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Pangloss’s philosophy of life is that most is for the best in the “best of all likely worlds. ” This positive philosophy happens to be the key component of Voltaire’s satire. Pangloss’s idea is against the ideas with the Enlightenment period. Pangloss thinks that a highly effective God had created the world and that, consequently , the world should be perfect. Once creatures of the world, see some thing as wrong or wicked, it is because they do not understand the best good that could come out of it.

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Voltaire satirically shows the reader that Pangloss is usually not a believable character. Voltaire illustrates this by demonstrating us that he retains his optimistic thought even when he is locked up. Pangloss ignores any evidence that contradicts his preliminary opinion. This individual also uses illogical disputes to support his beliefs. Pangloss’s philosophy tries to impose a passive attitude toward everything that is wrong in the world. In the event the world is the foremost one feasible, then you cannot find any reason to generate any hard work to change issues.

Martin is somewhat more believable than Pangloss, not really because he is far more sophisticated, yet because he can be smarter and more likely to pull conclusions which we can determine. Martin had been robbed by his partner and crushed by his son and deserted by simply his girl and also existed financial setbacks, and therefore she has a pessimist whereas Pangloss is an optimist. This individual uses his experiences to guage the world while Pangloss was merely utilizing a theory. Consequently, Martin much more insightful than Pangloss to foresee incidents that will happen.

Even though Martin’s philosophy is far more believable than Pangloss’s, he is still bad at predicting how many people will respond because his philosophy is coming from serious pessimism. Therefore it might not be wrong to say that Voltaire is trying to prove that we need adaptable thought within our lives based on real evidence. Both philosophers will eventually fail mainly because there’s no place for exclusions in their morals. Candide starts his voyage with the affect of Pangloss’s belief of “best of all possible worlds”.

Pangloss and Candide, suffer and witness a wide variety of horrors and tragedies together. Of these tragedies, Pangloss’s s beliefs proves to become useless and destructive at the end, because it prevents them via making reasonable judgments. Such as while Jacques was too much water, Pangloss won’t let Candide save him by saying the bay of Lisboa had been produced for this Gend?ber to drown in. As well when Candide was hidden under the rubble of the Lisbon earthquake, he asked for essential oil and wine beverage because he was dying, nevertheless Pangloss disregarded him and still tried to purpose with the reasons for the earthquake.

At the end Candide rejects his philosophy of optimism and since he and his servant Cacambo travel and go through even more horrors, Simple starts assuming a depressed view of life. The moment Candide fulfills Martin, they set sail with each other and Matn is just the reverse of Pangloss. He does not believe that everything is for the very best in this world. Even though Candide tries to oppose Martin by talking about free can but it does not solve the challenge of existence of nasty in the world.

In general, Martin’s disputes seem more modest than Pangloss’s ideas. But , like Pangloss, Martin is convinced so strongly in his own view on the planet that he can not versatile and usually dismisses real data that contradicts his beliefs. When Simple cannot get Cunegonde, Matn shows the bad influence of his negativity. Instead of attempting to comfort his friend, Matn uses Candide’s distress to further confirm his own world-view. Just like Pangloss’s optimism, Martin’s pessimism as well keeps him from choosing initiative to improve the world.


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