My personal view on religion

Biblical Worldview

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Hi there! My name is Sherry Lin. I am a sophomore specialising in studio. I had in the past little spiritual exposure, We grew up with out a religion, would not practice any kind of religious practices such as going to church, and was hardly ever directed simply by my parents upon what or who to believe in. Mother and father are not spiritual themselves so that it was rarely talked about during my household. It had been not until high school once i was introduced to various types of religion out there including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism.

Today, I i am an atheist. I do certainly not believe in the existence of a higher electricity and I choose science and nature since the answer. For instance , I believe the universe began with the justification of the Big Bang Theory and that you cannot find any afterlife”we basically cease to exist. My spouse and i am acquiring this course to essentially broaden my personal world know-how and not be ignorant of spiritual practices. Religious beliefs is a significant part of individual society. This dominates aspects worth considering of tradition and constitutes for many householder’s way of thinking and decisions anytime. Therefore , I do believe it would be beneficial to study this kind of aspect of life. The only faith I are familiar with is Christianity since it is the most prominent religion about my environment.

Due to my nominal knowledge of religions in general, I actually am considering learning even more about the main religions which can be widely practiced around the world today. Prior to the reading, I thought that human beings in every cultures and traditions have experienced religious values because we naturally strive to find an response and answer for every thing. God tends to act as a remedy for many. All of us seek comfort, look for requests, and thank an individual of higher electric power. Religion also aids in uniting people with comparable beliefs, offering a common and shared suitable among humans that allow us to bond jointly.

Additionally , religion is a type of desire. When not more than that is in their control or power, they pray to a god or gods pertaining to help. I still feel that what I thought is true after the reading, but my thoughts are now even more enhanced. In accordance to Prothero, religion takes on the part as a power for the way in which people decide to act. Religion initiates visitors to act morally just and address and to likewise initiate wicked intentions and motives, it is an explanation intended for our behavior. Religion provides a set of probe and beliefs to stick to to make one particular feel like they are really doing good for the world. In doing so , this allows those to have an objective in life. Within a chaotic and imperfect globe, religious goals act as an answer to a issue. As an example, Prothero refers to Buddhism where the problem is suffering and nirvana is definitely the solution. This provides balance within our lives.

I think it is important to note the way someone practices religion is based on their personal point of view. Some might take the traditions to the intense whereas other folks may entirely practice certain aspects of the religion.

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