Network Consultation Proposal Essay

DesignIT is a graphical arts firm that is growing business and has recently acquired a new building 56’*36′ space for the purpose of housing two full-time designers and a receptionist. The new building has several cubicles, a single office, 1 server room, one reception desk, and a conference space.

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DesignIT has recently relocated one particular Web Storage space (Microsoft IIS Server), a single File Machine (Microsoft Storage space 2008), and one more Machine 2008 (Small Business Server). As a network design expert, I have been charged with the task of designing and configuring the network intended for DesignIT. The little company features informed me that the network includes six pcs, three computer printers, a Fire wall, a wireless network for portable devices, and a high rate internet connection.

DesignIT has also wanted me that most the connected with each other devices and wiring, combined with speed must be able to offer the ideal performance. Let me design an area Area Network (LAN) for DesignIT, a nearby Area Network (LAN) is a network of computers, and also other network devices such as printers which exchange data, and are located below one roof structure. LAN networks are mostly found in small companies or smaller businesses. The computers in a LOCAL AREA NETWORK communicate through protocols and share data including files and emails. Every single computer in a network is definitely assigned an exceptional Internet Process (IP).

Every time a computer communicates by sending a obtain to the LOCAL AREA NETWORK network, it really is routed into a particular storage space that has the requested info. The server then convey back to the IP address of requesting pc with the info that was requested (Kenyon, 2002). There are three web servers for DesignIT, the Web Machine will be used to get in touch the company online, and the File Server will be utilized for showing while the Small Business Server will be utilized as being a Mail Hardware. Since DesignIT needs a network that incorporates six pcs, three printers, and an invisible network, the network design and style should therefore take several factors into consideration. These types of factors will impact on the network costs, speed, facilities, and features.

When designing this kind of Local Area Network (LAN) pertaining to DesignIT, there is need to consider the network requirements. The network should certainly integrate audio, video, synchronous, as well as asynchronous data. When making the LAN network, the organizational goals of DesignIT should be factored in the LOCAL AREA NETWORK design. I will also look closely at network throughput, line charges, security, as well as the integration of newer technology in the future. When designing a LOCAL AREA NETWORK network, several issues must be considered, one of these issues may be the organization’s brief, medium, and long term goals.

Several elements to be considered include the network equipment, customer applications, end-user equipment (workstations), and on-line to the internet. The LAN network for DesignIT will include other network equipment which include gateways, routers, firewall, and cords. Without these devices communication can not be possible coming from a computer to a different in the LOCAL AREA NETWORK network. A router and switch are the most important gadgets of a network.

Networks which can be well designed and have a great infrastructure are useful in improving manageability, functionality, reliability and reducing overall operating expense (Kenyon, 2002). To set up this kind of LAN network for the DesignIT, the following are the hardware and software devices i would utilize so as to design the LAN network for DesignIT. T1 Lines- This is a normal for data communication which has been first developed in the 1960s. T1 lines offer a data charge of 1. 544Mbps. I will utilize T1 hyperlink from Verizon to connect DesignIT to the internet.

T1 lines will be offer exclusive voice and reliable data networking. A T1 collection typically costs $1000 per month. Cisco Linksys Firewall- A firewall is a software or hardware network device that controls newly arriving and amazing data connection through studying data packets and giving permissions whether to allow or perhaps not depending on a set of rules. A fire wall may also add a default entrance or a serwery proxy server which in turn helps to make network request on the part of a consumer. I will make use of Cisco-Linksys BEFSX41 EtherFast Cable/DSL Firewall Router (4-Port 10/100 Switch / VPN Endpoint) for this network.

The device costs $150. LAN Switch- A LAN Switch performs similar work as a hub only that, a change does not broadcast packets to each computer inside the network like hubs. All the computers and computer equipment will be connected to the switch by simply Ethernet cabling.

The LAN Switch costs $150. Linksys Wi-fi Router- A router is actually a network unit that is used to connect two or more computer system devices in a network. The Linksys Wireless router will be utilized to hook up wireless gadgets the LOCAL AREA NETWORK network. The Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router that I uses in this case costs $150.

Ethernet, Cables- Ethernet, Cables will be utilized to connect all the network devices inside the DesignIT LAN network. They are going to connect routers, switches, personal computers, and computer printers in the LAN network. I will utilize CAT5 Ethernet Wires for this network. The Ethernet cables will definitely cost about $100 for DesignIT LAN network. ESET NOD32 Antivirus- a great Antivirus is software which is used to prevent, find, and take away malicious laptop programs.

ESET NOD32 Anti virus is a good decision since it as well acts against other types of malware such as worm, Trojan race horses, backdoors, and spyware. The ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6th that I will certainly utilize for this network costs $40 intended for subscription of 1 year. The building will talk about one net connection (T-1 website link from Verizon). This connection will come to Web Storage space in the hardware room.

This will likely be the access point of the LAN network of DesignIT. The T-1 hyperlink from Verizon will connect the company to the internet and can end up being utilized to hook up the LAN network to another LAN or perhaps WAN network in case the corporation decides to expand organization in future. The T-1 website link utilizes frame relay that can provide the building with high speed data connection between and among all users. This connection will also allow all pcs to receive committed connection in a acceleration that every pc requires.

This kind of connection is likewise affordable to get DesignIT since it is only billed for the time. It costs an average of 1000 dollar per month. Shape Relay deals with terminal to-host, LAN-to-LAN connections, or applications like the image, e-mail and graphic document transfers with equal simpleness. With all of these types of capabilities, Framework Relay is an excellent choice for DesignIT. Let me configure a Class C network for DesignIT with an IP of 192.

168. 0. 0/16. There will just be one subnet for this network. I have selected a Class C network because it exhibits the ability to combat sending junk email of sites located on the same server. Search engines like google have eliminated linking electrical power from one web page to the different in case they are on the same school C IP.

I will have network security measures in order to implement the best security for DesignIT. The security will be designed in view to the customer group involved, this means that the 2 designers can share distinct user organizations with the receptionist if need be. I will implement get control measures such as gain access to logs in order to manage what each user should have usage of in regard to the organizational policies and types of procedures. I will also install ESET NOD32 Malware in the Small Business Server.

The Cisco Linksys Firewall may also be a key system for improving security; it is going to control inbound and amazing data communication through analyzing data bouts and supplying permissions depending on security guidelines. The Shuttle bus Topology is a good suited for this kind of network; the bus topology is the easiest network topology. Also known as thready bus, with this topology every computers will probably be connected to a contiguous cable connection or a cable connection joined together to make this contiguous. Ethernet, is the prevalent example of a bus topology. Each pc determines when the network can be not busy and transmits data as needed.

Computers devices in a bus apology listen just for transmission from the other computers; they cannot repeat or forward the transmission on the other computers. It is also worth remembering that the transmission in a coach topology moves to both equally ends from the cable. To hold the transmission from moving back and forth along the cable, both ends with the cable within a bus topology will be ended.

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