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Excerpt by Case Study:

A water right can be an action that was began by a prospective applicant and in addition they had to stick to the terms and conditions put down by the SWRCB including providing accelerating reports. Over time of time, the SWRCB granted water legal rights to a certain body and this is exactly what happened to Mono Lake as well (Mono Basin EIR, 1993). It took a long battle to overturn this variation and this rules posed critical legal complications for the Mono Pond conservationists.

Activities taken

The actions taken by the Molon Lake Panel and other environmental bodies helped to save the Mono Pond. The lording it over by the Water Board was expected to lower the salinity levels of the lake and improve the ecology from the area. The Mono Pond Committee highly believed that the best way to restore the pond was to motivate natural procedures that will immediately lead to advancements in the area. They started with increasing the stream of normal water in the creeks that lead to Mono Lake because the additional normal water will help to fill up the lake in a normal way. It was considered to be a system better choice that aiming to put all water on the lake as this can further affect the natural stability. They also proved helpful towards starting smaller channels to supply more water to the pond. Besides boosting water amounts, the Panel began seeding plants that were native for the region over the banks in the lake so that you can restore the flora with the region (Monolake. org, 2012).

Recently, the Mono Lake Tufa Express Natural Arrange faced drawing a line under and this was averted, because of an environmental group named the Bodie Foundation. This foundation decided to collect the fees instructed to keep the reserve functioning and thus, this area was flourished the list of park closures (Fimrite, 2011).

Ramifications of the watch case

The judgment by the table meant that LA had to set up extensive procedures towards water conservation and reuse. Reacting, the city lessen about 15% to twenty percent of their water consumption to make up for the loss of water from the Mono lake (Strong-Aufhauser, 1995). When the water goes up to the suggested levels, it can be hoped that the ecology in the area will be restored, the salinity with the lake will certainly drop as well as the health hazards that posed to humans when it comes to increased dust storms will be reduced. The victory in such a case was big for eco warriors and this features boosted all their confidence levels in a big way.

The ruling in cases like this enforced two legal procession that are being thoroughly used in other similar situations and they are the Roman legal principle that protects most navigable bodies of water for the main benefit of all people as well as the second may be the state fish and atteinte code that forbids the destruction of fisheries simply by dams. Likewise, besides routing, fishing, excitement, aesthetic beauty and ecology were regarded as a part of people trust the first time ever. (Sneider, 1996).


The actions taken by the Committee have given great outcomes during the last couple of years. It is best to develop the water amounts that would make the tufa podiums visible to visitors. This will likely boost the travel and in turn, it can get the funds necessary to run the surrounding services. Moreover, the correct water levels will take care of the ecology from the area.

This situatio should be an eye-opener for environmentalists, Federal government officials and the auto industry at large. Reduction is always much better than restoration and this is evident in the hard and long problems that the Policía lake Panel had to endure to restore the region. It is best to treat an environmental problem at its earliest level.


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Monolake Panel.

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