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A system can be described as collection of components that are prepared for a prevalent purpose. The word sometimes explains the organization or perhaps plan alone (and is similar in meaning to approach, as in “I have my little system) and sometimes details the parts in the program (as in “computer system). A computer system consists of hardware components that have been thoroughly chosen so they really work well together and computer software components or programs working in the computer system.

This concept comes with Information System.

Information system can be defined as any kind of means of communicating knowledge from one source to a new, and/or from a single person to a new. On the other hand, an info system is created to provide the best suited information to its users. Details systems commonly refer to digital methods of searching, storing and retrieving information. An information product is all about rendering the most useful information needed, and is there to empower users and equip them with the tools to perform their careers most effectively.

An information program offers a litany of benefits that help make the process of managing information less difficult. Central get, easy support, central syndication of information, easy record keeping, as well as easy customer attribute identification, are only a few of the benefits offered by an info system. Central access means all business members have one point to get all organizationally public information and increases performance. Having data in a variety of spots can be troublesome and cause information being overlooked. With easy regress to something easier, the chances of data loss are decreased and company staff will certainly tend to backup more regularly because the system is easy to find their way.

To receive the best benefit general, it is important to comprehend that it is a great adaptable tool that should improvement as your organization progresses. Information systems hardly ever innovative organization solutions. They may be designed to increase with you and enhance your company information delivery in the process. In Computer System, It provides database for storing data and data. Not-for-profit companies must trail information about persons including volunteers, clients, potential donors, current donors, celebration attendees, who also support or who may support their very own programs and services. Taking care of this information is crucial. A data source allows you to control and use an incredible number of information quickly. Databases are easy to set-up, simple to manipulate and simple to use. A database allows you to maintain buy in what is actually a very disorderly environment.

Staff and volunteers of not-for-profit organizations have to manage existing resources thoroughly. There may not be the resources to use a full-time database director or a initial consultant. Initial data foundation structure can be extremely basic, simple to operate and to maintain. Databases may be expanded and manipulated otherwise you organization expands and your methods increase.

Qualifications of the Research

A Medical center in Dr . Arcadio Santos National High School provides medical for the scholars thru regular physical and nutritional analysis, operational guidelines and by supplying emphasis on the ideals of the safe, healthy and natural environment. Dr . Arcadio Santos National Secondary school was conceptualized merely todecongest the big registration of then simply Parañaque City and county High School that was in 1991. This was in under the oversight of Mrs. Rosa Sixth is v. Sioson, the main of PMHS. The school was named after that PMHS Annex San Matn de Porres. It has a total number of 804 freshmen and 422 sophomore enrollees with 38 teachers. A two-storey building with 16 areas situated along Km. 15 East Support Road, Southern region Super Highway, San Martin sobre Porres, Parañaque City beneath the stewardship of Mr. Urbano E. Agustin as Officer-in-charge, was the simply building utilized that time.

Constant growth of registration occurred. 93, because Dr . Filemon S. Salas, then Schools Division Superintendent of Pasay Town Division, advocated and

recommended the establishments of more autonimous municipal high school graduation in Parañaque, school independence is resolved. Through the collaborative effort with the school supervision, the Parents Instructors Association, the municipal representatives and the community itself, Market and proceedings were made. Image resolution was handed. And with the authorship of Atty. Manuel de Guia, municipal councilor a great chairperson of

committee of Education, a Municipal Code No . 93-10 Series of 93 was approved making PMHS-Annex-San Martin sobre Porres an independent secondary institution. The term Dr . Arcadio Santos, a native son of Parañaque with exemplary reputation was adopted. Its immediate autonomy benefited much the children and community of District II particularly Brgy. San Martin sobre Porres. By simply 1994, registration tripled. From 1301 in 1993, that rose to 3033. An influx of teachers likewise occured to meet the educating demands of students. It was also 12 months that Department of Education Culture and Sports relative to the guidelines in DECS Purchase NO ., s. of 1989, approved and recognized Doctor Arcadio Santos High School since an independent supplementary school.

This season on September 1, a mass scheduled appointment of instructors, 72 items, were given by local government under the mayoral deliver of Dr . Pablo Olivarez. September you also became the basis in the celebration of the school’s foundation day. School Year 1994-1995 sprouted one more school with the intention of DASHS Masville Annex. Mrs. Virginia M. Vecino was designated officer-in-charge with 167 teachers many 300 pupils. Due to an unavoidable circumstances however , it absolutely was closed in precisely the same year. In 1995, another four-storey building with 24 rooms was constructed to meet the elevating classroom requirements of the stud entry beneath the local account chaired at that time

Mayor Olivarez. A year following, a two-storey building was erected throughout the country vast Development Pay for of Cong. Roilo Golez. The building has become utilized because the school selection in the second floor and three classrooms for THE-I. A. in the ground floor. In 1996, DASHS Annex was reopened. This time around it discovered its destination at Don Galo in juxtaposition together with the Don Galo Elementary School. Mrs. Concepcion Bernaldez, the assistant school primary, was specified officer-in-charge. It had 330 pupils; First and Second yr level with 16 teachers. In 97, DASHS annex found the way back again to

Masville having a total population of 994.

This was after the completion of a four-storey building with 16 rooms sponsored by Mayor Joey P. Marquez. In 1998, a whole secondary annex came to presence. Now it has a total inhabitants of 1443 and 34 teachers applying the requirements of the pupil body underneath the supervision of Dr . Teodulo N. Timtiman, II as Officer-in-charge. The fourth building known as Golez Building sponsored by simply Cong. Roilo S. Golez, himself, finds its way. This is a three-storey edifice with 6 classrooms as well as the ground floor can be an open space intended for programs and some other holidays of the college. August twenty two, 2000, a significant event occurred.

Dr . Arcadio Santos Excessive was converted into Dr . Arcadio Santos Nationwide High School inside the City of Parañaque through a Republic Act No . 8844. Thios was made possible through the effort of zero other than the Lone Representative of Parañaque Congressman Roilo Golez. Truly, Dr . Arcadio Santos National Secondary school after a 10 years of lifestyle has reached its discuss about it excellence whether it be academic or structure sensible. Its seek to serve par excellence and produce a productive and competitive citizen is required a fruition of lifestyle.

Statement of the Problem

Basic Problem

The general difficulty of the analyze is the manual operations in generating treatment report and monitoring the patient’s problems.

Specific Trouble

How to easily deal with the school clinic treatment record?

Using manual system, the given clinic staff is hard for them to manage, organize and make all reviews in the medical center especially in the Treatment Report. How do they screen the total range of ailments and exactly how do they generate a study every month? Information of problems collected will probably be store in the log publication and then they just make a report ahead of the end from the month. How do they give a fix to the DEPED (Department of education) trademark Parañaque to get the medical supplies required by the center? The Treatment Record will be posted to the brain

office to review all the types of ailments and to produce a requires of the medical center especially the drugs.

Objectives from the Study

General Goals

The general objectives with the study are to design and develop software that will enhance the existing Treatment Report System for a better one.

Specific Objectives

They can quickly manage their record process using the electronic treatment survey with monitoring patient’s problems. Managing the records daily would be much easier with the help of the proposed system without having difficulties in which the registered nurse and the dental professional can watch over all the demands of medications for every single patient.

The proposed system will immediately count the total number of health conditions every week. Rather than Monthly Record, the doctor and the dental professional will create the survey weekly through the proposed system.

They can easily bring up to date the DEPED (Division of Paranaque) about the medical materials of the school clinic. Through a proposed system, they will send obtain to the primary office for the medical supply each week.

Scope as well as the Delimitation


The scope in the study can easily record the students and college personnel information who accepted inside the university clinic. It can automatically optimize in managing all the documents together with the medicine needs in the patients. The info including the identity, age, grade/year level, address, contact number and the like., can modify and update the data by utilizing control number of the proposed system. The analysis is only intended for Dr . Arcadio Santos National High School (clinic). It has a reliability that the School Nurse, College Dentist, college students or other school personnel who can just access the system. Also, utilizing their own consideration in the propoed system the

Nurse and the Dentist can generate the reviews and can bring up to date the information kept in the repository.


The recommended system comes with an account security for the users in order that all illegal person outside the school areas are not allowed to use. Likewise, the students and principal happen to be cannot make the Treatment Reports and the proposed system would not support for the online providers.

Significance in the study

The recommended Computerized Treatment Report with Monitoring Patient’s ailment program has the ability to execute with different features such as quickly, accurate and user-friendly. For that reason, the suggested system benefits not just their primary user but also the advocates, future researchers, and the country’s I. Capital t industry.

For the Users

The prime named beneficiary of the suggested system is an individual. This system will assist them easily to method their transactions. Because of this can be described as friendly user, the problem could be easily solve and the transactions done well. Also the transaction will probably be enhanced from manual to computerized a single.

For the Proponents

The recommended system likewise benefits the proponent’s method of thinking. Whilst creating the program, each proponent will boost his knowledge and exhibit his thoughts or suggestions in order to create and put into action a new style and the system performance as well. The recommended system will also help them to assess the flow of ventures and search for every concerns encountered.

For the Future Researchers

This suggested system will assist the future experts because it can serve as their reference. It is going to serve as their particular basis in analyzing the present status of Monitoring System. Because of this, other proponents will be able to improve the stated system as they create a new design.

Pertaining to the THIS Industry

The THIS Industry will certainly benefit this study since they make programmers which will help them to boost and develop more with regards to enhancing the newest computerized devices.

Conceptual Construction

Figure 1 ) 0 reveals the existing program for producing a Treatment Record every month. 1st, the Medical staff can ask issue to the patient which includes Name, Address and Contact Number together with the ailments. All the info gathered happen to be manually Record in the Sign Book that serves as a database. Following recording all information, the medical staff will now check if there is an offered first aid medicine for the particular ailment. In the event that no, the sufferer will be transfer to the additional clinics and the

medical personnel will now record the medical needs inside the school center.

After a month, the Medical staff will now count each of the total number of ailments and generate a therapy Report through a bar chart. It is turmoil for the staff to generate a survey because of lots of record stored in Log book. The record will be published to the key office with the Department of Education (DEPED) Division of Parañaque and after critiquing the data, it is the time to send a supply of medicines into the university.

Conceptual Platform

Figure 1 ) 1 shows the Computerized System intended for generating a Treatment Report every week instead of month to month report. Initial, the Medical staff will certainly ask issue to the individual which includes Term, Address and Contact Number alongside the ailments. All the information gathered is going to type in the proposed system with SQL database. After recording all information, the medical staff will now search towards the database pertaining to the available medicines. Weekly, the Medical Staff make the Treatment Survey by using the recommended system. It can be easy for those to accomplish the report because it is automatically tally all the illnesses records counted saved on the database.

Detailed Terms:

Analysis ” the process of deteriorating a anything into its parts to learn them and how they relate to one another. Ailments ” a physical disorder or disease, especially of the minor or chronic characteristics. Clinic ” a class of medical instruction in which individuals are examined and mentioned Data ” factual details (as measurements or statistics) used as a basis pertaining to reasoning, dialogue, or calculation. Database ” a comprehensive assortment of related data organized for convenient access, generally in a computer.

Design ” to arrange the initial sketch or maybe the plans pertaining to (a operate to be executed) especially to plan the form and composition. Input ” data being entered into a computer for control, the process of presenting data in to the internal safe-keeping ofa pc. Medication ” the use or application of medicine, a medicinal substance. Monitoring “Supervising actions in progress to make sure they are on-course and on-schedule in getting together with the goals and performance objectives. Output ” information within a form suited to transmission coming from internal to external products of a laptop, or to an outside medium. Process ” a systematic series of actions directed to some end. a consistent action, procedure, or series of changes choosing placein a definite manner:

Coder ” an individual who writes computer programs.

Coding ” may be the comprehensive procedure that leads by an original formulation of a computer problem to executable programs. It entails activities such as analysis, understanding, and generically solving this kind of problems causing an algorithm. Report ” is usually any informational work (usually of producing, speech, tv, or film) made with the particular intention in relaying info or recounting certain occasions in a broadly presentable contact form. School workers “a body of individuals usually used in a school.

Application ” is a collection of computer programs and related info that provides the instructions pertaining to telling a computer what to do and how to do it. SQL ” Organised Query Language is a normal computer terminology for relational database management and data manipulation. is used to query

insert, bring up to date and change data. Program Design ” is the procedure for defining the architecture, elements, modules, cadre and data for a program to satisfy particular requirements. Deal ” information processing that is certainly divided into person, indivisible operations, a unit of work performed within a database management program Treatment ” The process or manner of dealing with someone or something.

C H A P To E 3rd there’s r II

Report on Related Studies and Books

This Part consists of assessment related literary works and a study that includes the local and overseas study for making relevance the study. It also discusses different references and text that are relevant to the studies. Related Literature the researchers offered some of the related literature made by different researchers which are quite similar to the present study. These kinds of related literatures can help the researchers in analyzing the difficulties that the present study is going to encounter in the foreseeable future.

Foreign Books

1 ) Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Clinic Management.

“Clinic supervision is brought to optimize clinic’s operation. As a result of huge changes in management currently, management intended for clinic is very important due to the extensively spread of technology. 

According to the internet the Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Clinic. This system is usually proposed to get clinic in UniversitiTeknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) to manage the clinic’s procedure efficiently. The procedure in developing the system consist of patient’s medical center in UTeM. The area involves the user in clinic which can be doctor and clinic assistant. Basically you will discover no these kinds of systems in the clinic. The system use ahead of has triggered a lot of problems towards the user. As a result of that, employing manual system seems to be the sole solutions in managing the daily works. The system will help out the consumer in the clinic in taking care of the work.

installment payments on your On-line Buildings of Metrosexuality and Masculinities.

“A metrosexual can be defined as a man who is narcissistic in character, loves his urban life-style and is an aligned man who may be in touch with his feminine side.  According to Matt Hall on his Cultural Studies On-line Improvements of Metrosexuality and Masculinities. A British correspondent named Indicate Simpson devised this expression. It can be declared any urban male of any sex orientation whom spends a lot of time and money on his physical appearance and life-style is known as a metrosexual. There are a large number of celebrities to choose from who happen to be famous icons such as David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams, P. Diddy and Matthew mcconaughey.

3. Mediwise Clinic Software

“Mediwise Clinic Management Software is known as a fully built-in solution to get the business and clinical requires of medical medicine treatment centers. 

According to the internet Cynthia Anderson tells that the Mediwise addresses of all facility’s info processing requires: Patient Accounting, EMR, Recommendation Management, Arranging, Case and Encounters Managing and Financials. It provides doctors, clinicians, and health care management with the required information for making critical decisions about the person and the organization.

Local Books

1 . According to Dean Francis Alfair, Filipino men will be spending thousands to look and feel good. Because was stated in his content, “Machos in the Mirror, a metrosexual just like himself does not generally imagine himself as vain, however there’s this incident exactly where Mr. Alfair remember from high school: a few of his good friends were assembled at his house so they could almost all ride collectively to a party. As they had been getting wearing their Spandau Ballet-inspired finery (then the height of fashion), one of the barkada

produced, from out of the absolute depths of his bag, a can of mousse, which in turn none of them of those hapless males had at any time seen or even heard of just before. Naturally, they each had to apply some within their hands and smear it on their locks. Not knowing that they were after that supposed to blow-dry or otherwise design it, they will left the property feeling snazzy, while looking virtually the same as they had prior to making use of the nautique at most, their head of hair was a little damper, vaguely crispy in texture, and certainly stickier than before. But they felt utterly transformed.

2 . According to Noel Manucom, head of planning and strategy for Splash cosmetic makeup products, the quest for beauty can also be perceived as a quest for interpersonal equality. “Filipinos, especially those inside the C and D (classes), are still inspired by their colonial time mentality that white skin and a tall nose are what those in high world have,  Manucom says. “They may not be able to find the money for to have their very own nose done, but the wish for00 a targeted at skin can be met by purchasing products.  In fact , the double-digit progress in skincare popularity between Filipino males over the last 6 years is essentially attributable to skin-whitening formulas. Pinoys are still devoted to hair care companies fragrance previously mentioned anything else ” with developing interest in

bath washes, dental hygiene, and weight loss or perhaps gain ” yet skin care is acknowledged to be the primary fuel from the Philippine natural beauty industry.

3. According to Fairview Medical doctor Associates -Medical student-run health clinics are getting to be popular applications among medical schools pertaining to fostering education and community service between students. The proliferation of these clinics have not, however , coincided with a better understanding of these kinds of programs’ effect on medical education or public well-being. There are simply no data of how many student-run clinics can be found or just how many educational institutions have one.

Overseas Studies

1 . Clinics Management System (CMS) based on Affected person Centered Method Ontology “A major problem confronted by this healthcare may be the increasing selection and difference. New medical specialties are constantly created: there can be found a large number of roles in individual care and many different general public and private organizations

According to Prasad Meters. Jayaweera (University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka) the process oriented business ontologies are produced in customer centered method in order to develop business systems applications to supply more and more value added services to target consumers. This kind of trend is also valid in healthcare sector although there a few restrictions and limitations that may be noticed in Sri Lankan.

2 . Patient Management System by Terrence Adam, BULL CRAP Pharmacy MD PhD

“Any tool used to assists in the delivery of clinical proper care from the level of care initiation to completion

In accordance to Terrence Adam, desire for Patient Administration Systems with prior encounter as medical user in pharmacy and medicine expansion and evaluation of a patient monitoring program use of extra data intended for surveillance applications evaluation. It really is for one end source of data.

3. Computerized Health Information Management System to get Kitagata Hospital

“Health information management is undoubtedly an important region in medical care delivery since without proper data, planning is definitely rendered difficult

According to Charles Namibara, the aim of his study was going to build a computerized records management that would be more beneficial and successful than the existing manual program in Kitagata Hospital. This was done by taking a look at the existing overall health records management system, analysing its strong and weak points design and style and setup of a new system. Interviews, observation and document opinions were tools used in info collection. MySQL database management program, Apache storage space, PHP scripting language embaded in HTML were utilized for design.

Related Studies

The review of related studies is definitely an essential element of any research. The

survey with the related studies is a essential aspect of the look of the study. The recognition of a problem, tire advancement a Research design and dedication of the size and scope of the care and strength with which a researcher features examined the literature associated with the meant research.

Regional Studies

1 . Medical Information Managing for Divine’s Clinic Malolos City “Our Journey for the implementation of any Clinical details system for the Critical Treatment Environment

Based on the above assertion, there have been a substantial advances in medical technology used in sufferer treatment and care. The Intensive Treatment Unit (ICU) in an severe hospital is made to treat the most complex and unstable medical and surgical patient.

2 . A thorough Online Center Management System

“Online clinic management system are designed to right away record the patients’ information

According to the Rosa Sta. Helen the main problem of Villa-Santarromana Dental Medical center is that they have the manual approach on saving, tracking, and managing sufferers request which usually sometimes cause slower purchase within the clientele. This research was was executed to designed and develop an internet clinic administration solution that will assist as proposal to help the dentist and staff to save lots of time and solutions with the software of their daily center operations.

three or more. Patient Profiling System


“Health is usually metabolic efficiency, sickness can be metabolic deficiency

According to Ms. Abendstern Papilota Diaz, information technology college student, that

health is very important. One place that we can easily rely on is the so called “Clinic that provides primary aid and care that could eliminate at least lessen up our difficulties when in pain. When the transaction of recording the patient’s data is more quickly it will help rapidly the medical staffs within their leverages to aid the Dental professional to look after their patients.


The Computerized Treatment Statement with Monitoring of Person’s Ailment may help the school to improve efficiency and may generate accurate report intended for the medical clinic.

This method provides an consent for the user to access the transaction just like generating information and monitoring the patients.

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