Information systems outsourcing edge and risks

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Information Systems Outsourcing Benefits and Hazards

There appears to be some confusion and trepidation about the utilization of outsourcing for Information Systems in the current organizations. While many advocate for the use of IS outsourcing still others state claims that it is no effective or efficient organizational practice.

The objective of the research contained in this research is to identify the performance and effectiveness of information systems outsourcing practices.

The significance from the research in this study is the knowledge that will be added to the current knowledge foundation on info systems outsourcing practices inside the organization.

The task of Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis (2009) reports the fact that status of Information Systems (IS) or Information Technology (IT) as being a “growing, progressively global sensation in the fresh millennium” is definitely confirmed by simply “a wide range of facts and figures. ” (p. 181) There are stated to be different reasons to support outsourcing of IS and IT systems including the focus on strategic concerns. Stated is that market causes “are in some manner driving organizations to outsource everything however the core business. And freelancing makes it easier for these firms to focus on their standard competencies. ” (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, g. 181)

Outsourced workers Liberates Lines Managers

Outsourcing is reported to liberate line managers in that they cannot have to synchronize with a huge IS section resulting in simplification of the organization. Outsourcing with the organization’s most routine IS activities enables the computer experts to devote their time to key IS actions. This enables clients to concentrate on their business as well as the outsourcing firm to take in the responsibility in updating software and hardware and in conference the business requirements that the outsourced workers contract identifies. As well, this allows for an increase in flexibility as the changes experienced in technology recently delivers many agencies the chance to “obtain a considerable enjoy the outsourcing, as they prevent turning out to be technologically out of date without having to make large purchases of technology. ” (p. 181)

Outsourcing Improves Business Organization Flexibility

Versatility of the business organization can be increased through use of a “continuous renovate of their agreements that will allow them to meet their very own information demands at any given time. inches (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, l. 181) Additionally , outsourcing makes provision of a giant degree of flexibility in the using IT solutions and as well make it better to cope with organization level volatility, as the provider is usually left to manage fluctuations in IT workloads. ” (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, p. 181-182) Outsourcing can be utilised as a technique for achievement of flexibility through the restructure of any reorganization effort. (Yang, Betty, Nam, and Yin, 2009, cited in: Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, g. 182)

Freelancing Used to React to Needs of Clients and it is Users

In addition , outsourcing can be utilized in response towards the needs of clients and is also users, which are constantly changing. The quality shipped by CAN BE services could be improved by simply outsourcing and the reasons mentioned to support this are as follows:

(1) The provider can easily access more advanced technologies and count on more motivated personnel and better management systems in order to be capable to achieve a better service skill or control, or, simply, is more strongly committed than the internal personnel to make the alliance with the consumer work effectively; and (2) Firms delegate so that they can include at their disposal top quality IT providers and understanding. (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, l. 182)

Outsourcing Rids IT Management of Routine Responsibilities

One of the primary benefits associated with outsourcing is definitely ridding the IT supervision of program tasks, which will consume a great deal of time in the IT managing process. (Grover, Cheong and Teng, 1996; Hayes, Hunton, and Reck, 2000) Outsourcing is additionally credited with facilitating technological gain access to as it delivers “client firm advantages related to technology as they business organizations can easily have access to particular, state-of-the-art technology which is allegedly supplied to them by the provider. On the other hand, the effective use of outsourced workers will most probably reduce the ought to make investments in mature technology, simultaneously increasing the availability of resources associated with new technologies for the client. ” (Clark, Zmud, and McCray, 95 cited in: Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, s. 184)

Outsourcing techniques as a Means of Testing New Technology Without the Risks

Organizations which have been reluctant in nature and who generally adopt all the wait and see position when it comes to new-technology are reported as being very likely to outsource “as a way to decrease the risks sustained if the technology used can be not the best. In this respect, freelancing is likely to arise as a way to experiment with new systems. ” (Baldwing, Irani and Love, 2001 cited in Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, l. 184) Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis (2009) site the reduction of the risk of obsolescence as being a essential reason to outsource and state:

“It is exactly the fast pace of change in the field of technology that places companies in front of a dilemma: both making opportunities on fresh technologies often or working together with very adult technology. This challenge can similarly be minimized with technological outsourcing, since the technology reached by the consumer is owned or operated by the company, which means that this risk can be assumed by the latter and never by the previous. Firms may increase their level of flexibility by using a process of constant redesign in the contracts that will help them to cover their very own information requirements. ” (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009)

Saving Staff Costs

Saving staff costs is mentioned as one of the major reasons for freelancing and is the reason why most often offered as well as outsourcing “paves the way to an even more specialized THAT management, while the company firm discovers itself in a better placement to select, coach and control its technical staff; in this way, clients can easily have at their disposal high-level professionnals without them needing to be long term members with their staff. inches (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009) The retention of any permanent staff that possesses high-level and up-to-date skills and schooling is a very costly pursuit. Freelancing rids the business of the need for these particular costs. It is reported that this reason, or regarding staff costs savings can be “one from the strongest factors that have led to many organizations adoption of worldwide or just offshore outsourcing.

Having Alternatives towards the IS Personnel Results in Benefits to the Corporation

When the organization uses freelancing it is not anymore completely and exclusively influenced by IS solutions that are interior to the firm. (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, paraphrased)

Technology Cost benefits

Savings in terms of technology costs is reported as one of the major reasons stated in all research reviewed by simply Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis (2009) to get outsourcing. Keeping Technology Costs. It is reported that companies “are confronted with a wider variety of problems and experiences associated with IS, which explains why a greater volume of knowledge and skills can be obtained that will help to fix these concerns. Likewise, providers dedicate all of their capacity to the provision of IS solutions, as a result of which will greater economies of level and scope can be obtained. inch (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009)

The assumption mentioned is that a percentage of these economies are realized by the client in terms of rates being lower while getting the same solutions through outsourcing techniques and through the IS inner department’s work. Equal freelancing enables the fixed costs for maintenance of the IS department in to variable costs based upon the needs of clients. If the contract is made properly this kind of results in costs that are predictable in characteristics. (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, paraphrased) In addition , contracting outsourcing CAN BE services and management can lead to more liquidity for the consumer firm once software licenses and staff are utilized in the company.

Firms decisions to adopt outsourcing to match the success of other businesses that are currently outsourcing should be based upon examination of the amount of pressure service providers attempt to exert, the Stock Exchange plus the attitude to outsourcing as well as the coverage in the press both popular and economic in nature both of which have dished up to make outsourced workers not only a truth but a common option too. (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, paraphrased)


Just like any transform comes the associated hazards which are varied in the area of outsourcing since the outsourced tasks will be in the character of responsibilities that are “complex, expensive, mainly inefficient or difficult” (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, p. 188) The first stated risk is that of ‘Provider Staff Qualification’ and stated is that when outsourcing “theoretically facilitates the use of the technical knowledge and expertise of IS professionals, it frequently happens that the outsourcing company is maintained the same staff as before because that staff have been transferred through the client firm to the service agency. ” (Gonzalez, Gasco and Llopis, 2009, p. 188) Also mentioned as a risk of the ‘Lack of Conformity with the Deal by the Provider’ and it is reported that this difficulty “inherent

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