptual framework •”Each human being interprets the world like a total person in making deals with people and points in environment” •”Transaction represents a lifestyle situation by which perceiver issue perceived are encountered in addition to which person enters the specific situation as the participant and is altered in the process of the experiences” King’s Theory of Goal Attainment •Theory of goal achievement was first released by Imogene King inside the early 1950’s. Theory details a powerful, interpersonal romance in which a person grows and develops to achieve certain life goals. •Factors which affects the attainment of target are: tasks, stress, space time S�lections of King’s Theory Through the theory of goal achievement king created predictive s�lections, which includes: •If perceptual conversation accuracy is present in nurse-client interactions, deal will occur •If registered nurse and client make transaction, goal will probably be attained •If goal will be attained, satisfaction will occur Proposition cont… •If ventures are made in nurse-client communications, growth advancement will be enhanced •If part expectations and role efficiency as recognized by nurse client will be congruent, purchase will arise •If position conflict is experienced by health professional or consumer or both, stress in nurse-client connection will arise •If health professional with particular knowledge skill communicate ideal information to client, shared goal setting and goal achievement will happen. Major concepts of king’s theory. Person /person: is social getting who will be rational and sentient. Person has capacity to: •perceive •think •feel •choose •set desired goals •select means to achieve goals and •to make decision According to King, man has 3 fundamental requires: •(a) The advantages of the health info that is incapable at the time launched needed and can be used •(b) The need for care that seek to prevent illness, and •(c) The need for care when human beings are not able to help themselves. 2 . Wellness

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According to King, health involves powerful life activities of a man, which indicates continuous adjusting to causes in the internal and external environment through optimum make use of one’s assets to achieve maximum potential for daily living. 3. Environment Environment is definitely the background intended for human relationships. It requires: •(a) Inner environment: converts energy to allow person to adjust to continuous external environmental alterations. •(b) External environment: consists of formal and informal businesses.

Nurse is known as a part of the person’s environment. 5. Nursing Breastfeeding: is defined as “A process of action, reaction and interaction in which nurse and client discuss information about their particular perception in nursing condition. ” and ” a process of man interactions among nurse and client where each interprets the various other and the condition, and through communication, they set goals, explore means, and agree on ways to achieve desired goals. ” • Action: is identified as a sequence of behaviors concerning mental and physical action. Reaction: not really specified, but might be considered as included in the collection of manners described in action. In addition , full discussed: (a) goal (b) domain and (c) functions of professional nurse •Goal of health professional: “To help individuals to maintain their wellness so they can function in their functions. ” •Domain of registered nurse: “includes promoting, maintaining, and restoring overall health, and taking care of the unwell, injured and dying. •Function of specialist nurse: “To interpret info in breastfeeding process to plan, put into practice and examine nursing proper care.

King explained in her theory, “A professional doctor, with particular knowledge and skills, and a client looking for nursing, with knowledge of self and understanding of personal challenges, meet while strangers in natural environment. They interact mutually, identify concerns, establish and achieve goals. Theory of Goal Attainment and Nursing Process Presumptions •Basic supposition of aim attainment theory is that nurse and customer communicate information, set goal mutually and then act to attain those goals, is also the fundamental assumption of nursing method Assessment •King indicates that assessment happen during interaction.

The registered nurse brings special knowledge and skills although client brings knowledge of personal and understanding of problems of concern, to the interaction. •During assessment nurse collects info regarding customer (his/her development development, perception of home and current health status, roles and so forth ) •Perception is the foundation for collection and interpretation of data. •Communication is required to check accuracy of perception, intended for interaction and transaction. Nursing diagnosis •The data collected by evaluation are used to produce nursing diagnosis in nursing jobs process. Acc. o king in technique of attaining goaI the nurse identifies the problems, concerns and disturbances about which person seek support. Planning •After diagnosis, planning interventions to fix those problems is done. •In goal attainment organizing is displayed by environment goals and making decisions about and being decided on the ways to achieve desired goals. •This part of transaction and client’s involvement is encouraged in making decision around the means to achieve the goals. Implementations •In nursing process implementation involves the actual actions to achieve the desired goals. In target attainment it is the continuation of transaction. Evaluation •It consists of to finding out weather desired goals are achieved or not really. •In king description analysis speaks about attainment of goal and effectiveness of nursing care. Nursing Method and Theory of Goal Attainment Nursing jobs process method Nursing procedure theory A process of oriented actionsA approach to oriented principles AssessmentPerception, interaction and conversation of health professional and consumer PlanningDecision making about the goals Be agree on the means to obtain the goals ImplementationTransaction produced EvaluationGoal achieved References

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