Posting an apartment using a roommate dissertation

Writing an apartment with a roommate is actually a good thing because a roommate can share the expenses and contribute to the home’s routine service. When you talk about your apartment, you can save half the money you may spend every month. Nevertheless , there are many ways that sharing a condo with a roomie can be unimportant, for example , not any privacy, distress and deal with.

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First of all, when you live with somebody else, you sacrifice some privacy. Some actions that you used to do while living alone are generally not possible to perform because you have to share your space together with the roommate.

For example , if you wake up in the middle of the night to work with the bathroom, there’s a chance that your bunkmate is using it. Another thing is if you need to have a cup of water and then you’re lying in the bed, you could have to costume before leaving the room to avoid any unpredicted encounters.

It is so difficult to live in a condo without seclusion.

Secondly, it is so uncomfortable to talk about home appliances and electronics. The roommate might own the tv set while you own the couch and she or he desires to watch tv as the same time that you are viewing your favorite present. You have to allow her or him choose the program since it is her tv. Also, the foodstuff you buy with the refrigerator then when you want to consume some the other already ate this without asking you. It is so painful to live in a flat with someone else.

In addition , you and your roommate can have a guard different factors. For instance, the roommate doesn’t always have the money to pay the rent on time every month, and you simply don’t wish that to hold happening. So you want her or him to move out before the lease contract ends, however your roommate won’t want to move out. That is where the difficulty gets began. Another reason as if one leaves an hour following your other, she or he might miss to lock the door and all the items in the shared space can be stolen. Subsequently, the person who does not let the door open would get therefore angry regarding fight with the other person. As a result, individuals with different life-style are always fighting foranything.

In conclusion, sharing a flat with a roomie is a terrible idea since you lose the privacy, your comfort and the tolerance. I believe that there are even more disadvantages than benefits in sharing an apartment, so I advise you to try to find an apartment you can afford. It is best you live peacefully in a small flat than shateringly in a extravagant apartment.


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