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There are several watchdog organizations in every over the world who always keep an eye on the worldly affairs in a particular area, by which their clubs works upon every single aspect of that particular area, like if will certainly talk about the journalism or news media then there are several foreign watchdog corporation who functions in every region and their priority only is definitely the journalism and work or problems relevant to the writing and because these kinds of organizations have that foreign credibility and authenticity that sometimes even the federal government also have to solution these businesses if anything went incorrect in individuals particular areas and authorities also use their very own reports, information and statistics when they need to make some laws or have to do some form of research or perhaps survey issue and the governmental bodies likewise help out these types of organizations if they have to do a lot of work.

So , to get journalism the organizations like Reporters with no Borders, Committee to protect Press (CPJ) and United Region Education, Clinical and Social Organization (UNESCO) do their particular work in this field and in addition they reveals several unheard details and statistics about the journalism, and also do many researches so , that those who are working through this field could make more advantages from those studies. These businesses have their personal different or perhaps unique sort of research design which they adhere to and make their studies on that. Every firm watches a rustic or their own theme by which they have to the actual work via a different point of view and give search positions and counts the fatalities with that point of view.

Un Education, Medical and Ethnical Organization (UNESCO) reveals in its report ‘World trends in Freedom of Expression and Media development global reviews 2017/18, that from 2012-16 530 journalists were killed in all over the world and in which usually 18 press are by India. Someone said in their survey that there is an expansion in no . of death from the previous five years (2007-11) where that they counted the no . fatalities was only 316 now this no . is more than 67. 72% in these five years. UNESCO also finds out that these press were via different-different media platforms plus they observed that out 530 dead press 166 had been the Television press, 142 worked in Magazines and Mags, those who labored on online systems and on Radio were 75 and 118 respectively and 29 journalists were from all other platforms.

Committee to guard Journalists is also an international not for profit business and relating to this business from 1992-2017 total 28 journalists had been killed in India due to their work.

In India we contact the mass media and press the fourth quitar of our democracy, on which each of our democracy can be standing but with constant attacks on the media and the reports makers the watchdog organization Reporters devoid of Borders says that the India is the third unsafe nation for the journalists and the news makers after the Syria and Iraq, because within India also the press are staying killed for their profession.

This business also conducts ranking system in which they give rankings into a particular nation on the basis of freedom of press in that nation and out 180 countries in the world India is for the 138th number on the index of liberty of press, whereas the neighboring countries of India like Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Pakistan are on 94, 106, 117, 120, 137 and 150 respectively.

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