Market Segmentation for Lawn Mowers Essay

Introduction In this record, we can analyse the existing market of lawnmowers in Portugal. By recognising the forex market and its goods with specific characteristics, we will execute a customer segmentation, which will let us to divide the industry into small groups. Through the segmentation in the lawnmower industry, it will be possible to accomplish a greater closeness to the final customer; generate advertising press that target the identified sections; facilitate the positioning of the product; and obtain the return on investment by the organization. The improvements and technological diversity furnished by all the competitors operating in the sector indicates that this companies are very competitive nowadays.

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Hence, it is very important that a ideal shift can be implemented, which is more focused in meeting the needs with the customer. The notorious slipping sales inside the sector as 2008 were of the same importance, even though the explanation on this phenomenon is based on the nationwide and intercontinental economy situation. To analyze the existing market of lawnmowers in Portugal, we all started to make a small researching the market. To get a concrete shape, we went to one of the primary players available in the market Leroy Merlin, who have kindly provided us a few informations which will served because basis just for this assignment and which let us to have a better vision of what is going on in the grass care market.

GOALS This last level is usually linked to Increase product sales, Increase revenue, Increase sales dealer channel. Segmentation There are lots of types of lawnmowers out there: manual, electric battery run or gas run models, are a couple of the options. It is possible to segment the lawnmower industry: Buying situation The percentages given are based on the literature, plus the information given by the head with the gardening sector at Leroy Merlin, which usually we stopped at, in Alfragide.

Against this background, the most desirable segment seems to be that of the consumers who also live in the suburban area and who also use power walk-behind yard mowers. Nevertheless , this part may already be flooded with competition, it can be more good for target a little segment of consumers, like city consumers applying non-powered or powered jogging mowers. The smallest segment might be the most rewarding and rewarding.

Conclusion From your research we all? can segment the market of lawnmowers in Portugal as: mainly given to male sexuality, between 35-55 years old, who lives in the suburbs of large cities, in a home with a yard area among 1 . 500 to 2 . 150 sq ft of lawn; with a home of four persons and normal income between twenty. 000 and 31. 000 each year.

The most selected mower just for this kind of part is the electric powered one, inspite of major pitfall with requiring a wire plugged to job, which makes that their use is not practical for those who have huge estates. It is noteworthy that you of the advantages of an electric powered lawn mower is that that require intensive maintenance. With the displacement of many ex-urbanites to the most provincial areas of significant cities, the growth of lawnmowers little by little started to live better days. With this segmentation, we believe that the Finnish firm will take advantage of this kind of marketplace penetration.

Up against fierce competition (AKI Group, IZI-MESTRE MACO, LEROY MERLIN, BRICOMARCHÉ, BRICO LECLERC and in addition in many other customers in traditional market said: Garden Zones, Hardware Stores, Drugstores, Building Materials Retailers and other located North to South), the Finnish organization will have to distinguish the products provided, as well as in the developed marketing strategies, satisfying certain needs and desires with this kind of buyers.

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