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One other writer records, “The general who took the bet to get into Normandy beneath adverse climate was less likely to be a passive observer of his own presidency” (Windsor 145). Eisenhower also encouraged the American people to trust him, in the end, his significant campaign motto was “I Like Ike, ” which usually shows that this individual inspired assurance and rely upon the American people, and so they believe in him enough to vote for him and led him business lead them. All these traits are traits of your good head and Flames Starter, a man who inspires confidence and trust, and truly cares about those about him and the opinions.

Both equally Eisenhower and Studer appreciate how important management can be. Studer developed his theories after having a long career in business and medicine, where he saw what worked and what would not work for market leaders. He developed his theories with life experience and understanding, just as Eisenhower did, after which implemented all of them by creating his very own company, where he could business lead others to excellence, an additional of his nine concepts. Studer says of becoming a fireplace Starter, “Everyone in your business gets drawn in. And in the final, you create a culture of excellence for anyone, which in turn makes better services for your consumers and clients” (Studer). Studer wants to include everyone in his theories, so they can in turn pass them on to others and be better leaders themselves. He has a obvious view of his leadership abilities great ability to pass these abilities on, too. That is as well the indicate of a authentic leader – he is not really afraid of competition or replication, he embraces both with no fear.

Eisenhower said of leadership, “All Leadership – political, financial, or moral-involves persuading other folks to do a thing now that will bring fruit down the road. Dwight Deb. Eisenhower 28 August 1958” (Medhurst 287). He too understood his leadership capacities and how he should utilize them as he led the nation. Maybe that is the biggest commonality among these two commanders. They equally fully understand their capabilities as well as how to use them the majority of effectively. Ove won the presidency, and Studer “won” his personal successful firm, both great pay-offs for knowledge and understanding. They are both strong and confident men, you never get where they have become without these traits. They also both have a strong need to lead other folks, and share their very own knowledge. All good leaders lead by inspiration and persuasion, which is simple when you gain the trust of others. The two men have the cabability to gain this trust, which makes them good and memorable leaders. Primarily, they appear to truly worry about others and the outcome with their actions, which too, is a mark of excellence in leadership.


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