Proposal for the drama about this topic

Following attending nearly a whole term of theatre lessons, and as stimulated simply by the presentations by simply Environmentalists lately, I have got an idea of writing a drama based in energy conservation. Below are the main points of my own proposal for any drama on this topic:  Introduction With higher intake of energy today, people does not only have inadequate energy for use in the near future, but as well suffer from adverse consequences such as global warming. It is therefore essential to teach the younger generation never to waste strength. I propose to get this done through an interesting and easy-to-understand episode targeted to most secondary university students to be able to arise their awareness to the significance of environmental protection.

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Setting and characters I would like to do a theatre with a fairy-like setting. The storyline happens within a country named Crystalia. Its name descends from a crystal pillar which in turn generates electricity for the whole nation. There will be 3 main characters in the designed drama.  There will be a plump and extravagant Emperor, who should be a bad guy wasting resources in the country. He craves comfort and pleasure at the expense of the citizens sustenance. Apart from the intense Emperor, certainly there will be a pleasant and kind-hearted person, who is the Goddess of Crystal. She actually is the one whom gives energy to the country throughout the crystal quitar.

She is righteous as your woman stops providing energy, seeing that the Emperor is usually wasting strength. The leading man in the episode is Robinhood. His father died during the development of an awning, so he leads the citizens to are at odds of the Chief whose take action threatens the citizens lives. He is courageous and patriotic, and he truly does everything for the sake of the people.  Plot The account is about energy crisis. The Emperor is definitely tolerant from the hot weather.  Therefore, he instructions the citizens to build an awning masking his very own castle in which air conditioning is operated 24-hours. With the awning over his place, he is happy that he can constantly enjoy comfortable temperatures.

Consuming too much strength on non-stop air-con, there is a deficit of energy for the very pillar. The Emperor can no longer get pleasure from comfortable temps. Even worse, the termination of electric power supply leads to too high conditions in the homes, and some even die because of heatstroke. The Goddess and Robinhood thus come to the Chief,  threatens the Emperor that if this individual puts the lives with the citizens besides of everything, she will destroy the entire country by breaking the ravenscroft pillar. Robinhood also tells the Emperor regarding his fathers death as well as the poor livelihood of the persons owning to his behaviour.

Certainly not until now the Emperor understands what he has been doing is a catastrophe for all the persons, and this individual deeply misgivings about it. In the end, the Emperor promises not to waste materials energy in the awning anymore.  Conclusion In is definitely expected any time watching this drama, college students will be more conscious that energy is limited and will think hard before each uses energy.

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