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I have always thought of me personally as fairly outgoing, and being defined as an introvert seemed odd to me. Once i though about it, though, I realized that test was (of course) pretty accurate through this assessment; I actually even were recalled a few individual items around the test that proved this time – my need to “reenergize” with some alone-time after hanging out with friends intended for awhile, or my choice for quite time at home as opposed to parties on many occasions (HumanMetrics 2011). I was not at all astonished to learn i was a thinker, on the other hand, and remain somewhat uncertain for the descriptions to be intuitive and judging.

When I read the articles that identify the INTJ type, my own assessment of the test, its veracity, and its performance and relevance to warring changed considerably. Often , persona descriptions (especially those based upon pseudo-spiritual things like astrology and numerology) are incredibly vague that almost anyone are able to see themselves referred to in these people, but the information I browse of INTJs were extremely specific and directly spot-on. At several points within my reading, I discovered myself basically laughing on the number of things the description said about me that we had explained almost word-for-word to others – my desire for efficiency in everything I really do and face, my intense respect for knowledge and competence, and even my mental reserve and strong wish for people to make sense. More often than not I get disappointed when I venture out in any semi-crowded area at exactly how silly persons behave the moment more rational behavior seems so obvious and so easy, and this desire and requirement for people to behave detailed is identified as one of the hallmarks of my own personality type (HumanMetrics 2011). I certainly gained a brand new respect with this tool once i had seen it for (and a mind that is certainly always looking for new data is another INTJ feature! ).

All in all, We would have to say this test can be astounding in its ability to determine the basic character of an individual. The work that has to have gone into developing quality and analyzing/describing the various individuality types is enormous, I’m certain, and this shows inside the simplicity and effectiveness of the finished item. Highly useful, and thus extremely enjoyable.


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