‘The Gift of the Magi’ by O. Henry Essay

The theme to get ‘The Gift idea of the Magi’ is that like is more crucial than any material item.

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Della and Jim, both main character types, demonstrated the theme. This theme also occurs in the ‘real globe. ‘ The theme from this short account has a deep meaning. A great way to interpret the theme is the fact love lasts a lifetime, and material gifts will not.

An additional interpretation is that people will always remember just how much they take pleasure in someone or perhaps how much someone loves them, but they will not necessarily keep in mind a certain material gift. Also, many persons can give even more love than money can buy in fact it is often valued more. This kind of theme is definitely demonstrated from this story in several ways. ‘Don’t make any mistake Dell; he stated about me. I don’t think there exists anything when it comes to a hair cut or get rid of or a hair shampoo that could make me like my own girl virtually any less. ‘ (O.

Henry p177. ) Also, this kind of theme is usually demonstrated at the end of the account. Della was upset that she would not have a gift for John, so the girl sold what she cherished most showing her love for him. She marketed her curly hair to buy a chain for Jim’s watch, but it was satrical that John had distributed his watch to buy spines for Della’s hair. They each wanted to give a present related to each other’s many prized possession and they both equally were happy to sacrifice all their most cherished possession. Nor gift was useful at the time but it was a sign of their love.

This kind of theme not only relates to this short account but it relates to life. For example , Mother Theresa gave her love pertaining to the world, nevertheless she has not been rich. The lady had even more to give in the form of love.

An additional example was a family who adopted many children, in spite of their frustrations, and adored them, which was something that funds cannot get. Finally, there are plenty of people who volunteer their as well as show their very own love will be worth more than materials things. To summarize, the definition of wealth means more than money; it also contains love and happiness. The theme, take pleasure in is for crucial than virtually any material present, is demonstrated through ‘The Gift from the Magi’ and everyday life.

This is certainly one good reason that so many people are wealthy yet do not have money. It also implies that may people have money tend to be not rich.

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