Jacksonian democrats dbq essay

In the 1820’s and 1830’s, the Jacksonian Democrats, with Andrew Jackson as their innovator, viewed themselves as the guardians of the Constitution, politics democracy, person liberty, and equality of economic prospect. However , this view did not truly represent the actions taken by Chief executive Andrew Knutson and his followers, it was just a façade put up to mask their sectionalist tips.

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One of the disparities in the views and actions of the Jacksonian Democrats included social equal rights. Jackson consistently held sectionalist views and did items that were better for the average, poor community than intended for the country all together.

One such sort of this is proven in Paperwork B and C relating to the National Bank. In his Countrywide Bank vorbehalt message in Document M, Jackson says, “It shall be regretted which the rich and powerful many times bend the acts of government to their self-centered purposes.  Jackson singles out the wealthier class and accuses them of being selfish. Because this ridiculous comment does not have intelligent purpose other than to produce an enormous, country wide class collide, it must be viewed as evidence that Jackson was a sectionalist.

Daniel Webster taken care of immediately this concept in File C by simply stating, “It manifestly attempts to inflame the poor against the rich ¦ for the purpose of turning against these people [the other class] the prejudices as well as the resentments of the other classes.  Daniel Webster is saying what was previously mentioned. It absolutely was as though Knutson was looking to anger poor people to turn up against the rich. Jackson’s actions show that his primary target was not to aid the country, but to address his own personal issues. This totally contrasts the Jacksonian Democrats view of themselves. The Jacksonians thought that they were behaving in the best interest of the country, wherever they were truly thinking about their own needs.

The Constitutional legal rights of the everyone was also violated during the Knutson presidency. In Document Farreneheit, we see that South Carolina got resolved that fellow says would make it a crime to print, publish, or deliver anything that was anti-slavery. They were doing this since slavery was their financial backbone, minus it, their very own economy could plummet. Sc was seeking that a sectionalist opinion end up being enforced over a constitutional proper. If Jackson was really what he believed to be, he wouldhave refused this request. However , he willingly violated the Metabolism and mistreated his Presidential power when he told Postmaster General Amos Kendall to censor each of the mail.

Following, in Document G, we come across a piece of art that reveals what happened towards the Native Americans during the Trail of Tears. Earlier in Jackson’s life, having been a General to get the American army. His most notable advertisments were the wars with the Seminole Indians. Jackson a new strong hate towards the Seminoles when he was a General that carried to his obama administration. His decisions and treaties to power the Native Americans out of their land present that this individual only had his plan in mind and was a the case sectionalist. These types of actions violated one of the fundamental Constitutional privileges that our nation was founded on, freedom.

The Jacksonian Democrats view of themselves has not been entirely exact because of the category issues and disregard with the Constitution during Jackson’s obama administration. Jackson pressured the Natives out of their land, regularly created class clashes, and held sectionalist views. The guidelines behind these kinds of actions were the antitheses of those that this country started on. Not only does this shows the hypocrisy from the Jacksonian Democrats, but it proves that they would not accurately perspective themselves.


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