Integrated design: Electric lawn mower Essay

INTRO Quality must be part of the style of a product not really something that should be based by an inspection done after the design and style. Quality means satisfying certain requirements and needs with the customer.

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Primary of top quality is to recognize the customer requirements and to translate this in design limitations. QFD as well takes into account exactly what are the limits of hardware style based on existing or readily available resource or perhaps technology. Each one of these requirements should be satisfied to be able to produce a quality design. STATEMENT OF THE DIFFICULTY The purpose of this document is always to apply the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) in to the planning scenario for lawn mower design. This document tries to answer recognized lead requirements of a lawn mower.

The end result is the design concept of tips on how to implement the lawn mower extension lead based on customer requirements and hardware limitations. DESIGN Identification of Requirements Using the info provided, this customer and hardware requirements are produced. The design will then focus on rewarding these requirements.

The customer requirements are the next: Electric power Lawn Mower Driven electrical energy instead of combustible energy such as fuel. Variable Length Flexible Lead Since the size of the household that will use the electric powered lawn mower is changing, there is no distinct fixed length of the flexible lead. The components constraints: The use of expansion lead could render the to get over the lack of duration fixed mower lead the suppressor and earth breaker will not work efficiently, causing the disruption of power to the mower. Design Analysis The original main dependence on the design is usually to make an electric power lawn mower.

One of the main road blocks of the style is the variable length adaptable lead. The hardware dependence on inefficiency inside the suppressor and earth breaker when using extension lead the actual extension lead not an choice anymore. This kind of leads in two likely solutions. 1 ) Use of the longest conceivable customer size requirement, to fulfill all requires. 2 . Usage of re-chargeable battery to remove the constraints with the need for adjustable length flexible lead to electric power the electric lawn mower.

The length could be fixed sufficient for charging the battery packs. Analyzing the first necessity, to satisfy all the length requirements of adaptable lead using the longest conceivable lead need seems to be the most affordable solution. The web, this would as well mean that the lawn mower will have to carry the weight added by the long flexible business lead. And to meet all requirements, this means that the flexible lead had to be substantial long.

Thinking about the current requirements of a lawn mower, the flexible business lead had to be relatively larger than typical home expansion wires. Consider how much excess weight this would develop. Therefore being a designer, this is not a good choice. Analyzing the 2nd requirement, which can be now the solution, you should be able to contrast the negative effects with the unwanted effects of the first solution. This therefore comes down to the weight issue.

The lawn mower requires a very long power to manage, therefore the battery has to be able to sustain sufficient operating period. The most feasible battery might still be the lead-acid, normally it would be quite effective, one common automotive power supply would definitely not be sufficient. Looking at the ability requirements, this will be worked out in detail depending on the power requirements of the grass mower.

Because the power dependence on the garden mower is usually not yet offered by this amount of conceptual design and style, we can make some estimate. Assuming the lawn mower consumes 3000 Watts of power, a lot more than double for the average vacuum. Two hours of garden mower procedure is probably satisfactory for as long as it can be charge.

At 12 V Lead-Acid battery, and 2 two-hours of procedure would necessary the following ampere-hour requirements. Western standard car batteries may deliver about 150*Ah, therefore we can compute the number of batteries So we really need roughly 4 batteries. The weight of 4 batteries is still acceptable for that reason this is the right formula compared to obtaining the longest feasible flexible lead.

CONCLUSION The ultimate solution provided based on QFD analysis of customer requirements yielded using a battery packed electric garden mower. The battery can solve the flex business lead requirement by just fixing the space to a relatively short range enough to get re-charging.

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